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The war in Afghanistan continues with no signs of any side wanting to surrender. But at what costs? America is fighting across the globe for no other reason then to protect its on interests. 92 more words


Rise and Fall

“Wages rise… Americans still don’t want the job.”


That was my first initial reaction to the headline of the Los Angeles Times article I stumbled across in my language class.

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Mechanization. Technology has taken control of our lives and advanced even faster than we can expect. Our jobs are being taken over by machines as wages go up and employers disregard the fact people are losing their jobs. 131 more words


Expectations and Reality

Photo from LA Times

In an article I read by Natalie Kristoeff and Geoffrey Mohan, I learned that everything isn’t it seems. With wages rising in California, Americans should be wanting the job, right? 311 more words


Just this past weekend, there was a Trump rally down at a local beach – Bolsa Chica State Beach. There were many there who were in support and a couple of people who created heavy opposition. 142 more words


Easter Eggs

Image by myself

Today my school club California Scholarship Federation volunteered at the Fountain Valley Recreation Center by filling up Easter eggs with candy. ASB and Kiwins were also there to help out. 143 more words



I don’t know much about farming or the economy. What I do know is that farms need laborers, and it looks like the raise in minimum wage is making it hard for some farmers to break even. 76 more words