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Heat...or better...A steamy summer's day

The hottest day in Britain has come and gone (Wednesday, 1st July), phew…and no, in case you thought I’m about to complain about the hot weather, I’m not, no no no, ’cause I WAS prepared!! 254 more words

My Life In London


You are mother bird returned to nest,
the foreign scent from hands molest,
smothered heart to death
No desire for love impure.

No hunt for further mating. 33 more words


something we desire

tv took it all  away

and the power of the eye

and what is the making

and its own  something

and its own having

and where it  takes of the… 41 more words


Made with Love

Mama Brown’s homemade peach preserves she’d whip up as we prepared to head back home after a weekend visit.

She’s up at 5 am every single day to prepare a hearty hot breakfast for her husband and children. 150 more words



A Petticoat Diary entry about sexual awakening, creative writing, and self-discovery.

I used to write sad, short, unassociated erotica when I was like…..a fourteen year old Catholic school girl. 582 more words

Sexual Identity


I’ve realized that I’m never good at keeping to one thing. I’m a floater. I’ve always been. Maybe this attitude has manifested my entire life. I float through life, never sitting down but never actually flying high enough either. 79 more words