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Why you should get Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Ubuntu’s latest OS, the 16.04 LTS which was announced by the founder of the Operating System Mark Shuttleworth now boasts just over a month in the public’s hands with all but praise. 365 more words

Welcome to Tumbleweed

At the start of this year, I treated myself to a new PC. The first thing I do with any new PC is to scrape Windows off it and replace it with some variation of Linux, and this time I ended up going with… 216 more words


LEGO Linux – ‘Build your very own Toy OS!!!

Not sure when, why or how a majority of the Linux Desktop Community lost focus, but the Linux Fragmentation today clearly proves they did … unless their focus, goal, plan, etc was total “Failure” of Desktop Linux. 633 more words


Searching for Files

If you keep your files and folders named and organized you should have little trouble finding the things you need.

However, there will come a time when you can’t find something you desperately need. 349 more words

#Linux, #Unix, #Windows, #Apple

Read my last post to see my frustration with where our malevolent computing dictators are taking us.

So is it time to switch from Windows, to Linux or Unix, or Apple? 568 more words

My Rants

Is it the end of the Desktop, maybe...

Followers, it has been a while since my last post, although I have not sinned.

I’ve been a Windows devotee, since #Windows 2.11, don’t ask how long that was.  541 more words

My Rants

5 New Technologies That Will Have a Profound Effect on PCs in The Future

Desktops and laptops will be quite interactive once you acquire the 3D depth-sensing cameras and wire-free. In a tech era of glossy gadgets, the future is set to make PCs quite interactive and fun with some of the new technologies in this article. 657 more words