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Living with an alcoholic


The title pretty much says it all. I am currently living with an alcoholic and his wife. Why?
Because I just had not other place to go… 229 more words


come back for more..

The first time it hurt. The second time it thrilled. The third time it seemed coincidental. The 60th time.. well, it just got plain bloody weird. 363 more words



Felt more isolated than usual yesterday, I’ve accepted that nobody who happens to be related to me really cares enough about me to come and see me or help me but friends seem to be backing off too.. 296 more words


aug 18

shit, just destroyed again, but a beautiful day, want to get out there soon.

the worst is getting images of her face, her body, worst of all, images of her sucking dick or getting fooked. 1,557 more words

I Looked Behind Me

We were out in the sloppy wet day today.   The temperatures have dropped by twenty or thirty degrees in the last few days.   It’s cold and wet and I know I wasn’t prepared for it.   439 more words

Life Chatter

The timings to trust

I was giving her “the look” and I got a smile back, I asked for her number incase I got lost since I was new in town and she said, “sure”. 620 more words

The Last Merchants of Righport

He could see the moment you would die with just a touch.

“Only two points in our lives are fixed beyond reason,” Tomshin’s mother used to tell him, “the moment we are born, and the seconds in which we die – everything else is entirely up to us.” 483 more words