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Same Moon

Lonely hearts weep while
Lovers locked in sweet embrace
Under the same moon


Desolation By Derek Landy

Warning!! – This review may contain spoilers for Demon Road and Desolation By Derek Landy.

Desolation continues the story of protagonist amber on the run from the Shining Demon’s Hell hounds after cheating him out of a deal, not only is she running from the hounds but also her parents who are still trying to kill her, she is accompanied by Milo (*insert fangirl squeals here*) her bad ass, demon chauffeur as they race to get to the town of Desolation Hill, where they have been told they will be safe from the hounds, But once they arrive there they realise there is more to this town than it seems. 446 more words



Tails behind the shape of life
Wave as if they’re free of pain;
The sense beneath the shrouded shrines
Deceive the ones beyond.
Scattered fragrances of ecstasy… 35 more words



A man on his own

Fifty years after she passed

Alone and detached

Then a memory assails

And the thought of her prevails



Three daughters. A son

Meant to be one. Now apart

Distances divide

With no empathy or care

There’re no memories to share



A door in the earth

opens wide to take her in

Then gently closes

Her chalky corpse heaves and sighs

Wondering if there were highs

Buried Deep


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