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Deadlines are important? Really? I know, this seems obvious, but trust me some people forget that there are time limits to things. One of the most difficult habits for many designers is time management. 76 more words

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This is one of those classic pet peeves of designers. The dreaded client question “can we make the logo bigger?” To this I say, tell them no. 181 more words

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{ Take Pictures }

Welcome to Design Tip Tuesday! This week I want to encourage you to get out your camera. You should take a DSLR, an iPhone camera, a Polaroid; whatever camera you can get your hands on. 87 more words

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{ Ask Why }

One of the most important parts of design thinking that you will ever need is knowing the importance of asking why. Simon Sinek, inspirational author, says that it’s easy to figure out what you do, and how you do it, but being able to iterate  100 more words

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{ Do your research }

Every time I get a client for a “rush job”, I’m tempted to skip my research and go straight to the design stage. But then I remember how important it is to research. 52 more words



Guest Post by Bonnie Utley of Blossom of Snow

If you’ve ever hired an interior designer or done some DIY projects around the house, you know how improving the appearance and functionality of your home can have a positive effect on your mood, your family dynamics, how you entertain, etc.   982 more words

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How to Display a Tiki Mug Collection

If you love the islands and tropical decor then there might be a good chance you also have a love for tiki decor.  And if you are anything like our very own Noah here at F.I.N.D.S. 454 more words