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The elegant design of human towers

In Catalonia, Spain (where my wife’s family is from, coincidentally), they have a tradition of creating massive towers of human beings. They stand on each other’s shoulders and rise into the sky, like living sandcastles, only to collapse again from gravity and — I assume — exhaustion. 28 more words


MEDIA UPDATE: Amanda Levete's new MAAT museum is all over the world...

the new building allows visitors to walk over, under, and through the museum complex, with a roof offering sweeping views towards the river. in this way, the scheme seeks to restore the historic connection between the city and the water.

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A Flat World, Visualized

Believe it or not, there is actually a Flat Earth Society today, who don’t exist entirely to be ironic. Despite this shocking ignorance, it’s fun to picture a world with sharp angles, and impossible physics. 18 more words


MEDIA UPDATE: designboom features Paiva Walkways

… to capture the route’s dizzying directions and arresting views, photographer Nelson Garrido has shared a photo essay documenting the different parts of the path and its relationship to the stunning landscape.

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Peleg Design’s Funny Stopper, Aladdin Lamp is Very Interesting

Peleg Design的搞怪瓶盖,阿拉丁神灯好有趣
Peleg Design’s Funny Stopper, Aladdin Lamp is Very Interesting
If you are a person who likes funny little products, you will love the one which is going to be introduced today! 175 more words

Fashion Flowers

Miguel Vallinas is known for putting a dress shirt on interesting figures, and he’s at it again, with this series entitled Roots. These voluptuous flowers bear a resemblance to their clothing, so to speak. We love it. Via DesignBoom: