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Broken Pen

I am a failed writer, or a writer in making.

I am a warrior robbed off of my sword.

A broken pen before a troubled soul. 89 more words

False Poetry

Light Amidst the Darkness

This flower represents light amidst the darkness. That light is hope. There is always a little hope even in the darkest of time…. Dumbledore on Harry Potter said it best: Happiness can be found even in the darkest times if one only remembers to turn on the light. 51 more words


Now that it’s winter the creek is full. Upstream is so full that water is spilling over the driveway, making a small waterfall into the pool below. 405 more words


Trapped - Chapter 6

Apollo awoke shackled to a post in an underwater cave. The water lapped at his feet hungrily. The water rushed in flooding the cave. As the water began to slowly rise a mermaid appeared nearby. 337 more words


Everything is temporary,                                                         You are eternal

In times gone by, a king found his moods swung between the highs of happiness and the lows of despair. It happens to many of us. 828 more words

Haiku #25

The frost then the chills

a broken heart and its ills

painful moments reviled


the physicality of feeling

I’m participating in a seven-day writing course this week, and one of the exercises involved communicating emotions by using the five senses. I tackled four emotions suggested in the exercise, making lists of what each one looked like, tasted like, and so on. 686 more words