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In The Middle Of The Night

There’ll be moments
Fighting mortality,
Waiting for you telling no one.
To no one
Shall cater the cries,
And the past
Shrieking into the silence… 137 more words


His heart was beating louder than a finely tuned animal skin drum. For the past few minutes he had been staring across the short forbidding distance that separated him from his sinful cravings. 254 more words


My bold mission envision those boundless frontier,
Journey so perilous, i need to walk through,
Ample to cover, while i plan all new,
Lessons from past, imminent to my rescue,

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Free Verse # 400 (only love)

Across lifetimes
we beckon each other,
two birds calling
from the leafy boughs
as the tree of time
grows and sprawls,
its roots rising
from eternity, 205 more words


CIf I lay in your arms

If I lay in your arms

on your chest

near your heart

I can feel the pulse

of your veins

the beating of chambers

the haunting hush of air in lungs…

78 more words
Kait King Author


Uplifted and
Never pushed aside. Its everyone’s
Everyone wants
Security, and
Tight bonds. You’re
Okay. No… 8 more words


My Midnight

Author’s Note: This is a story I wrote some time ago. It was written for a specific theme that I don’t suppose will ever return, so I thought I’d post it for you. 607 more words