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Affordable Office Supplies in Florida

Tylander’s Office Solutions in West Palm Beach and Ft. Pierce offers a broad range of products and services – office supplies, furniture, design, and more!. We have 25 plus years of experience in creating office space for the professional market.For more information please contact us @ … 7 more words

Commercial Furniture

Freshman year. The Accent. 

As the semester proceeded, somehow, I became the most talked about girl in my high school. I hated it so much. I never talked in class because I had a thick accent and I was always nervous to utter a word. 144 more words

To sit or stand

Every CEO I talks to tells me the story of how the employees want Stand Up desks but he/she thinks they’re too expensive and people just end up sitting anyway so what’s the point? 421 more words

Sit Stand Desks

Inner Space: What Your Desk Tells Other People About You

He called it the “writing box.”

It had a surface area roughly the size of a laptop computer, but was deep enough to house a drawer for paper, pen, and ink. 521 more words


Russell Spanner Desk

Russell Spanner Desk. Featured in Robert Fones’ book A Spanner in the Works: The Furniture of Russell Spanner 1950-1953. Black with brass handles. Original condition. Canada, 1950s. INQUIRE

Mid Century Modern

New Work Stomping Grounds

Let me tell you a little story.

Once upon a time not too long ago, you moved. You don’t know the place you moved, you don’t know what the general populace is like and the moving truck hasn’t shown up yet (aka your pencil holder and phone charger are still at your old desk cause you forgot them when you packed your copy box for moving). 152 more words


Differently Creative

I’ve never been the neatest person in the world. My room used to horrify my mom, who is a very neat person.

“Clean your room!” she’d tell me every once in a while, especially when guests were due to arrive. 504 more words