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“Arrest them all!” The lead officer shouted as the police stormed into a run-down building where a notorious gang is squatting in. They have been after the gang for months but with no promising leads. 379 more words

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Tired beyond tired,

Not wanting to move.

Wishing to stay in bed,

And not face the morning chill.

Brain slowly slipping,

Into sleepy-time mode.

Trying to stay awake, 23 more words

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Lost and Found

It all happened within a split second. She was going from store to store, doing her usual shopping. It was her birthday so she figured that she could get herself something nice. 373 more words

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Pure, snow-white feathers,

Flowing, icy blue tail.

Deep amethyst eyes,

Gazing into the soul.

Warm weather is what it loves,

Avoiding the coldness of winter. 29 more words

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Spin the Globe

“No, this can’t be happening!” Cassandra exclaimed, slumping into her chair. “There goes my trip to Iceland.” She muttered, running a hand through her auburn hair. 414 more words

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I stood in the middle of what was once my living room, the entire house reduced to rubble. Furniture scattered around in pieces, the cotton filling floating down like snowflakes. 436 more words

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Plot Bunny

You start with one,

Then it turns into two.

Before you know it,

There’s more than you could handle.

You would learn to handle them, 25 more words

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