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'Shoetopia' Project Makes Sneakers Sustainable with Biodegradable Footwear, 3D-Printed on Demand

The sneaker world has long been dominated by big brands, so, Polish design students Barbara Motylińska and Zuza Gronwicz set out to propose an alternative, more sustainable model for the production and distribution of footwear. 307 more words


World's First Ship Tunnel

Tunnels have existed for hundreds of years, but there has still never been a tunnel built for full-size ships. Until now. Snøhetta, a world-famous architecture and design firm, has released plans for a 1.7km long tunnel in Norway.   42 more words


Glass Tea House, Venice Architecture Biennale

Last summer in Venice, my daughter and I discovered something beautiful and peaceful behind the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore. We had taken the vaparetto, or water taxi, to the island of San Giorgio to see the views from the bell tower. 230 more words


A Very Reflective Billboard

When we say reflective, we mean the quiet, contemplative kind. Artist Jennifer Boland’s installations are part of Desert X, a sprawling art exhibit being held in the American Southwest. 57 more words


architectural interpretation of mental illnesses

federico babina architecturally interprets mental illnesses



Few of my favorites. I like how a figure poses in some posters. One improvement could have done in the OCD is to make the pattern symmetric along the center line of the house. 21 more words


korematsu chair

Korematsu Chair by Studio Kaksikko



An elegant chair, its material emphasizes the simplicity of the chair. The marble background promotes the chair really well. 17 more words


Moving to Lisbon? Need a cheap & funky place to stay?

We have a lot of friends in Lisbon these days from all over the world. All of them are attracted to the climate and the cost of living and are curious about life here in Lisbon. 176 more words

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