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Even in the most desperate times, do not lose hope. Sometimes, the best things happen when you least expect it.

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This ... Part I

Mama said there’d be days like this … there’d be days like this … Mama said …

Actually … not true!  :) My mother or even my mother’s mother could not have predicted “days like this”… several days, in fact, during 2017.   1,987 more words

Desperate Times

Life has been hard recently.  My parents aren’t in the best of health and need some extra care.  My son is in his GCSE year and, although apparently normal, has become an angry young man.   158 more words


Desperate people do desperate things. Behind every crazy crime story or tale of stupid criminal is a real person who, unfortunately, was in a desperate circumstance that drove him or her to desperate actions. 585 more words

The Actor's Toolkit

Desperate times, daring measures!

“For her life, any life, she had to believe, was nothing but the continuity of its love.”

Eudora Welty, author of The Optimist’s Daughter

Bold, audacious moves. 390 more words


That Works Too

“Desperate times call for different measures.”


Desperate Times

Sometimes, I feel vastly misunderstood, like I’m

Always the bad guy. It’s like

The parent who blames you when it’s their fault. 112 more words