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The last minute Razzmatazz

Our glass cartoon is about to conquer the mighty glass city of Riihimäki. We are honoured to open the exhibition in the Finnish Glass Museum… 158 more words

So Dope: Nike Studios - Beijing

photo credit: designboom.com

A Shanghai-based design agency called coordination.asia designed the Nike Studio in Beijing, China in celebration of the 2015 World Athletic Championships. The art gallery is comprised of high-energy workout labs, a multi-functional lounge and product displays in different zones for athletes to exercise while feeling more motivated and energized. 130 more words


Rising from Rubble

Kimberley Mok reports at Treehugger about how a prize-winning architect plans to repurpose the rubble from the recent earthquake to rebuild Nepal in an adaptable style based on traditional Nepalese architecture. 165 more words

3D Synth

Artist duo Toki has an installation in an abandoned D.C. building that uses vibrant yarn to create a mesmerizing 3D space. This piece, entitled Synth… 13 more words


NEW YORK CITY APARTMENT / BRISTOL │ Bristol Museum & Art Gallery → 27 September 2015


“Alawñ vizitrz t xpirı̣ns ɖ gôstācitcčr v a soft coridor n sterces têlrd fṛm fabric bêst on ɖ ātist’s hom in Ny Ywc” 50 more words


Bookshelf Superheroes come to the rescue by Artori Design

Artist Artori Design creates these fun metal bookshelves that give the impression a superhero is saving your books from doom. The sideways version uses a magnet to attach the end of the books, while the other model is a wall-mounted floating shelf that gives the impression a caped crusader is giving your books a lift from below. 7 more words


Kaleidoscopic Origami Dreams

Japanese artists Masakazu Shirane and New Zealander Reuben Young have created kaleidoscopic origami as a domed structure made up more than 320 geometric shapes. They constantly shift and alter the spectrum of light projected within the luminous space.

Source: designboom.com