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LoD Download Link

Language of Desire download free pdf. This method is so easy to do, but so powerful… It allows you to actually create a “feedback loop” of desire between you and your man. 57 more words


A small death
an orgasm holds you
rendering you
held in place
with a total
loss of control
the orgasm
is a sweet… 26 more words


Language of Desire PDF Download Link

Language of Desire PDF Download Link. If The Language of Desire is all about how to use words to infiltrate a man’s mind… Silent Seduction is how to create absolute craving in him without saying anything at all. 44 more words

Inspired Action

“Inspired Action” is a term commonly tossed around the Law of Attraction, spiritual and personal development communities. “Inspired Action” is a helpful and effective tool within our intention journey.  824 more words



I’m lost in transgression

that moves my fixation

on the pinnacle state of life

that of which’s desire is cut through with a knife


29 May 2015 

As May starts to draw to a close, I realize I have almost been here in India for two months. It is so crazy how fast this time has gone. 250 more words

India Adventure

Challenge: Name That Person

Who am I?

Forbidden fruit is delicious; come let me indulge you. We will eat, drink and be merry, for no one is watching.

I plunder the wealth of the hard-working and distribute it freely among the lazy sloths. 204 more words