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warm his cold skin,
his diamond eyes.
his ice hands.
bring flush to his cheeks,
burn blood to his lips.

do the job
i cannot do.
melt his frozen heart.


#25: Reconsider

I couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of the situation.  It was as if I were dreaming of nonsensical conversations again.  “So, what you’re saying is that the only way for me to get the answers that I want is to sacrifice everything that I’ve worked my entire life for?   594 more words


tender touch

seductive words, lips by my ear softly say,
gently brushing my hair out of the way,
your fingertips across my flushed cheek stray,

with eyes tightly closed, feel lips gently peck, 473 more words

Erotic Poetry


She sat on the floor,

Hands stained, so is the shirt

Surrounded by her pencils, colors and brushes,

A total mess…

Only the canvas in front of her screamed ‘Beautiful’. 146 more words

Your skin

I am obsessed

with your skin

every freckle

every mole

every line

every scar

every mark

every blemish

every curve

every hollow

every hair

every shadow… 30 more words


With or Without Desire

In a moment of sadness I realized there was something on my mind besides whatever I’d been obsessing about for the last half hour or so. 301 more words


Desire and The Good

A confusing thing about the meanings of one and many  is that the meaning of each seems to depend on the other. The reality behind this is that there is a back and forth process in which each is used to understand the other better. 1,381 more words