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And Hope

Pit and ponder
hand in hand
entrapped and draining
like hourglass sand

Corralled and weathered
two in a pair
my life’s only story
of hope-filled despair… 19 more words


Catch My Drift

Chill in the Heat, Artist Isaiah Stephens


Catch My Drift
Allergic to “E” Challenge

Catch the wind — if you can
It’s howling, voicing dissatisfaction… 324 more words

Field Of Thorns

People Dissapoint

On this stage full of actors
Each trying to outsmart the
Another by playing their
Parts with eased perfection
Under masks of murky
Gray characters that cloud… 110 more words

Scattered Words

Glory to the Age of Decay and Hypocrisy

Welcome to a world where the strongest enslave the weak
and use their wit to bind them in a dream of freedom.
Where the liberators who break open the gates… 221 more words


the trees shiver

i watched the trees shiver

as spirits fled them;

and i shivered –

and my spirit left, as well

Original Poems

Compare and Despair

It’s your speciality

how you play with me

with mind in motion

and bodies in ecstasy



your laugh trapped in time

Secretly you practice…

23 more words
Kait King

Another Man's Land

Despair makes the bar rust
A pleasure upon him, he himself had thrust
The sombre pages, a jingle they recite
A coveted memento, what a sight! 34 more words