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More Ideas of Logos

When creating design ideas for the group logo I wanted to create something simple but eye catching. To do this I used the name of the group and a simple purple box. 170 more words

Lake Effect - Residential Mezzanine at DIRTT GLC Calgary

As a part of my industrial design work at Turf Acoustic Design, I lead in the development of this parametrically designed ceiling system installed at the DIRTT GLC in Calgary AB.   175 more words

Design Work

Felt Animals

As a bit of fun and to celebrate the graduation of a group of former students, I developed this series of animal semblances.  Each creature is based on my experiences with and my interpretation of a particular students personality.   78 more words

Design Work

Swell ceiling installation in DIRTT GLC Chicago

As a part of my industrial design work at Turf Acoustic Design, I lead in the develop of this installation as a demonstration of what we do at Turf from both a design and a making perspective.   220 more words

Design Work

Final Poster (Copyright Focused)

So I chose copyright strike because as someone who watches a lot of YouTube, I hear a lot of YouTube based drama and most of it comes from false copyright strikes that put these Youtubers livelihoods at risk and as a small time Youtuber myself

Design Work

My future

As I started my degree in communicational design, a whole new world of design opened up for me. I have always been fascinated by brand and packaging design and the art of engaging the consumer to buy a certain brand or to be loyal to a particular brand. 361 more words

Design Work

Are you trying to add too much information into your marketing piece?

As an illustration and design business we get many requests from others to design their marketing pieces. What I find is that people want to add everything into a poster or flyer and then wonder why no one is reading it. 120 more words

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