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Thinking outside the box: Use your creativity to adapt and overcome

When under pressure, be it deadlines, financial, you name it, being creative can be a lifesaver. My first time really needing to think on my feet while in college happened in my freshman year. 410 more words


Desperately Seeking Buhari

The fight against corruption in Nigeria took a new turn as the progenitor of the ‘war against corruption’, himself, was temporarily caught up in the desperate times  . 960 more words

Information Report


Reality is growing,

Its hands are creeping through my skin.

The more time goes

The less I feel creative,

Or human!

Reality is growing up in my skin. 35 more words


Police called to job interview - applicant stages sit-in

Police were called when a woman refused to leave a job interview after being turned down.

The candidate lost her temper and would not budge for 90 minutes following the unsuccessful meeting in Manchester city centre on Wednesday morning. 98 more words

Desperate Times

Desperate times during the famine in North Korea

Two decades ago, millions of North Koreans faced widespread famine, and many families would do just about anything to feed their children. In an edited excerpt from his memoir… 1,535 more words

We Humans

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WHAT?! Cameron declares war on every #UK citizen in most bizarre statement yet! (#politics #ToriesOutNow )

It is only a few days since Cameron and his cronies were returned to government, and already they are introducing draconian and oppressive policies and legislation. 903 more words

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