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Menghitung Kesedihan dan Kebahagiaan

Setiap kali pulang ke rumah setelah aktivitas di luar, saya selalu berusaha mengingat apa saja kesedihan yang saya alami, berapa banyak kebahagiaan yang didapat, serta apa saja hal-hal menyebalkan yang merusak hari itu. 660 more words

Narasi Kontemplasi

Six Suggestions on Fasting

Fasting. What comes to mind when you think of it? It certainly isn’t an easy discipline but if we can change the way we look at fasting I believe we will hold a powerful tool for ultimately enjoying Jesus more. 575 more words


A dramatically desperate coffee drinker ...

I am tired … no … I mean REALLY tired … and we are traveling. My need for coffee and, sadly, my dependency on others to prepare my coffee has put me in a utter state of despair. 21 more words

Life's Little Lessons

How Long This Desert?

Endless abandoned horizon,

Sere shadows unmoving…

No raptors, coyotes, not

Even a scorpion in sight.

There was nothing left…

Bleached bones,

Marrow crumbling.

Rain fell in paltry measure… 57 more words


Our Generation

What’s it going to take to have students at church because of their relationship with God and not their relationship with their friends? What’s it going to take for students to be passionate enough for their generation and invite their friends to church at risk of being humiliated? 480 more words


The return of the mad Dater

Hello readers, pardon my absence, I was stricken with flu, or to put is as my son say, ” I was ¬†on the bed of affliction.” 424 more words

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