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Easy improv lesson 2

After making sure that each starter block had a complete frame of the blue-ish fabrics, it’s time to start adding the peach-ish family of colors. However, I still had a few of these strips left and I think this round is the best time to use them up. 396 more words


Easy improv lesson

I decided that I had been away from my sewing machine for waaaaaay too long and needed some machine therapy! I’ll show you what I’ve done and perhaps you can play with some of your scraps the same way. 319 more words


What to do, what to do...

Seriously, now, WHAT am I to do with fabrics like this? That I only have a fat quarter of? That are absolutely unique?

I like them whole. 167 more words


I've GOT to use this stuff up!

Here’s the washed out, unpressed pile of dyed fabrics from the other day. Most were overdyes of past mistakes and quite a few came out very much improved. 343 more words


Ready to move ahead...

Latest group of Weekly Specials—finished. I’m ready to work on something different—a different style–different colors–different shapes…

These small works are so much fun to do. Lots of variety and done quickly, but even more variety is what I’m looking forward to now.


Poppin' back...

It’s time to get back to my City project. I’ve spent time getting the mulch down and we cleaned out the garage and I stitched on some door prizes. 229 more words


Black and white

Flipping back and forth between projects…

Last week’s Wacky Quilters worked with black and white fabrics on a colored background. I really thought I would like this graphic background. 233 more words