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Last Chance...

While traveling across the country it is not uncommon to see signs indicating this may be the last chance to get fuel, food, or rest. As the country develops these signs become less frequent. 135 more words


Love Given, I Grieve

I’m walking this street,
I’m hearing the beat
Of the hearts of everyone I meet

I’m seeing this hand,
And the wandering band
Of empty souls with no demand… 370 more words


Last stretch

The dancing, swirling smoke streak

that rose from the last ember when it died

The long, thin, twirling smoke streak

resides inside me instead of my soul… 58 more words



This was inspired and informed by a fantastically useful one-day workshop about trauma and sexual trauma. It was delivered extremely well by Zoe Lodrick: http://www.zoelodrick.co.uk/ 141 more words


Comfort Zones and Repetition.

This always happens when I’m pushed to the edge.

I find myself repeating myself, just to find myself repeating myself, in which I find myself repeating myself. 205 more words


I Hate Feeling So Weak.


Fuckity fuckity fuck.

I’m completely terrified, because I don’t know what’s coming next.
Because I don’t know if I’m loved or wanted.
Because my brain keeps reminding me I am the worst, and no one really cares. 436 more words


Prison of Organs

I’m an unkempt melee of swayings;

My head thuds faster than

My heart that beats against my ribs

As my lungs falteringly expand,

To unwittingly take in air. 11 more words