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Midas hands, steering wheel
radio playing endless foxtrot.

the dog bobblehead in the acid trip
is headbanging without missing a beat.

the desert mirage, lack of sleep… 49 more words


Five Photos, Five Stories Hard Time Marrying Part 2

“These young’uns is got scarlet fever. You ain’t leaving ‘em for this town to deal with. Jist take ‘em on back where you come from.”  The sheriff steadfastly refused responsibility for the children. 204 more words


March 18, 2015: Desolation



May be:

  1. a result of our negligence
  2. a test to see what we really love: GOD Himself…or only His blessings (will we hold fast to His Truth & promises, or will we throw in the towel when we’re not in control, not happy, &/or don’t get our way?)
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the meaningless confession

i was holding it, not very long, but long enough to give up. it grew on me as if it was part of my being. and it wasn’t. 326 more words


we are free, yet the world will never know us.

we are free now. yet the world will never know us. no friends, no family will ever know, of truths with or without meaning. perhaps strangers who might pass by, and wonder whether the things we say are the truths. 171 more words




In a cottage beneath the hill,
it is midnight in a room.
She is gone behind the moon.
There is dust upon the sill. 98 more words


The Sullen Poet

Beware the sullen poet;

His words are like wine on the tongue,

But his reveries are upon the utmost desolation;

Beware the romantic the revels in his own demise, 125 more words