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Bump in the road

Even though I said I wasn’t going to count my Weekly Special projects, I couldn’t help myself. I felt a need to see if I was on track for my goal of finishing one a week. 169 more words


New "stuff"

While I’m on vacation, I usually hit every fabric, bead and thrift shop in the vicinity. This time, I seriously avoided the fabric stores, because I AM trying not to accumulate more fabric. 283 more words


Major leaf printing

You know by now that I love to use leaves for stamping paint on fabric. Both last year and this year while we were in Florida, there was a large leaf that kept shouting at me to use it. 250 more words


Simple, but not done.

Keeping it simple is one of my new goals. This piece certainly qualifies, but I think it’s a bit too simple!

There’s no real marriage between the gingkoes, the black and the background. 199 more words


Copyrights and Distractions

Let’s talk about copyrights.  I am a firm believer of protecting copyrights on artistic works.  It’s just I find this much easier to understand with writing than with quilting.   931 more words


Back and forth, back and forth

Scrolling through my library of blog pictures, I can see that I post a few pictures as I work on something, then show something else, then go back to show progress on the other thing and then go on to something else and come back to progress made on the second thing…….I almost never show one single thing from start to finish, because that’s not how I work, nor is it how I record my progress. 382 more words


A big FAIL!

This is a rare picture–may never be seen again–a cleared off cutting table, ready to begin a new project!

This is part of my new work plan. 328 more words