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I’ve been off my schedule lately, and I apologize. I have one more to post tomorrow and I’ll be back to the grind.

The other night, I saw this guy who I’ve had a problem with for a long time at the bar of my restaurant. 455 more words

Building Pyramids

Starving in the USA

I am dying, I am sick

My skin is yellow and my liver’s slick

For weeks I’ve been starving

My body’s vengeance carving

What is left of me… 75 more words



Just when I crave for a sense of normalcy, and the clouds descended from the heavens instead. When I wish to see the rainbow, but my vision was obscured by the amazing sights of these clouds, so low that I feel the heavens hugging me. 27 more words

illusion of a desperate woman

maybe nothing in the world is choice
choice might only be an illusion
put on us by the mighty ones
to intimidate the

desperation… 7 more words



crying into my shoulder as i attempt to make coffee, wanting to be alert for the misery that will keep sleep at bay

the put me down of this everlasting misery more than the pick me up of this dark brown sludge, the black taint on my mind, this stabbing pain in my chest, this feeling of helplessness times hopelessness times bitter understanding that all of it is deadly real… 595 more words


The Narratives Demand Your Dedication And You Need To Understand That

car seats are sorta comfortable sometimes

when the stereo can’t quite get as loud as you wish it could

hey there was a beautiful bass note right there… 178 more words

Here is a fountain filled with blood: use it, saint, use it.

“A very present help.” — Psalm 46:1

Covenant blessings are not meant to be looked at only, but to be appropriated. Even our Lord Jesus is given to us for our present use. 328 more words

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