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Day Four Hundred and One

Four Hundred and One days have passed
since last the word of “love” was shining.
Since my heart felt full and warm,
with no thought that things were dying or declining. 388 more words


A Soul's Dawn

Those expansive desolate saturated monoculture February fields
Might tempt me towards gray and soggy.

That dissonant electric guitar wail

Could draw me closer to fear or discomfort or distrust. 588 more words


Rest in Peace

Dear Friend

What do I say

as the tears roll down your face


What do I do

As you mourn what is lost

And cannot be replaced… 18 more words



MARY’S JOURNEY By Kathy Boecher©

The memories of yesterday were more than any one human being could bear.  Her firstborn Son, subjected to the execution of Roman justice – to the humiliation of this horrible torture – to rejection by His followers and finally death. 340 more words

Under Pressure!

Peer pressure, job pressure, performance pressure, family pressure…the list goes on and on. We have tons of issues pressing down on us at any given time, so much so that sometimes it’s a miracle we can stand at all. 494 more words

Just to Be

Just to be painless

I need to be numb

Just to be painless

I must be made dumb

I can’t connect

but just lie in a bed…

48 more words
Kait King Author