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"Designing Woman" / Memorable Fancies #1695

[“…we may just keep trying to redesign ourselves” – Charles T. Rubin]

I keep trying to redesign you, but your annoying original keeps coming back and trying to – redesign me. 6 more words


Following the 'what-if' path

The new class design is decided and drawn out. Took several tries. My first attempt was a totally symmetrical leaf but that was pretty darn boring. 243 more words


A Kiss

Inspired on a picture I saw somewhere on Instagram. I sadly can’t remember where. 


Follow my thoughts here...

Not getting any cleaning done, but I’m not going to subject you to any of that until it’s all done. (And that could be soon or it could be never!) 337 more words


Eat cake, drink tea, make website

I know there’s still a month of it to go, but it’s probably safe to say that 2016 won’t be up there as many people’s favourite year. 529 more words