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This Whitepaper describes how best to deliver modern, usable, high-performing end user computing for any organization. It explores various offerings available around Desktop Virtualization, Desktop Image Management, Application Virtualization, User State virtualization and Cloud offerings that will revolutionize the End User Desktop experience. 10 more words


Storage Testing as Part of Your Storage Refresh Process - Rent or Buy?

An organization tends to review its storage testing capabilities as it starts its next round of storage refresh. Typically they will either do the hard work of assembling a lab that provides a small representation of their production environment, leverage vendors to assemble a test to their specifications or leverage open source utilities to test the new systems. 553 more words


The Problems with Storage Performance Benchmarks

There are a number of storage performance benchmarks that provide a standardized way to compare storage systems from various vendors. The problem is there are few, if any, data centers that have a workload that is exactly like those benchmarks. 622 more words


SlideShare: 5 Steps To The Perfect Storage Refresh

An Independent Process for Assessing & Refreshing Storage

Every data center eventually needs to increase capacity, resiliency, performance or the cost efficiency of its storage architecture. 143 more words


PCoIP is done, but VMware is still Blasting away!

User experience, user experience, user experience.  This is what defines successful VDI implementations over failed ones.  Right now, if you have remote workers accessing a virtual desktop using PCoIP, you’re probably doing it wrong.   242 more words


The Storage Refresh Needs to Become a Process

Times have changed. Data centers must refresh storage more frequently than ever. The organization wants faster application response to more sophisticated queries across more users. Or it wants to start a totally new endeavor, like better decision making driven by an analytics application like Splunk, Spark and Hadoop. 489 more words


Application Layering VS Operating System layering

Managing desktops is always one of the main struggles facing enterprises. Add in complex application management and the issues increase drastically. Software solutions are often geared towards relieving this pain. 976 more words

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