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Midnight Letters

Orange sunsets from crumbling porches
Take me miles away
To lanes, doused in perfumed memories
Of old books and damp walls.
Like dust specks on spider webs, 120 more words


Of ashes

This is a vicious cycle, of how the ouroborous chases its tail, unable to escape its fate. The wheel turns, the world moves. Soon the fires will burn themselves into embers, soon all that is left will be grey, charred ash. This, too, will pass.


There are many ways to die

It takes two hands to clap

and you’re the bullet in the barrel of the gun; you’re the sharpened blade of the dagger; you’re the poison in the drink. 21 more words


Acedia: A Plague of Our Time

Fr. Aidan Kimel has a good post on the vice of acedia over at Eclectic Orthodoxy. I first learned of this particular vice about 1 1/2 years ago. 239 more words

White Noise

Watch me
A residue or an excuse?
Gnarling at the very
Of where it all began;
A handful of foam.

Have you tasted oblivion, 84 more words


THE DARKER SIDE OF ME by Jeffrey Littrell

It’s the darker side of me

a side I seldom share

born from a place of anguish,

loneliness and despair

It brings to forth an anger… 130 more words


June Plums In November 

June Plums In November
Fighting against the despondency

That tends to emerge with all

It’s strange bleek aspects,

And cravings, and memories,

And forgotten yearnings. 131 more words