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Waiting for My Real Life to Begin / Wise Up

Time for another song that resonates.

Fans of Scrubs may recognise it. I loved the bejesus out of that show by the way – I bought the first six series on DVD. 311 more words



Sometimes the cup runs empty
and you tip the cup back for the last drop;
so do I do with your heart, says the Lord, 6 more words



Over the last week my husband has been away while I’ve been trying to get back into the school routine after 3 weeks holiday. After 2 days of school my youngest starts with a bad cough and cold. 298 more words

Surrendered To God

She Spoke As a Ghost

She whispered to me as the night froze. The moon shone, its light hitting the clear waters that beckoned to me. The lake and its rock-riddled shoreline stayed serene, and I could only hear her voice speaking in my ear—even though I was the only one who could feel her—and I knew she wasn’t there. 411 more words


To You, Miss Kay

To You, Miss Kay

J.D. Combista

Miss Kay, I spoke once of the dreams for us both. And it’s true, Miss Kay, that in you, I sought growth. 498 more words



Go ahead and try

Nothing will change, in your life.

Give up, nothing helps.