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Week 2 lecture notes – process & context


Part 1: Design Process Overview

  • The process of project ideas starts with pencil and paper, sketchbooks, sticky notes, note cards and whiteboard. This helps to understand, define and frame the problem.
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Lecture Notes

Of Sustainable Design Process part 2

Last time we started with the topic Sustainable Design Process. You can read it here. This time we wrote a bit more about our process; what exactly we do when we create Népras. 425 more words


Of Sustainable Designing Process part 1

We throw a lot of clothing away in the Western world; it’s really unbelievable. There are many reasons why we discard clothing – the fit is not right, the size changes, it isn’t wearable due to the fabric’s low quality, or the style becomes old, you name it. 252 more words


My First Year Portfolio

Seeing as my first year of University is coming to an end and there are only a couple of exams left before freedom is mine, I thought it appropriate to share my portfolio for all of my first year design work. 35 more words