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The weirder side of Linux

After the completely serious post about choosing a Linux distro for a first-time Tux user, we’re now going to see the dark side of Linux. Always avoiding the Server cave-system, filled with its primitive and blind distros, we’ll observe some more exotic creatures of the Linux wilderness, because who could have guessed what goes on in the GNU Geeks’ minds. 386 more words


Workstation Vs Desktop Computer

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville has contracted with Dell to acquire Windows-Intel computer systems for institutional use. Great workstation computer systems can tremendously boost your workplace efficiency. 1,544 more words

Ubuntu 17.10: Return of the GNOME

(Source: arstechnica.com)

If you’ve been following the Linux world at all, you know this has been an entire year for spring cleaning. Early in 2017, Canonical stopped work on its homegrown Unity desktop, Mir display server, and its larger vision of “convergence”—a unified interface for Ubuntu for phones, tablets, and desktops. 1,901 more words


IMac Pro, Apple’s most powerful Mac, will be available to order December 14

(Source: 9to5mac.com)

Apple’s pro-oriented all-in-one desktop, the iMac Pro, is set to launch this Thursday on December 14, 2017. To learn what to expect from the iMac Pro… 190 more words


CentOS-7 "Minimal Desktop" installation (GNOME)


For some reasons you need to install GUI on your CentOS server. In my case, I having a bad time to install Oracle Database 12c in my CentOS using CLI. 93 more words


Distros for everyone!

So, you’re new to Linux? You’ve been using Windows or MacOS all your life and you’re finally willing to break free from their closed-source and costy operating systems. 1,120 more words


This Opulent New Resort is Dubai’s Most Expensive Hotel

Set on the seahorse-shaped island of Jumeirah Bay and just minutes from the glittering skyscrapers of downtown Dubai is the Bulgari Resort Dubai, the Italian brand’s newest and largest hotel to date. 253 more words