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WHAT?! Cameron declares war on every #UK citizen in most bizarre statement yet! (#politics #ToriesOutNow )

It is only a few days since Cameron and his cronies were returned to government, and already they are introducing draconian and oppressive policies and legislation. 903 more words

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Right to life

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So here we are, day 3 of their term in office and already the tories plan to scrap the Human Rights Act. 674 more words

Quiet today

It’s very quiet today in Chiapas. Only one rattle of a garbage truck – the first water truck’s cheery tune appearing only at 9.30 AM (‘Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head’ – I prefer the one using Carmen’s ‘Habanera’) – only a bit of trombone practice rather than the full-blown marching band – is everyone recovering from the governor… 138 more words

What The Hell

How Lord Fraud's Benefit Rules For Self-Employed Workers Will Mean The End Of Enterprise

Fuck entrepreneurs.  Seriously.  Fuck them.  Most of them are are chinless jumped up idiots squandering their trust funds and boring everyone shitless with their latest wacky idea for raspberry fucking flavoured baked beans.  1,121 more words

Welfare Reform

Deconstructing The So Called Jobs Miracle And Why It Has Nothing To Do With Iain Duncan Smith

Repeatedly over the last few months the Tories have cheered that there are more people working than ever before as if this was some kind of fucking miracle.  874 more words

Welfare Reform

Zero-hours contracts have nothing to do with flexibility and everything to do with dodging tax

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London, United Kingdom. 3rd August 2013 — People hold placards in Oxford St London protest against use of zero-hours contracts for more than 85 percent of Sports Direct workforce. 848 more words

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