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Female genital modification - April 30, 2014

…the cutting edge of a double standard

In February, 2014, the Ontario’s Sexual Health Network organized an update on “female genital mutilation” (also known as “female genital cutting”). 1,090 more words

Sexual Health

'Designer Vaginas' Are on The Rise Among Young Women

It was only a matter of time: After excessive exposure to porn, airbrushing, and waxing, women are officially self-conscious about their vagina, and many are willing to shell out good money to get a “nicer” one. 201 more words


'Designer vaginas': Unnecessary, harmful, and not to be offered to girls under the age of 18, say experts

Female cosmetic genital surgery –
so-called “designer vagina”
operations – are almost always
unnecessary, can be harmful, and
should not be offered to girls under… 443 more words


More penises? No thanks.

If vaginas could high-five, it’s fair to say mine would’ve been in a slapping frenzy since the Honi Soit (the University of Sydney student newspaper) published 18 vulvae on it’s cover two weeks ago. 667 more words

Women's Health

Can a woman choose to undergo FGM?

By Emilie Jarrett (FORWARD intern)

My reaction was admittedly one of horror as I sat and watched an intelligent woman raised in the West discuss on Australian television show, … 490 more words


The large labia project

A long while ago I blogged about Designer Vaginas. This post, for whatever reason, is still one of my most viewed posts. I like to think that people are educating themselves that their labia needn’t be neatly tucked away, but somehow I don’t think that is the complete reason. 114 more words

Designer Vaginas

What is Fashion


Noun:a popular trend, esp. in styles of dress, ornament, or behaviour.

Above is the definition of the term fashion as provided by Google, or similarly “a popular or the latest style of clothing, hair, decoration, or behaviour” as defined by Oxford Dictionary. 105 more words