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every one is listening

wrap your self in

your own narrative,

in your own sweet & terrible

story that only you can

weave. others will try

to tell it for you: 152 more words



The trash compactor can go on feeling high and noble for taking the world’s shit and compressing it into manageable, relatively clean packets, but in the end it’s just a stinking machine, full of crap.


She Who Died Seemed to Have Been a Victim of Bullying, the Seven Suspects Were From the Same Village as She

Here’s some background information, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Chiu who was mildly retarded was from a special condition family, she lives with her single father, and, both her parents, and her older siblings had mental and physical disabilities. 570 more words

Properties Of Life

what do i do?

what is this world we live in?

all shut away, all shut in. traveling in boxes the cost to the earth we like to not think about. 440 more words

Fast forward >>

My family fights, fights and fights. Words of hate ridicule and worthlessness spew from the abusive father I have had the pleasure of living with for most of my life. 296 more words

Dysfunctional Life

Love Nudge: The Amazing Unknown

Sure, you know where you have been. But, God knows where you are going. Too often we find ourselves in despair over where we are in life. 85 more words

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