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Naka - Middle

Middle, center, neutral-they all mean the same thing to me: moderates.

There’s nothing I despise more in politics than moderates. This might be fallacious, but I believe that you either fight for change or against it. 373 more words


Kyogen - Alternative Facts

Frankly, I don’t know what the Japanese equivalent for “alternative facts” is, so I just used one of the many Japanese words for “falsehood” instead. After all, … 230 more words


Hate vs. Love

I think that it is very ironic that so many people take action to stand up against hate toward women, Muslims, gays, and other minorities and at the same time display so much hatred toward the new president and the political parties that are in control of the House. 17 more words


The World We Live In

It truly makes me sad that instead of lessening the gap of the rich and poor the situation that is happening is that even the middle class starts to be poor. 84 more words


Kibr-A Barrier for the Student of Knowledge

KIBR- A Barrier for the Student of Knowledge

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem

Refined manners suit a student of knowledge. Etiquette of a student of knowledge includes : 1,254 more words


Upper Muddle Class

After finishing the book, “The Great Gatsby”, I was left with an empty, and almost aching feeling in my chest. Even though I disliked a majority of the characters in the story, they managed to make a deep impact on me. 296 more words

"That girl"

We ALL have “that girl”. Whether she be a person that you are completely fond of or she be a girl that you simply cannot stand. 546 more words