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Ramble of consciousness

Have you ever been lost?

Not lost as in geographically, not lost in a place, not physically lost….just lost.

Someplace that your mind takes you into a world of confusion, of disappointment of fear even. 280 more words

Creative Writing

The Night Visitant

The delicate tapping and flicker of shadow

I feel your presence before you slide into view

A slight blur of darkness against the light

The soft clunk  104 more words


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Crimson Placebo

The thin slice

Popping release

Crimson beauty

Rising to the surface

Unadulterated release

Hurt. Despondency.Rage

All coagulated together

A sticky exquisite streak

Glistening in candlelight… 12 more words



No quiet within:

Specters rise up, flash mem’ries

However brief, LOUD.


Dark, this wav’ring faith

Which doubts true-loving God taught

From ancient Scripture;

~ 31 more words


Hello World,

I don’t want to live with you anymore. Every night I fall asleep from grief, just to awake to your grotesque face smiling back at me. 48 more words

Dark Moods (Part I) - Bitterness

When I see the ill effects of dark moods playing out in another’s life it makes me sad – doesn’t it you?  It seems such a waste of a life spent subscribing to emotions, sometimes for years, which may help in the short term (very short term) in an adaptive role but serve little long term end.   105 more words