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Help Wanted

Handsome guy with shirt and tie
Assistant he does require
With many needs this job reads
Taking out an ad for hire

One by one the women do come… 224 more words

Lust Or Love


I want more of you.

Always more.

Your whole mouth.

Your lips adhere to mine,

Feel your gasp as I grip my hands to yours, … 60 more words

Tantalizing Touch.

A caress
would be so sweet.
Fatalistic –
but mine to keep.
My faith is lost
my prayers unheeded,
To feel a caress
                                   when it’s so



Amateur Poet

Peace, Serenity

Peace, Serenity, gifts we seek
For ourselves and others
That we may leave Your footprints
To all we meet and relate.

Peace, serenity, gifts we seek… 105 more words


A grassy desire...

“Grass doesn’t make a fuss. It doesn’t try to be beautiful or outstanding. It doesn’t want to attract attention. It is so humble that it even allows people to walk all over it. 222 more words



Worshipping the same God
Connected in one Spirit
Celebrating this union:
Two become one
Husband and wife.

We’re now marching
Towards marriage unending
Hand in hand facing the unknown… 19 more words


Moment of Truth

Photo Credit: Peter Szto, PhD

Suggested Playlist: Matthew Mayfield Desire (see link below)

I am standing before you

More physically naked

And stripped down

Then I think I have ever been before… 365 more words