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SSD storage is how much?!

As a non-expert in the SSD storage field, I keep coming back to this question: why are SSD arrays still so expensive?  My guess?  Concerns with “consumer” SSD reliability coupled with excellent marketing strategies allow the main vendors in this space to keep prices so inflated.   269 more words


The State of the Cloud

Cloud Computing has enjoyed a meteoric rise.  A few years ago, it was this mythological thing that few understood and has now become a vital part of everyday work and play.  203 more words

Cloud Computing

5 items to preserve in UEM

  1. Redirect the OST file.  Is it a waste of space?  Yes, but it keeps your users happy.  Here’s how to do it via GPO.  A couple things to keep in mind when you do this: First, redirect it to a SSD basedfile share, preferably on the same datastore as the virtual desktop itself.  
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Desktop Virtualization

Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference

Last week, Microsoft held their annual Worldwide Partner Conference.  Microsoft is a leader in Cloud computing and this conference allowed ICC, as well as other valued partners, a first look at what they have to offer next.  111 more words

Hosted Virtual Deskop

De nieuwe virtuele desktop die geen virtuele desktop was

De nieuwe Virtual Desktop feature van Windows 10 zal waarschijnlijk voor aardig wat verwarring zorgen in het toch al wat kwakkelende Virtual Desktop landschap. Die nieuwe Windows 10 feature wordt ook wel “Task View” genoemd en maar goed ook: het heeft niets met Virtual Desktops van doen zoals die zich de laatste jaren hebben ontwikkeld. 109 more words


IDC positioneert zowel Citrix als VMware in Leaders segment voor Virtual Client Computing

IDC definieert Virtual Client Computing als “een model, waarbij zowel software als virtualisatie wordt gebruikt om de beperkingen van traditionele desktop omgevingen op te heffen”. Dat klinkt wat vaag, maar het wordt duidelijker in de opsomming van vier deelgebieden: 120 more words


The Odyssey of building a lightweight VMware View Linux workstation for Horizon 6

We want to reuse some rather old windows workstations until replace them by zero or thin client terminals. We selected a lightweight Linux OS to replace windows OS to avoid the need of Microsoft licenses. 742 more words