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It’s been a funny old couple’a weeks.

At the time of writing my last post, three young men I’d corresponded with some three or four years ago suddenly contacted me. 1,299 more words



I like porno – it’s one of the few things that gives me pleasure in life these days. Porno. Bourbon. Spending time with my kids. Killing random strangers in Grand Theft Auto in first-person mode, and laughing like a psychopath while doing it. 843 more words


Deux Poèmes


I haven’t had a meal

That tasted as good

As his cock did

On Monday night after class

The sweat in the crease

Where his thighs meet his pubes… 99 more words


Dawn of a New Day

Soft dawn, when the moon is still up
And the sun rears its great mane above the horizon –
Hold me in your arms
And kiss me on the mouth as if to say you love me. 91 more words


To continue for dumb

If one pretends to be dumb and for being dumb brings one something, thus one will not stop from being dumb! But what can receive a dumb if not dumbness so that he can maintain dumb or so that he can continue pretending to be dumb? 156 more words


Fallen Star

And on that night
A night of infinite Sky
In the Heavens
There was a light
singular in its motion
for all things we see in Heaven… 58 more words


No Bridge Too Far.

Thinking of the prompt words for my Haiku Challenge this week my evil mind came up with this week I kept thinking of how the word bridge united two worlds. 245 more words