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Weighty Luggage

When our lifetime of baggage becomes heavy clutter, it’s time to take inventory of what to keep, what to give away, and what to discard. 501 more words


Desperate Times

Desperate times call for desperate measures. To a non-believer, turning to Christ is a desperate measure. They’ve tried everything else without successful results. They’ve turned to every idol they have to get them through the trial, the pain, the confusion.   226 more words


Lash Out

Being caught in a cloud of negativity is hard. I fight so hard to get out and some times I step out of it, breathing in but then… then I’m caught once more. 302 more words

How Tinder Turned a Reasonably Smart Girl Into a Desperate, Sad, Stupid Girl.

These past couple of months I have learned a thing or two about dating in the 21st century. I have also learned that I am not immune to the grasp of a societal/culturally operated palm-held device. 601 more words



The ink coated suction cups of the endless tentacles are surrounding me.

Enclosing around my throat. Already decorated with crimson claw marks, framed with desperation. 56 more words



Mother, I have a confession to make.
I’m in love. And it’s killing me.

Slim and always dressed in white
with her I don’t need words to connect. 126 more words

Desperate for Healing

5th Sunday After Pentecost, 6/28/2015:    2 SAMUEL 1:1, 17-27  | Mark 5:21-43
Desperate for Healing (pdf sermon manuscript)

This was again an important Sunday for churches across America.  63 more words