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That First Bite of Elephant

I am lucky that I do have a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit and have a couple of businesses I run on the side.  The first was becoming a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant a decade ago.  122 more words


The Quest For 19800 Items

Through a series of unfortunate circumstances…and bad decisions, I find myself pinned in a corner and needing a lot of money fast. Yes, I’ve tried the logical methods but alas to no avail and I’m certain no fault of my own (insert guilt ridden eye rolling emoji here). 109 more words



I was trying very hard, but it was almost impossible to eat the brick. I had managed to hook my teeth into the little grooves at the edge, but biting down was being an issue. 667 more words


Where in the World is Fake Sarah?

People have asked about me, where I’ve been and how I’ve been doing. That came as a surprise, because when you live a life in which no one gives a damn about you, having complete strangers even remember you exist long enough to ask how you’re doing is touching. 211 more words


Voice crush

Thought I would take a break from all the talk about being in a dark place to talk about voice crushes. Does anyone else get those? 76 more words



Huge city rummage this weekend.

Was up till 11:30pm setting up.

Sisnlaw brought out the tequila and shots were done. (I haven’t done one since I was 21ish) 98 more words

Lil Ole Me

Seeds {to Bloom}: broken panes

You know that icky feeling when you’re worried, distracted, consumed, almost desperate with a real concern, but are impotent to help or console?

I am feeling that. 250 more words

Seeds {to Bloom}