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Just to Get Back

Flirting with thoughts of cliche ends,

but they say never to act,

make amends

with the hand you’ve been dealt,

when you lose the only hand… 197 more words



Why do people try to change your mind?

I think that having a romantic relationship may give me some sort of satisfaction or relief from some of the depressive feelings I have now. 109 more words

Eyes closed... heart open

You lose control… you lose it and you don’t know what to do with it… with that “humiliating” feeling of being needy, desperate, confused and angry… angry with yourself that you allowed this to happen one more time, even if you promised to yourself once that you won’t ever do it again… angry with the one that made it seem possible when it was not… angry with Gods because they played with you one more time… 397 more words


No Such Thing

It’s all a sham, all a lie

Hope for all those fools

Who don’t want to face the truth of life

Who don’t want to bloody their hands… 94 more words


Chuyện tình có tương lai

Mình muốn nói là mình muốn khóc quá. Lâu rồi không khóc được. Mọi thứ bế tắc. Cả tình cảm lẫn chuyện học hành.

Ở trường có lễ hội tiệc tùng rất to. 400 more words


I need something

I don’t know what it is but the lack of what I need feels like my heart is breaking and my soul lies in chains in a dark bottomless pit… 34 more words

Will Coley: The migrants who took over a Sicilian palace

BBC – As thousands of desperate African migrants arrive on Sicily’s shores, they must suddenly find their footing in a country in the grip of recession. 85 more words