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We live in a world where people are becoming more and more alienated from their own human kind. Many wonder whether life starter here on Earth or did it began somewhere else. 103 more words


The most idiotic assignment ever

Frankly, this is ridiculous. I’m supposed to make a design out of one shape, and tell about my “design process.” Fine, whatever. I can draw stick figures, and little more, so feast your eyes on a metric load of triangles. 143 more words


Gestalt Activity

My concept and creation process came to me pretty quickly. I love Europe and when I thought about what I could create with one shape, the Eiffel Tower in Paris came to me. 91 more words


How To Poster Rework

Working with suggestions made on “Poster 2” I’ve made some changes.

  • Enhanced photos.
  • Lowered opacity on the type.
  • Changed the arrangement.
  • Less directional arrows.

This is this first iteration of Poster 2… 15 more words

ART 331

Part 3: Gestalt Exercise

When creating this picture i was inspired by the underneath of my bed. Due to the fact that I sleep in a hammock under my bed, i saw this and liked the way that the springs kept repeating, along with the window shades. 85 more words


Craft´s Tour

My mom and I went to “La Ciudadela” the best place to buy mexican crafts in Mexico City. There are many other places like “Fonart” as the most popular store, but is more expensive and the craftsman doesn´t get enough money for his work. 192 more words