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লিনাক্স ইস্কুল_৫ঃ লিনাক্স ডেক্সটপ এনভাইরোমেনট (Desktop Environment)

প্রথমেই সবাইকে জানাই নতুন বছরের আগাম শুভেচ্ছা , আশা করি নতুন বছর সবার জন্য মঙ্গলময় হবে।

আজ লিনাক্স_ইস্কুল এর ৫ম পর্ব। বরাবরের মতো এবারও আমি সবাইকে আগের পর্ব গুলো(

IT Learning

My Desktop Environment Setup

It is gnome with 3.20 version, i like gnome because easy to customize like gtk themes or something, and the extensions make this more beautiful ( i think ) 41 more words


Hello Jessie!

Setelah sekian lama bersama Lubuntu, kini saya mencoba mendekati Jessie, salah satu varian terbaru Debian. Meski sama-sama menggunakan desktop environment berbasis LXDE, namun si Jessie sejauh ini terasa lebih ringan dibanding Lubuntu. 212 more words


Simple and Elegant Budgie

Recently, I noticed that Budgie DE is ranked as one of the amazing DEs available to Linux users.

Budgie (https://solus-project.com/budgie/) is a desktop of Solus Linux, built from scratch. 118 more words


Insane browser CPU use, makes laptop freeze

I seem to be having a problem with browsers using a lot of cpu and thus freezing the computer temporarily.

On debian 7 this started to happen with iceweasel, so i switched to chromium. 207 more words


Desktop Environments - Linux - Order of Preference

Over these past five years I’ve been using five of the major desktop environments, regularly. My usual Linux distribution is fedora but I’ve had my fair share of experiences with Ubuntu and Mint as well. 256 more words


Trying out MATE

So its true. MATE is lighter on the processor compared to Gnome 3. I can feel a significant reduction in heat on my laptop and I’ve stopped hearing my cpu fan pushing hard for slight processor heavy tasks on my desktop. 84 more words