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Life Feels Unfair

Throughout my life, I feel like I’ve been an optimist. In general, I think I try to make the best of my situation and struggle against despondency. 653 more words

  1. My bedroom

A classic: this location, while not flashy, boasts all the comforts of home. My laptop (on which to watch maudlin films that appeal to the tear ducts), a blanket, some uncooked pasta, toilet paper with which to wipe away my tears, and privacy. 419 more words


Knock Me Down

For all the dark sides and tough situations we’ve been in. For all the people who finally understand that somethings are not meant to be accomplished by relying on our own. 300 more words


The Job Syndrome: A Personal Question

Who is this that darkens counsel by words without knowledge? Gird up your loins like a man, I will question you, and you shall declare to me… 788 more words


Feeling the Despondency of Others

The pain and suffering around me continues to stifle the lofty air
I feel it all the way through to my bones as I capture each individual stare… 419 more words



The smile that occurred, at his mere sight,
Was history, from last night,
The tears that rolled down the cheeks,
Were outcome of his dying light, 102 more words


Learning to Me

This post is literally a month in the making, so please bear with the random turns it takes…

My dad paid good money awhile back for a series of audio recordings and a workbook to help someone setup a blog. 895 more words