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If only

If only I could

I would unveil my love armory

Be the relics of your memory

With an unconditional clause

I would embrace all your flaws… 21 more words


Secret Wants

Taste my soul with wild abandon
To Nirvana take me.
Make me lose myself in you
And from this dark sleep wake me.

Kiss these dripping, honeyed lips,

43 more words

I'm Not a Sex Doll

If you mainly came to come,
you shouldn’t have.

If you don’t kiss the sole of my feet first,
I cannot give you my soul. 29 more words


Is it weird that I’m turned on by a man’s natural scent like don’t bother showering just take your pants off and put your balls in my mouth please thanks


A Yearning Fever

What I want is this poem to be brok e n



word           will be

                                    a beautiful day –

  Gentle                                                                     like rinds.

              lemon                                                  out… 257 more words



There’s only one way to

resolve this

Release this tension

Rebuild your strength

Take everything you need

from me

Bleed me dry

if you have to… 8 more words