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But I Praise You . . .

Lord Jesus, I fear the future with an awful, deep dread,
And I feel like a man who is already on the inside dead,
Though I know you’ve raised me up with You forever… 306 more words


This. Is. The. Time.

In one of my favorite posts to date, Imagine That, I wrote about what the world would look like if we all began praying like we meant it. 774 more words

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Cast your spells elsewhere

I’m tired of their mess

You’re magic’s never fair

I’m no longer impressed

Don’t think that I’m enchanted

With the sorcery you cast… 106 more words


Just a Bukowski Tonight

let’s cut through it
I’m just a man, nothing more
and the way you did your eyes tonight is sexy

the shape of your face reminds me… 81 more words


In Desperation

Convincingly sewed are the deep pockets of desperation

Where clangour of thoughts unsettle peace of mind

In an increasingly noisy world, everyone yearns to be heard… 113 more words


Call Me Desperate

… cause I am. Sort of. Learning to be, at least.

Desperate for what – for love? Sure. 734 more words

Personal Reflection

Chasing (After the Wind)

Pacing myself
Racing to find you

I hunt you down in the alleyways of my mind,
But I can’t find you there; where are you now? 115 more words