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Memory of the Past

I stood at the corner and
for a moment I was blank,
I heard you call my name
I turned back and find out
it was someone else. 56 more words


November 10th

I heard you sing a few days later
After the day I held your hand,
And poured out my heart
To air and the person on the land. 85 more words


War Everlasting

Crossing the lines

The line of fire

Behind enemy lines

In a world of ruin

It’s an eclipse

The taste on my lips

Blood and sweat… 75 more words



Lost in my desolation

You are like an echo

That haunts my landscape

With the word: ‘Goodbye’



Waiting to catch the bus on Grand Avenue in St. Louis today, I observe the life around me. I stand under a sycamore tree by the Carpenter Branch Library and look across the street at Pope St. 462 more words