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Thanksgiving came and went, and mostly none of the photos came out. Isn’t it always the way? Well for us it is. Hours of cooking and labor are celebrated by a spread that photographs like a school lunch. 207 more words


Jelly and Boy


Jelly is the most patient cat in the world. Perhaps she is so calm because of Garrison Keillor’s non-stop soothing droning in our kitchen. Oh Prairie Home Companion, we are simultaneously irritated and charmed by you. 58 more words



Hi guys, this has been the best week. Let me give you a little run down:

Desmond’s climbing skills have really taken off…

…and so have his walking skills! 279 more words


Key Party

No, I’m not talking about that kind of key party.  Friends, I’m talking about the kind of party when your husband puts punk music on and then you let your baby go crazy with your work keys for about ten minutes–it’s a real blast let me tell you.   103 more words


What I come home to these days

Even though I only work half-time, this week has seemed like I work full-time, and then some. A lot of that is my own doing, as I still need to figure out how to better manage my time and not over-commit myself. 216 more words


OK, last birthday post. I sort of promise.  My friend Dashel surprised us by taking video during Desmond’s big day and then editing it into the sweetest little movie.   146 more words



We ended August with so many wonderful visitors! Four to be exact. Catherine, Shanna, Alex and Grandma Young-Mi came to spend time with the Des-Wolf, and he got to spend time with all of them hamming it up and basking in the love. 235 more words