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Bah Humbug

Question, people:

When does the whole “goodwill towards men” part begin?  Is there a specific date?

I ask because I’m about to go ballistic on a few people, and I don’t want to start handing out beat-downs during the time I’m supposed to be good.  1,193 more words



Not many people write about their depression while in the midst of it, but I feel like it might be liberating do so. I genuinely feel like shit. 464 more words


“He smells like a

freshly brewed coffee

that bring my senses alive

I have to have him

or I die”



I want this to work

It must!

Things have got to be good

I’ll change who I am

What I am

Just to fit your mold… 42 more words


take me to the river


take me to the river
shower me with rain
let me bathe in cold dark waters
to remove my pain

tomorrow need not ever come… 147 more words


In my sleep I walk
To the center of the field,
Where lies a well almost dried up
I look down and I see the ghosts, 42 more words


The Deep Dark Blues

There are snorkellers, deep sea divers and creatures of the deep. You are somewhere between the first two and while I thought myself a diver once I’ve come to realize I pertain to the very last category. 273 more words