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Stygian Pledge

Many a man
Have traveled to my island
A humble abode of solitude,
Destitute of spirit.

In their hubris
And in my hopes
Covenants are made and broken… 93 more words


Every Time

Every time my phone beeps

I’m wishing hard it’s you…

Kait King Author

The King Knows....

Sudden thrust and zeal being at nadir,

Mighty hopes alas! dwelt in the sky,

Powerful words were ignition to stir,

Desires in heart and wings to fly. 181 more words


Profound despair...

I think I have identified a common thread for most alcoholics. I’ve been observing my “bar-buddy’s” lately for this, then this morning it hit me. Many, if not most, alcoholics suffer supreme loneliness and profound despair towards life. 321 more words


Past Me is Trying to Stop Me Giving Up

“The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow. Don’t give up.”

I just found this post-it stuck on a magazine that I never got round to reading during an horrific 6 month stay in hospital. 106 more words

Mental Health


Sometimes She mused.

She mused whether she’d asked too much of Him.

But all She had wanted, was to be close to Him.

To want just a little piece of his time. 14 more words