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Commuting By Gyrocar

” … the gyroscopes would be initially powered by flywheels wound-up in the morning, and would continue to be powered throughout the day from energy supplied by solar panels mounted on the roofs of the cars. 118 more words

Mass Transit

Ice Cream Paintbrushes

These paint covered brushes almost look good enough to eat, but we’d avoid tasting. Artist José Lourenço creates this fun series using a myriad of paint colors, carefully dabbed and drizzled together to create a delicious rainbow effect. 27 more words

London's Blue Whale

London’s Natural History Museum just underwent a major renovation, including Hintze Hall, a beautiful and historic space that once showcased “Dippy” the Diplodocus dinosaur skeleton.  The newly refinished space is lovely, and has a giant blue whale skeleton in it’s main entrance. 100 more words

Doug Aitken "The Garden"

California-based artist Doug Aitken is set to launch a new immersive installation at the ARoS Triennial in Aarhus, Denmark. Titled The Garden, the presentation is not only a work of art but also a rage room where visitors can destroy a bevy of household items inside an all-white room surrounded by tropical flora. 118 more words


The Growing, Vibrant Mosslamp

Given it’s name, we couldn’t help ourselves. But beyond that, the Mosslamp is a beautiful concept, designed by Marko Vuckovic, and inspired by the Swedish town of Malmö. 105 more words

Floral designer transforms New York trash cans

Floral designer Lewis Miller has taken over New York’s trashcans and I would say they never looked that great if I had ever looked at them any other way than conspicuously. 9 more words


'Shoetopia' Project Makes Sneakers Sustainable with Biodegradable Footwear, 3D-Printed on Demand

The sneaker world has long been dominated by big brands, so, Polish design students Barbara Motylińska and Zuza Gronwicz set out to propose an alternative, more sustainable model for the production and distribution of footwear. 307 more words