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Glossy is sticky.

All the better to capture your desire, my dear.


I want to ask you to kiss me. 
Ask you to wet the surface of my lips 
Come closer to my body 
And Guide my hand though peaks and arches

I want to map out the constellation of your mind 
Trace the blueprints of your bones.  205 more words

The Straw Hat Effect

I was being lead down a different path and was not with the people who I should have been with. I needed to just let go and trust the universe. 179 more words



A liar you are,

I am curious how you live.

Your conscience infested by filthy fleas,

Parasites on your heart – they leech.

You told me you’re coming back, 40 more words

“Desire is part curiosity part feeling.”

The Imaginary: Don’t follow anyone unless you are fully convinced, fully satisfied, and fully understand.


i150W: Obsessions

Let’s define obsession. It’s basically a preoccupation or the domination of one’s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image or desire.^ 

There are some things that we are so obsessed about. 125 more words


What is your one wish..

..that you want to fulfill if you die tomorrow?

It may sound stupid but its a million dollar question, !

There is no need to answer or tell anyone, just dig deep to answer this profound question and you’ll find your essence!