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Poem: Jesus Loves Us ❤️

Good Morning everyone!! I pray that you all are doing wonderful this Tuesday morning. I am posting a poem by Desley Finedon called “Jesus Loves Us”. 201 more words



I have written of,
the black of day turned
sorrowed night.
The often exploited hues
and tactility of melancholy.

These once faithful words,
they do now all fail me. 113 more words



Mortal Portal of Despair
I go to you for repair
Your bless’d words give ease
Nowhere else have been achieved

Kindly caressing words
Your whispers of freedom from all that is hate… 44 more words


#46: You piece of shit.

Ha. Haha. That’s cute. Admirable, even.

You think you can run away? You think you can just pick an exit and leave? You think just because you fix everything on the outside, things will magically fix themselves on the inside? 280 more words


The future comes with tomorrow

Walking in this time and place

I can see how deep Atlantis has sunk

The Utopia dreams I had once

now dead with grief.

In this new reality… 193 more words