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Garden of Love

Sunlight shines across the yard,

Caressing every flower.

Grew it from seedlings,

Nurtured it with patience and care.

Though when the frost hits,

It’s hard to keep things alive. 21 more words

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The Empty Space

It was only a few days,

Yet felt like years.

Staring at a small screen,

Until the late hours of the night.

No one else noticed, 24 more words

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Behind the Wheel

He thought his eyes were playing tricks on him. That the late hours that he had been pulling at work had finally caught up to him. 354 more words

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A Streetcar Called Desire

No one else could drive it,

Not even his old man.

It was him and him alone,

Who could conquer this great beast.

Feeling the roar of the engine, 27 more words

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Only Human

Look in the mirror,

Tell me what do you see.

A reflection that’s clear,

Or are your eyes deceiving?

I am not a cape-wearing superhero, 26 more words

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The Riderless Horse

My eyes snapped open as I sat up in cold sweat. I had that dream again. The one where a beautiful American Paint Horse is galloping through the wide open plains, her light blonde mane flowing behind her like strands of golden silk. 456 more words

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Secret Heirloom

I let out a frustrated sigh, silently berating myself. I’m a grown sorceress for Goddess’s sake! I should not be hiding in my suburban home, wishing that the people who are after me would give up and go away. 528 more words

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