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It's all about priorities..

‘ Time & people don’t stay for someone. No matter how damn close he or she is to you.’ The words were striking his brain. Today, when he was a successful ma affording all the expensive stuff he’d ever dreamt off. 298 more words

The Elite Are Desperate, Forget The 1st Amendment, ‘Operation Censorship’ Is In Full Swing- Episode 1146

From X22 Report

The job market is now rolling over, the rate of hiring is in full decline mode. Restaurant traffic is slowing and now fast food traffic is also declining. 185 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

Took a Train

Took a train to New York City
a smelly guy sat by me the whole time
watching every little thing that I would scribble in my notebook… 181 more words

What You Missed Last November

This is a freeverse poem that I wrote in the Spring of 2014 after struggling with depression and failing my first semester of college. It still makes me cry to this day and I decided it was time to share it with the world. 257 more words

Things only we know...

Dear Carl

It’s hard remembering so much & not having you here to remember. So I want to share some memories that are ours. They’re silly memories. 445 more words