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The Shapes Collection by AANDERSSON

Shapes by AANDERSSON is a five piece mug collection that explores the functional application of various geometric shapes in isolation and in pairs. Attached to a simple cylindrical body, a triangle becomes a mug handle. 57 more words


Volumes, Patterns, Textures, and Colors by Dimitri Bähler

In Volumes, Patterns, Textures, and Colors, Swiss designer Dimitri Bähler explores the concept of usefulness in our homes. Playing with the archetypal purpose of ceramic vessels, the collection features shallow dishes, some with irregular surfaces and chunky vases in bright colors. 54 more words


Lightfoot Jewerly by Erin Lightfoot

Erin Lightfoot is an Australian print and ceramics designer who creates contemporary porcelain jewelry pieces working out of her Brisbane studio. Pattern and color is integral to Erin’s work, building intricate geometric compositions with a carefully considered color palette. 18 more words


Manantial by Martín Azúa

In a new exhibition, Manantial, Spanish designer Martín Azúa explores the relationship between ceramics and nature. Azúa’s in interest in the subject matter started in 1999, when he began leaving porous ceramic vases in the Urederra river in Navarra, in an attempt to capture the natural stain of the river. 93 more words


Arc Collections by Beth Lamont

Beth Lamont is an Edinburgh, Scotland based accessories designer/maker who creates simple, geometric jewelry from ceramic and rope. Made from parian porcelain, the pieces are inspired by the clean form and feel of their material. 37 more words


Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2016

The 18th year of Telstra Perth Fashion Festival was the best one yet.

One Fell Swoop on Friday had ethereal beginnings with ghostly white mannequins darted along the runway, setting the stage for what would be a empyreal show. 456 more words


Faceta by Francesc Gasch Studio

Designed in Barcelona by Francesc Gasch, Faceta is a collection of orthogonal shaped flower pots formed by 14 facets. Each piece is accompanied by a copper plated steel stand, allowing the pieces to be suspended from the floor. 34 more words