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There is POWER In the Blood of Jesus

Many years ago when our two youngest were still at home, we took a vacation in Wisconsin. When Sunday came, we decided we’d drive around and stop at some church we saw. 648 more words


My dearly beloved,
It has been a long while since we spoke,
A while too long I suppose,
But you see given your silence,
I was left to fill in the blank spaces, 334 more words


What's the Point?

Frustration embeds the valiant and pure heart. I am reminded of a quote by Mr. Incredible who asked, “Why can’t they just stay saved?” We who care and love God passionately are definitely swimming up stream most of the time. 325 more words



Some headline tells me that we need to address the lack of female composers.

Be still my beating heart. Why don’t I just lie down and die instead? 250 more words


#141 Roles

You were my significant other.

And I was your other significant.

The Puppet- My Partner For Life

I love the scent of sketching pencils, it reminisce me about my childhood and times where everything was so trivial, dreams were vivid, real and the future bright. 320 more words


Thought of the Week: Childhood Stresses

This is a stressful week for Little Satis. As an eleven-year-old in the state of New Jersey, he is about to be subjected to a series of testing known as PARCC (the oh-so-memorable Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers). 653 more words

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