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What I despise...

Today was a day where I realised I hate quite a lot of things, and what better way of spreading positivity, by sharing the things that I despise with you beautiful readers. 515 more words

The Despise Around Me

It is a despise, pure despise
surrounds me all over
I turn to my left
I could see red shot eyes
emit hatred and anger… 90 more words


Poem 68 (hate poem)


I really despise
people say “with all due respect”
and then continue on
with a form of

I really despise
it when people… 51 more words


Not even April can fool

Not even April can fool
how I curled towards my core
in the cold corner of the room
beneath the warm sheets of my bed… 49 more words



I don’t know where to start. My emotions are way too strong. But I know what I know are these things.

They would tell you they love you, but one day they’ll be the first ones who’d disown you. 192 more words


John 4:4 A Non-Popular Route

“Now he had to go through Samaria.” John 4:4

Jesus and His disciples were leaving Judea to go to Galilee. Although the most direct route was through Samaria, most Jewish people would go around Samaria, not through it. 392 more words