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our good, good father

I have a confession to make. I have been in serious spiritual desolation for the last four months. And y’all, it stinks. I’ve never felt so helpless in my life.  777 more words

a silent advent

Tonight, my family decided to go for a Costco run while my sister was at basketball practice. I decided to tag along, even though I had no real reason to. 738 more words

"The fall of the house of Usher"

The Wind touches everything,

From the velvety brown dusty old pieces of strayed homeless paper on the tiles,

Through the suspended legs of chairs left unsupervised; 62 more words


Slumbering Tsar #5: The Battle for King Kroma

There was much more to the isolated dwarven camp than the party anticipated. Vape Naesh tells the story. –GM

9th day of Gozran, 4716 AR… 617 more words


An ode to a dying mother earth

We only discovered what was happening by the time it was too late. Man had over run the world, and it was dying. We didn’t understand that we would go with it. 737 more words


Ignorance is bliss- or is it?

“When it comes to family, we are all still children at heart.”

She longed for hugs,

Craved some love.

Shooting stars were called upon to wish,

64 more words


On the worst of times, with no apparent reason

Without explanation or consideration

Left in the dust with no one to trust.

Alone in defeat, broken and beat… 70 more words

Peter Hill