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Water or Wine?


Or maybe a glass of wine?

To numb the endless pain?

To ease the rips in your heart

that echo endlessly through your brain? 77 more words

Narcissists Suck

All day and night he dreamed about us

All day and night he dreamed about us

Together being, weaving hearts.

His love for me was so enormous

It’d be enough for two of us. 253 more words



All around me,

A shroud of loneliness and despair.

Looking back at what used to be,

When did this all become so unfair?

I have watched my family lie, 167 more words


Love is a song better sung with two

Desperation for your touch
your kiss
I can never truly deserve this
in midnight moonlit bliss
we collide together in bedroom hysteria.

In fever pitched heat… 30 more words


Rise of the Kleptomaniacs!?- Hurricane Irma Edition!

While it sucks ass that Hurricane Irma had to fuck our shit up in the Caribbean, I am still thanking my lucky stars that she spared my little island, us ‘third worlders’, from total annihilation. 841 more words


A Reticent Plea

Life’s a splash of colours
and the aim to make sense of it.
Each with their own hues, their own problems.
Perhaps your’s a dark night sky. 160 more words