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Ohana means family, family means NO ONE gets left behind

I love it when I have no time to post on Instagram, cos that just means I am working on too many good projects! This was a quick one, the client had paid for and received some work she wasn’t pleased with (from someone else of course 😉), but we managed to knock this out in a very short time 😘 I really liked this option, even though she went with a different one. 8 more words

Design Work

y4 day 350 | developer


I am trying to stretch my developer wings working on building a duplex on my property where great-grandmother’s is.

Year 4

Collective degree show exhibition

The University of Chester degree show exhibition will begin on the 16th June and open to the public until 22nd June. A variety of final works from 3rd year students across a number of disciplines; Fine Art, Graphic Design and Photography. 21 more words

Graphic Design

Brand identity

I have created a personal brand identity which I will be using to ‘get my name out there’ making my name more recognisable online and to help my work be noticed. 142 more words

Graphic Design


I have now completed the binding of my final artefact which will showcase my Illustration, Editorial and Bookbinding skills. It was important to myself that in this project I bound the book myself as I wanted to show my interest in the skill and how I have developed my knowledge. 39 more words

Graphic Design