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KEQ meeting

KEQ-Knot Even Quilters—that’s my art quilting small group. Before it had the KEQ name, we called it Wacky Quilters and that’s what we still call the group around my house! 299 more words


Use up the stash, take two!

The last time you saw these blocks, I was unhappy with how they were turning out…

There were technical problems and they just didn’t appeal to me as I had envisioned them. 166 more words


Quick door update

Grabbed some time to work on my latest door project, so I’ll give you an in-process, quick update.

Only able to start adding shadows, but they make quite a difference! 58 more words


Starting fresh

Workshop project–I love learning new things, especially when the project WORKS!

This is the picture I wanted to turn into a quilted wall hanging, but it needed to fit into a specific size for our group exhibit proposal. 272 more words


Quick addition to Portal 2

This second portal project, that started with so much promise, is fizzling out for me. I thought it was subtle, nicely abstract and full of layered interest. 112 more words


Not much sewing going on

Nope, not much sewing going on here. It’s been a great week for taking long walks, eating dinner with friends and family, running errands. Most anything to be outside in the great spring weather. 309 more words


Another portal

My art quilt group is trying to gather pieces for an exhibit application and our theme is portals, evolved from doors/doorways. We need enough that every member of the group could do more than one and not worry about it! 276 more words