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Pressing the Door; Seeking Compassion

As we awake this morning to the distressing pictures of the young boy washed up on the shores of Turkey I only have one question in my mind. 440 more words


I wasn't prepared for this (part 2)

It’s no secret to my inner circle that I’ve started “church shopping”. I don’t have anything against where I currently am, but where I am has a bubble effect. 862 more words

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I wasn't prepared for this (Part 1)

This is the ugly truth.

This is the raw truth.

This is the truth many will resonate with but do not have the courage to admit or share of how their heart cries “YUUUUPPP” when I share… how getting saved isn’t always what you thought it would be. 678 more words

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It’s the end of the week and I still feel the same desperation I felt at the beginning.

Surely this must be real.

Originally written July 30, 2011

Confessions To A Boy


You’re such an exquisite human being
I can’t even feel a bit of hate for you
Utterly nothing
All I feel was hurt, pain and desperation… 11 more words


Desperate Measures!

This shocked me. The people subjecting themselves to such things must be very desperate indeed. I cannot imagine….


Border Crossing


When a happily married/engaged woman advises a single lady against marrying a man for certain reasons , the single lady may feel that the married /engaged woman is being selfish and does not want others to get married or get hooked like her. 386 more words