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Episode 16

I picked up my gun and nervously pointed it at the huge white guy who simply scoffed, drew forward and grabbed the gun, slapping me at the same time and sending me down with a ferocious kick on my left leg. 771 more words



desperate children

chasing a runaway kite—

first prank of spring wind


Overwatch Fans Are So Desperate, They're Role-Playing Overwatch In Other Games

(Source: kotaku.com)


You think you’re into Overwatch? Are you dedicated enough to role-play your favorite characters in another game, even if that means pretending to be a turret? 156 more words


God Really Loves Us

I was quite touched at church today. My friend Rob was speaking of his experience that he’d had while in Milton Keynes many years ago. As a bit of background, Milton Keynes is one of Britain’s New Towns, Created during the 60’s as part of a planning process. 687 more words

Letting Love Bloom

…on it’s own timetable.

If you were to ask me, the number one key to unhappiness is desiring something you don’t have or dreaming of things that haven’t occurred. 423 more words


Desperately Seeking...

I need a word from God. I just do.

It’s not that I don’t trust Him in this storm, I really do, but today I feel weak, I feel needy, I feel lost. 593 more words

The Fed Is Desperate To Keep Gold From Exploding Higher

From Investment Research Dynamics

The Federal Reserve’s “invisible hand” in the markets is no longer “invisible.”  It’s become obvious to most market participants that the Fed is working hard to keep the stock market from collapsing and the price of gold below $1300.   231 more words