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The Truth

In the Gospel today Jesus tells his disciples that he is the way, and the truth, and the life.  This day was one of those… 322 more words


Dried Sky

Photo used by permission by Mish; All Rights Reserved

Dried sky looks
down on dusty
river bed.
My feet scuff
along and kick
up tiny, grey… 110 more words


The Gathering ~ Week 2

We have completed the second week of preparation for our pending global Immortals campaign inspired by Highlander and using the Ubiquity Roleplaying System.

Guidelines for players, both with and without experience with the system, have been made available to the group of potential players and discussion about the nature of our Immortals in the system have been carried out. 77 more words

Running Games

48: Still – Waiting

As a person passive who waits to see what floats towards me on life’s variable stream, what comes? What attracts my attention? What seems worth picking up and holding to? 349 more words


45: Orchard – Drowning

A storm has come today, that throws itself up­on my dark and dismal shore, whilst I cower, huddled in my ramshackle hut at the back of the beach, whilst a wild wind rips through the heaving palms behind, whilst the sea rages and seethes and crashes upon the fluid shingle so that you cannot tell where sea ends and land begins. 152 more words


You Never Know

Some people have said to me in my illness that you never know–you could get hit by a bus and die before the cancer takes you. 325 more words