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Cursing a Dead Battery

This past weekend the boys and I visited my friend’s lake house. Saturday morning when everyone else was still asleep, my friend and I took kayaks out onto the lake to watch the dawn. 767 more words

Cheating Death: Not Once...Twice!

When you feel life is a free fall into nothingness, you often crave a place to land. A place where you can catch your breath. Even if it is in the darkest of places, you seek stability. 676 more words

Random Quips

+ even the darkest +

“Even the darkest hour only has sixty minutes.”
– Morris Mandel

Hold On,
Pain Ends.

Words To Remember

Poem: Reaping

The constant dreams that fill my head,
Of horrid things I did or said,
Make me to turn upon my bed,
To search in vain for sleep instead. 175 more words

Louis William Rose

Life as we know it

I learned about absurdism when I was in college, when I was nineteen years old. In a way, I was too young or inexperienced to understand why absurdist questions troubled some men – literary men. 657 more words


The last wish

…and lift off. Prayash did it. He actually made an outrageous jump from this insanely high skyscraper. It was a free fall and there was only one place he could go; down. 1,111 more words



In many ways, my journey home into Orthodoxy is even harder than for some other converts. Please don’t think this statement comes out of pride; I have nothing to be prideful of on this road because I have accomplished nothing except fight desperately against God as He’s dragged me along it. 291 more words