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BIG PARK is an adventurous upscale life style brand, inspired by the boys and girls dressed in their strong, unique and individual way around global neighborhoods. 103 more words


Women's Long Tunic Kurti Dress

Women’s  Long Tunic Kurti Dress

Easy to wear slip on casual bohemian chic tunics are fun and trendy summer wear. Comfortably casual Georgette kurtis with slits on either sides , are easy wear for work or yoga. 151 more words

Designer Qudos Desks For Offices

Are you looking something new and special kind of furniture for your offices, if yes then Qudos desks are your perfect solution. These desks and workstations are an extensive part of the latest office furniture design. 125 more words

Advantages of Markers in ODI.

Hi Friends,

many of the interviewees were rejecting by asking one of the important question in ODI i.e. importance of markers or why we need markers in ODI. 54 more words


how to create a New Marker group in ODI.

please go through the below options detailing to create new marker groups in ODI.

  1. In Designer Navigator, click the Markers node in the Project accordion, or the Global Markers node in the Others accordion.
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What are markers in ODI?

markers are one of ODI objects, though it doesn’t provide any facility technically in data loading but will be used to set up the FLAGS for prioritized objects, progress indication flags or Smiles. 42 more words


What is reinitialize sequence?

Hi Friends,

we have a tool to reset the value of a ODI sequence to a certain value using package tool called “OdiReinitializeSeq”.

@NOTE : this is applicable for ODI standard sequences only, can’t be used with native sequences. 153 more words