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A Road Ahead

When at every turn

an obstacle’s presented,

easiest to quit;

to say it doesn’t matter,

or to seeth in rage;

at the patent injustice.

Yet greater courage… 9 more words


A Tribute to Severus Snape

So caught up in this world of make believe,
I could not see what’s right in front of my eyes.
The true extent of your loyal bravery, 164 more words


“The Imagination merely enables us to wander into the darkness of the unknown where, by the dim light of the knowledge we carry, we may glimpse something that seems of interest.

50 more words

Soul Crushed

Oh my god, am I going through it. I have been crying and feeling despair all morning. I am trying all I know to get myself through it, but I am really down deep in this shit. 490 more words


Quiet Moment of Desperation

I took two days off of work when I shouldn’t.

As bold as I sound when I write, as much as I want the bravado to be sincere, the emotion finally poured out in the wee hours this morning. 969 more words


Desperate to Escape

One of the many radio programmes I remember from my childhood began with the announcement ‘Once again we stop the mighty roar of London’s traffic to bring you the stories of people who are IN TOWN TONIGHT.’ I used that memory in my recently completed novel. 774 more words

Migrant Crisis

Short and Sweet

“Short and sweet” You say to me, whispering through the currents of time.

I almost could not hear you. The song of your voice faded in memory, I no longer recall your tune. 282 more words