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Hey, everybody! Today I decided to post something a little different because to be completely honest with you guys? I’m running out of content. I maybe have one out two weeks worth of stuff left and then I dunno what’ll happen. 113 more words

Desperate For A Good Nights Sleep

I ve been on melatonin 10mg to help me sleep especially for when I have y phases of night terrors/nightmares. The problem is that it s not working anymore. 40 more words

Are you Desperate?

I want to ask you a question: Are you desperate? I realize there are several different ways you may go about answering the question. You may think there is a wrong or right answer; a particular answer that I am looking for by asking the question. 693 more words


The Simple Truth

There’s a simple truth
Hidden behind all the noise
We are born Beloved
This truth will always get lost
Because of the failure of man… 332 more words


'Our little girl'

I arrived home from the conference and proceeded to take my cat Portia to the vets. She’s an old girl, has suffered kidney disease for around three years and also has a thyroid problem. 440 more words

Chuyện đi làm

Chẳng muốn mơ mộng gì nhiều sau khi cảm thấy vô cùng tuyệt vọng với internship hunting này.

Ngẫm lại mình chẳng hề phù hợp với cái thứ gọi là development worker. 59 more words