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A Trick of the Eye

I ran across this beautiful graphic this week and loved it for several reasons. First, it’s very creative. Second, it still uses a lot of great design principles to really emphasize it’s message. 377 more words


The Key to Making a Good Icon Set

This week I listened to an awesome interview by Kyle Adams, a famous icon designer, giving tips on why he is so successful with icon design. 473 more words


Social Media Graphics for Fairmont Private Schools

As an account coordinator at Fairmont Private Schools, one of my main duties was creating content for our social media profiles. Here are just a few of the graphics I created during my time there. 172 more words

Design Work

Elevator Pitch for Design Thinking

(Elevator door closes)

Design Thinking: A skill of coming up with innovative problem solving ideas while keeping in mind the maker, the user, yourself, your dog, your neighbor, and everybody on earth. 125 more words


Final: Project Consent

The final assignment in my multimedia reporting course was to enterprise a business story. I profiled Sara Li, a KU student who founded Project Consent, a nonprofit dedicated to sexual assault awareness. 671 more words

Design Work

Video: National Gun Tragedies and Conceal and Carry

The assignment was to create a short video and localize a national story. For this, I relate the national gun tragedies, such as the Las Vegas shooting, to conceal and carry at KU.

Design Work

Infographic: Kansas Immigrants

This is an infographic I created for my multimedia reporting class during fall 2017. The assignment was simply to create an infographic.

Design Work