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Emotions...Do They Exist

Depression is an ongoing battle for me. Besides from a few people, I’m not very fourth coming when it comes to my emotions. I can be drowning in my emotions but generally it’s hidden behind a fake smile and a chipper attitude. 527 more words

The Love I Have Know

I speak as though
I have not known love
Oh how far from truth
Its nectar I have swallowed
Until my gut was filled
Its fingers have danced… 65 more words


We are SAME and yet DIFFERENT !

After a long break I am back to my dear Blog, and this time I really have something serious to write. Actually not too serious but yes a little bit, in my opinion. 575 more words



Dear ***.

Thank you for the offer of a wonderful sounding Job. However…

I am an artist; I am a designer, I am a writer, I am a conduit for new  ideas. 8 more words



there are points in my life where I just up and decide that ‘Today is THE day’.

That statement can be linked to a handful of decisions I’ve made when I have come to the conclusion that life in its current state just isn’t doing it for me, and that I have to come out of whatever I am in at this very moment in time. 151 more words