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Unravel Me Oh Silence

Unravel me oh silence
For I have been down too long
Like a lost pieces of poetry
Like a lost line of a poem

From being mystery to being mystic… 49 more words



I don’t want to constantly be on my phone, waiting for the black box to appear at the top of my screen with your name on it as I scroll through Twitter for the hundredth time today. 534 more words


God alone can save us

Where we are now,
We cannot help ourselves:
We are helpless;
The situation is critical;
We know no peace;
Danger looms in the air;
Our security is at stake. 75 more words


Day 315 - Help

Just the next week or two.

Just the next couple of days.

Just tomorrow.

Just until I go to bed tonight.

Just a few hours. 78 more words

Silent cry for help - Memories

Ever felt how strong a grip your memories have on you, nobody realises that how fucked up it is to drown in your own thoughts, how helpless you feel…they say bullets ,drugs, alcohol can tear u up but what they don’t realize is that if someone takes drugs it’s either because they wanna feel something or they just wanna get rid of the thoughts that haunt them. 178 more words


The Hardest Part of Breaking Up...

You think you’re ready. You’ve thought about it for days, or weeks, or maybe months. You’ve played out the exit strategy in your mind night after night, wondering if it’s the right thing to do. 322 more words


The cry of a desperate child

Who will hear my cry?
Who will hear the cry
Of a desperate boy?
I feel for myself;
I cry for myself;
Let me cry out my sorrows; 185 more words