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[BONUS] Read and Review: The Tommyknockers / Desperation

A.K.A Judith reads a lot of Stephen King novels.

I read The Tommyknockers a few months ago and, initially, wasn’t going to write a book review of it. 826 more words



I am jealous of every day that I am not with you
I am jealous of the light which falls on your skin
I am jealous of the sun’s rays which penetrate and warm you… 90 more words

Immediate Thoughts on Dunkirk.

If you haven’t watched Dunkirk yet, I’d suggest watching before reading on. (If you can spare the coin, watch it in IMAX – it’ll make you feel that much more.) 1,105 more words


Drown My Sorrow

I could die in this closet tonight and no one would know until tomorrow around noon. Look right through me.

I won’t do it. It’s too mundane and makes too much sense right now. 78 more words


On Casinos

I let out a small gasp when I use the ATM machine. My husband stands over my shoulder and sounds frantic, “What??”

“They allow people to take out $3,000 at a time!” 1,114 more words


Lackluster and filth , self loathe and pity

Where have I come now , I asked

A new land , I asked myself

As I felt the sand beneath my feet… 80 more words

Desperation and Determination

It is laudable to say that humans are emotional beings, we have the innate nature to feel with our very hearts, and have the consciousness to make decisions that would create another branch of future based on string theory. 419 more words