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Works in progress. All imagined except for the black and white cat which is my boy cat. What can I do to improve them?

Sketches they are based on.

Contra, WordPress Theme for Interior Decorators

Here’s a post that might interest you. It’s by Templified and it’s called Contra, WordPress Theme for Interior Decorators.

The Contra theme is an interior design and interior decorators dream come true. 94 more words

Illustration - Packaging Assets

Visual assets… For the “children’s food packaging” module that I’m wrapping up, I’ve been needing to make visuals to integrate into the design of the package. 364 more words


Re educate

Re educate us into a great fate

Re educate us so we are not bait

We don’t deserve all the hate

Sometimes you think it is fate… 40 more words


Linda Bloomfield - Science For Potters

Fans of the blog will have noticed a lot more activity of late. It seems like one of my favorite old adages is appropriate: Good things come to those who wait. 188 more words


Yaratıcı ve Yenilikçi Düşünme Sanatı

Digital work by ARZUENDAM, 2018

Yaratıcılık nedir? Neden bazı insanlar daha iyi fikirler, eserler, icatlar ortaya koyarlar? Sadece süper yetenekli oldukları için mi? Neden sadece bazı şirketler yaşantımızı değiştirecek ürünler tasarlarlar? 544 more words