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Thoughts in Difficult Moments

Money. It controls everything. From the amount of food you can afford to eat this week, to the phone you can use to conduct your business dealings, to the money you earn which will influence your ability to rent or buy a house in the future. 292 more words

Fear (an acrostic poem)

Feeling of desperation instead of empowerment

Encouraging helplessness instead of action

Asking for deliverance instead of enabling

Reacting instead of enacting… 8 more words

Acrostic Poem

wandering soul

​a voice is heard

from somewhere

that cannot be seen

it’s calling

searching for guidance

to escape

from hell

the voice

could be

your own…

10 more words


The Grapes of Wrath.

Literature for our time.

Desperate People.

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Desperation, by Stephen King

Desperation, by Stephen King

Category:  Books – Horror

Subject/Topic:   Several cross-country travelers–including a writer, a family on vacation, and a professor and his wife–end up in the little mining town of Desperation, where a crazy policeman and evil forces force them to fight for their lives… by the current master of horror. 306 more words


A Glimpse of My Thoughts

​I just…

don’t even know what’s going on… why I’m going on… why I hurt so much… what anyone benefits from me being alive…how I can stand carrying on living *sobs* 18 more words

Mental Health