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Apple May Eliminate The Trackpad With Its Touch-Sensitive Keyboard

Similar to what BlackBerry has achieved with its Passport’s keypad, Apple seems to have successfully received a patent for a touch sensitive keyboard. While it may not sound interesting at first, the new keypad could be the next big thing in tech, ever since Apple decided to lose the CD-Drive from its first MacBook Air. 291 more words

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Microsoft Demos Phone Companion App

Microsoft while announcing its upcoming Phone Companion app for Windows 10 also had a few goodies to show off in their video. The 4 minute long video also tells us that Microsoft will out Cortana as a search assistant for both Android and iOS platforms as well. 250 more words

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Why are desktop PCs superior

Long time no write!

I would like to apologize all of readers and viewers for my long absence. Quite unfortunately, I was swamped with work and had hardly any spare time for sleep. 488 more words


Desk Envy

One of the latest trends that I’m getting on board with are chic desk tops.  What once was a simple tabletop used for writing, typing, and working has now transformed into a display of your personal style, aesthetic, and chicness.   299 more words