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cloth slides over eyes
blocking out the world
until the only thing it can focus on is You
it loses the count of its breath straining to hear Yours… 91 more words



They say that in your dreams you can be anything you want. You can travel to incredible places.

I can no longer even dream the world I want. 33 more words


questions and desire

being of theĀ  appeal

and how it heard

and what it must have engaged

and seen as the start

and how it was the return… 47 more words


Love really does conquer all. BLIND DESIRE, a novella.

When my daughter-in-law’s birthday was approaching late last month, I decided in a moment of crazy inspiration that I’d write her a short story as a ‘secret and special’ gift, that was just from me. 171 more words


See ya, tracks!

MC just texted me:

Is it Wednesday yet?

I’m dying. The ache is in my groin and pulsating.

My body has converted him from interest subject to lust object.

394 more words
Sex Addiction

Harem of birds

Our eyes are burning comets

encircling the red gold sun

and hearts are wide wings

beating against a pale sky.

We meet in *desperate gardens… 48 more words


The Power of Lust

Hello Lovers,

I want to touch on love vs lust. Sometimes it can be extremely hard to know the difference. I do not think everyone understands the power of lust; lust place you in toxic situations or leave you with a broken heart. 524 more words