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it’s okay not to be okay always.

it’s okay not to be strong always.

it’s okay not to hide your emotions sometimes.

it’s okay to be silent at times. 123 more words



when sorrow draws me
to the misty pane

I watch in loyal vigil
as you slip away again

behind the soothing veil
of the somber summer rain… 8 more words



There are many, many people all over the world whom have broken souls. Your soul is shattered. You have had traumatic life experiences that you haven’t yet moved forward from, which contributed to your broken soul and you have no idea how to move on. 179 more words

Love And Light

Taking the Name of The Lord in Vain

There has been a vital misunderstanding among the Christians about the meaning of the third commandment. It has been widely accepted that this law is talking about not using “Jesus Christ” or “God” as an expletive. 423 more words



Who are you? This beast inside of me. Lying dormant; watching. Waiting to strike.

But, perhaps…

You seem different somehow. Changed somehow. Your colours begin to sing. 55 more words


the cost

squinting through the cracks
of asphalt screens

as swollen tides
assault the vista’s seams

consumed by mortal frost,

her eyes become a gateway
to the collapsing skies… 10 more words


Top of the Rock

I couldn’t even begin to tell you how bad it was where I was. In between the past and the future where we always come face to face with the ineptitude of our actions and the agonizing realization that is the slow and immobilizing effect of aging without grace, that is where I found myself. 437 more words