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When Illusions Crumble

I can never read Toni Morrison’s books. She rips me apart. She tears my soul from my body and crushes it to writhing slivers, and at the end, she doesn’t give me anything with which to put it back together. 667 more words

FWPP 14 : Plain Crashes

The days, weeks or years of mourning might still be ongoing for the families of the people aboard the Germanwings flight 9525, but I’m relieved and also shocked at how little fear-mongering has been done in the news lately. 2,131 more words


The Weights That Weigh Us Down & The Love That Lifts Us

I went home at lunch yesterday to eat & let my lil brown buddy out like I do every work-day. I noticed a pizza delivery car out in front of my apartment building when I got there & didn’t think much of it. 332 more words


I Heard Em Say

They say that sky is the limit

They say that dreams can become reality

They say that if we get that degree we will be somebody… 144 more words

The Lake of the Wailing Child (excerpt)

O Mother of Sorrows! I look to Thee,

In my great anguish, do Thou pity me,

For o’er my soul, the billows of despair,

Surge now so wildly, that I do not dare… 42 more words

The Perils of Indifference

The Founding Chair of the United States Holocaust Memorial, Elie Wiesel was invited to participate in a series of Millennium Lectures hosted by President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton at the White House leading up to the year 2000. 221 more words

Human Interest

The Birthday Party Continued the Entire Night, the Group Gone Out, and Used Drugs After the Party Was Over…the Female College Student Ended Up Dead

The results of setting oneself FREE, partying too hard here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A female college student, Huang who just turned twenty-two, on the early morning of the 29th, went to her birthday party at a pub with her friends, later on, she’d gone to a motel, to continue drinking with Lin, her older schoolmate; they’d taken ecstasy, and had sexual intercourse, two days ago at four in the afternoon, Huang wasn’t feeling well, was taken to the hospital, where she’d died, her birthday became her date of death, the family members couldn’t understand how, or why this had happened. 357 more words