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when sorrow draws me
to the misty pane

I watch in loyal vigil
as you slip away again

behind the soothing veil
of the somber summer rain… 8 more words


Smiles no more!

A Snake with broad smile of it

Has no reason to sway,

When all it does is rest and prey

With no seasons of way. 81 more words


Wind, Water, and Life in Desolation

Ezekiel 37:1-10 NRSV

Have you ever felt like you were in a place of desolation? In other words, when have you felt hopeless, stranded, parched from thirst, empty? 844 more words



Rules for Discernment of Spirits: Storing Up the Graces of Consolation

In the spiritual life, we naturally have moments of both consolation and desolation. We need to discern which is present because we deal with them differently.

198 more words
Spiritual Practices


Enveloped in green

Over a steaming cuppa

Languid memories

An empty nest desolate

Ageing birds disconsolate


Jürgen Moltmann on Crucifixion

During this past Lent I read through Jürgen Moltmann‘s classic work The Crucified God. I am just finishing it up, but it is both an intellectually challenging and deeply moving book. 196 more words