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Moving to Lisbon? Need a cheap & funky place to stay?

We have a lot of friends in Lisbon these days from all over the world. All of them are attracted to the climate and the cost of living and are curious about life here in Lisbon. 176 more words

Media Update

Beauty on the sidewalk: New photos highlight Lisbon storefronts

There are 5 things most of our friends always mention after walking the streets of Lisbon: The kiosks, all the Old Shops (that were outdated in most other European countries decades ago), all the beautifully  289 more words


Ephemera Development

I started my piece of Ephemera by placing the text, images and logos required in the booklet which were provided by the client, which were the organizers of the event. 1,126 more words

Subject Yr 1

Ephemera - Research 2

Chapter Arts and Designboom

Part of the design process is to understand your client. By researching in both Chapter arts and Designboom I will be able to get a feel for what they have already produced. 292 more words

Subject Year 1

Designboom Research

designboom is the worlds most popular digital magazine. It was founded in Milan in 1999 and it has 4 million readers and 450000 subscribers.The website is based on architecture of buildings. 158 more words

Graphic Communication

Designboom: Super Seven


The Brief:

Designboom is the web’s first source for the best of architecture, art and design. In a hypothetical, in December, designboom are bringing together seven of the best and most renowned graphic designers in the world to Cardiff, the glistening capital of Wales. 139 more words


The elegant design of human towers

In Catalonia, Spain (where my wife’s family is from, coincidentally), they have a tradition of creating massive towers of human beings. They stand on each other’s shoulders and rise into the sky, like living sandcastles, only to collapse again from gravity and — I assume — exhaustion. 28 more words