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Taking a look

Sometimes it helps to take a look back at what you have actually done. I hung my latest Weekly Special pieces all together and felt pretty good about what I had finished. 70 more words


All right!


I love this little circle the best!


I ended up using the orange beads, rather than any of the those greens.

It feels so good to have a couple of things finished!


Bead day decisions

Several of my projects are at the point where they need beads. Sometimes I know exactly which beads will work best and other times…well, let’s just say that I enjoy reviewing every. 285 more words


Back to business

Yep–back to the business of playing with beads and fabric! And right away I ran into decision time, which is always hard for me.

On the back of a top shelf, which I am too short to see into unless I stand on a stool, I found a chunk of ultrasuede in a lovely sage color. 120 more words


Questions today...

I’m painting some canvases, getting ready to mount some of the Weekly Special pieces, and I’m wondering if it’s necessary to paint the gessoed white canvas or can I use it as is if I just want white? 154 more words


Quick time

Didn’t have much time today so I grabbed the first scraps I could find. It happened to be 6 strips, gold, that were about 11″ long. 85 more words


The last turquoise block....really!

Yes, I thought I was done with that pile of scraps I left you with, but nooooooooo!

There was enough fabric left to make at least one more block and part of the Weekly Special mission is to use up as much of the scrap pile as possible. 282 more words