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Love Till The End

Want to be there,

As we’re caught in the rain.

Lost in each other,

While thunder rumbles in the darkened clouds.

See you laugh until you cry, 31 more words

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Soft Rains

A chilly autumn breeze moved gently through a small town. The main street looked as if it came straight out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie. There were no people walking about and the storefronts seemed abandoned. 657 more words

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Falling in Respect

Here’s a little wisdom,

For those floating along the River of Love.

It’s not just about,

The three little words.

There has to be balance, 30 more words

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The Uncrossed Bridge

She stood in front of the long, wooden bridge, her mind fighting against itself. Half of her wants to cross it, to finally face the monsters that have plagued her dreams. 321 more words

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Rose-Tinted Glasses

Another day rolled along,

Like those that came before.

The monotony of it all,

Was becoming a flat-out bore.

Yet I wasn’t bothered,

Not even one bit. 24 more words

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Secret Love

I have a secret love,

Deep within me.

Kept it hidden for years,

But it yearns to be free.

A friendly star lent an ear, 33 more words

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Locked In

“Hmm? Why is the door locked?” The young woman wondered as she pushed on the double-glass doors of the mall. She had just finished attending a meeting for work and was making her way out when she came face to face with locked doors. 334 more words

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