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The building was abandoned, but that wasn’t anything new. Most of the buildings available in this town were abandoned and it really should stop surprising me, but I guess it’s because I can remember when this town was full to the brim. 508 more words

Writing Prompts


Since it’s been a long while, you all are in for a treat.

Here goes,

Senseless beauty doesn’t fade away

As it doesn’t know what it’s holding; 76 more words


The Gifts From Desolation

“I have a 14 year old boy with Reactive Attachment Disorder,” a woman at the foster parent gathering began, “and I just don’t know what to do.” She described a whisper of the struggle at home, a child who cannot, will not do his one chore–the dishes. 630 more words

In This Together

An Unoriginal Observation

By the time one has learned how to live,
there isn’t much time left to profit
from what one has learned.

And it’s too late to still be learning, 19 more words



Ink black tentacles

The noose tightens and strangles

Her screams grow fainter

Floating in a crystal glade

Freedom from fear that will fade



This is the beginning to a story that I am in the process of writing. So far I’ve been very slow at adding on to it, (at the moment I’m 13 pages in! 625 more words

#short Story


Dear God,

I feel so un real until I write.

I beg you to make me a better person,

I beg you to take away all of this torment inside… 119 more words