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VMAs are Desperate for Attention

What’s the point of the Video Music Awards when the Music Television Channel doesn’t even play music videos anymore???

Remember that girl in grade school that annoyed everyone, the girl that couldn’t stop talking, fidgeting or making some kind of noise.  241 more words


The Thirst is Persistent

… Damn, Steve. Sorry I don’t obsessively sit on Tinder waiting for messages to respond to. And after seeing this, you won’t be getting a reply. 31 more words


Where's The Nib??

Ever had a three word sentence that prods tiny, yet highly sensitive knots in the pit of your soul?   

As a child it was “Rise and Shine,” sang to us by our mother each morning, in a lovingly sing-song voice with what we imagined were undercurrents of aggression and malevolent joy. 318 more words


No Hero

A random writing to shed some darkness from my soul.

Darkness. So dark. Empty. Alone. With so much pain. So much… It hurts.


I can’t cope. 120 more words

Amoi Kin

The Desperate Student

Earlier in June, I told myself this year it would be different. I would split the homework in 80 days, so I have plenty of time to do them all. 315 more words


My Partner With Ptsd

Hi, I am desperate for some help and advice. I have been with my partner for 3 years. He got injured in Afghanistan in 2011. We recently moved in together after he had got a job at the other side of the country and I went to be with him. 57 more words