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Shallow dream!

Absurd; this time feels
As it’s a shallow dream,
But shock comes as a wave
With the agates widely opened.
Shall I call it goodness… 74 more words


. (stream-of-consciousness.)

you could cozy up to desolation.
it will burn and bind you raw
as wars do to droned motels and
loan you to servitudes and all… 134 more words

Daniel Ray Thomason

One Request

I’d like to get a few words out
Before this delusion is over
I’d like to say them
Even if they sound desperate

I know I’m dreaming… 159 more words



It’s hurtful to admit that the life that one wishes to lead leads the supposed leader and drops into the meadow of broken souls. Die. #truth


Throbbing in a Stone Cage

The calm morning light was seeping in through the sheer white curtains. She opened her eyes, slowly, hoping to see the familiar bookshelf, the computer table and the calendar and the clock on the wall. 116 more words


The Romance of Canada 3: David Lodge Insults Us

David Lodge, Small World: An Academic Romance (1984)

I’ll warn you at the outset, this one may sting a little. I’ve included it as part of the “Romance” series because the book is subtitled “An Academic Romance,” but the idea of romance at issue in this novel is that of Chretien de Troyes or Ariosto, not the “romanticism” of Chateaubriand, Wordsworth, Keats and so on. 1,337 more words


Ghosts of Lorata: Footsteps from the Sea, part 2

Gelfrey took a small boat from the northern coast and rowed himself to the nearest island. It wasn’t a terribly long ride, but it felt as though he had come much farther when he arrived and saw the desolation for himself. 360 more words

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