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Holes in Quilts part 3

One more hole today–I want to do a triangle. Same method–main fabric and facing right sides together, stitch around the shape and clip the corners. Turn and press. 160 more words


Holes in Quilts part 2

Circles! I want to make big hole-y circles! More than a single hole in my piece of fabric, like the rectangle I just did.

Dark fabric is attracting my attention today, so I started with this. 216 more words


Holes in Quilts part 1

Nope–not horrible accidents with your favorite snuggly quilt, but deliberately creating holes while you’re making a quilt. I was reminded of this technique last week and it’s been nagging at me until I did some today. 555 more words


BIG problem--solved!

And it’s not my most recent issue with the fused, not-square, impossible to bead piece!

Probably the oldest unfinished object on the to-do pile, I had a lot of concerns on how to fix the issues with this one. 411 more words


Disappointment and dilemna

An older project came to the top of the unfinished stack today and I’m excited to get it finished. It only needed binding and beads. Easy, peasy, right? 248 more words



Painted abstract with no name and orange circles…yep, it’s finished. It has no name, which is not normal for me. But it has orange, my favorite, so it’s good! 152 more words


Let's do something different!

This is the finished Imperfect Beauty III piece…and I like it!!!

But I am NOT finding beads that I like for the fourth member of this group. 281 more words