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“Freedom, oh freedom!
Well, that’s just some people talking.”

Tim Westwood Crib Session - Desperado x P Money x Blacks

Desperado, P Money & Blacks are the latest to share the mic for Westwood’s ‘Crib Session’ freestyle.


Best song performance in a movie (non musical)

I’m not a fan of musicals but I do like the occasional tune belted out/performed by an actor who can sing a little bit. It usually adds to the charm or levity of the movie. 316 more words


Blood-Splattered Facts You Might Not Know About Robert Rodriguez's 'Mariachi' Trilogy

Robert Rodriguez doesn’t do subtlety with his action movies. The writer/director/editor/almost-every-other-on-set-job-title behind the El Mariachi Trilogy is known for working with small budgets and maximizing every cent to produce action movies — whether for adults or kids — that don’t take themselves too seriously and embrace the oftentimes campy and ridiculousness. 1,571 more words


Soapy Bathman Desperado

Myrsol Emulsion
The BiG Shave Super Silvertip
Soapy Bathman Desperado
Feather Artist Club SS
Standard Razor
English Wilkinson (4)
Home Made Bay Rum with menthol… 325 more words


the gun in my pocket (poem)

there’s a gun in my pocket
heavy with the essence of
	another man’s soul
still swirling in the smoky barrel
in this dark corner of this lonely
and forgotten
bar is the man who played
Thanatos and brought to
inevitable conclusion the yearnings
of a single human life
in this corner, sipping cheap
		and smoking
foreign cigarettes is a
killer with a conscience
but you’d never know it
steady hands and 
	unwavering eyes
greet the bartender 
I order another
and pat my thigh, keeping
the soul in the chamber
	for just a little		longer
because, really, it’s  my soul
that’s been stolen by that 
	gun in my pocket

                            -Ron Sparks 2015-06-02