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Respect your parents (Prov 23:22-23:22)

“Listen to your father who begot you.

Do not despise your mother

When she is old.”

Have respect for your parents. Listen to your father and do not despise your mother when she is old. Good advice!

The fool (Prov 23:9-23:9)

“Do not speak in the hearing of a fool.

He will only despise

The wisdom of your words.”

Don’t waste your time with fools. They will only despise the wisdom of your words. Just move on.

Fuck Commercial Artists

Music. I love music. I have broad taste and listen to pretty much anything, as long as it isn’t played on commercial radio. I’m more of an alternative taste. 449 more words


Despise, Belittle, Abuse, Misuse NO ONE...


Despise no one.

Belittle no one.

Abuse no one.

Misuse no one.

Yesterday after the running episode of our daily lives, I came back home, with a panting heart and a head hearing words.

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Why I Despise Justin Trudeau

It has been suggested that I should articulate the reasons for my sincere and utter disdain for Canada’s 23rd  Prime Minister.

So here it is… 1,184 more words

Torn apart between what she wanted and what she had to do

He had always been insecure about her and she had given him enough reasons. He dreamt of a life with her…waking up to her smile…kissing her goodbye….coming back to her after a tiresome day and being with her…more than 3 kids.a happy home… she chose him out of pure logic….there was nothing common between them. 258 more words