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​Once the loudness of the world fades away into silence the morbid atmosphere of reality’s vacuity empties your mind and disillusions you of what you believe you are and what you believe is right before you. 160 more words


Lullabies and Lovesongs

In a cesspool of decaying horrors,
Should I remain adrift?
Or sink?
You have decked me up like one of
Miniature dolls,
And left me… 98 more words


Love and hate chart

Love (a subset of Joy) Hate (a subset of Sadness) Devotion is a love of one whom we wonder at (pp. 106, D. X) Envy… 220 more words

What I've Seen in the Dark

WHAT I’VE SEEN IN THE DARK: A Story of Depression and Faith

Audio of Dr. Powell’s testimony at Columbia International University on September 22, 2014. Used with permission. 289 more words


one helluva night - with tears to follow

Well that was one helluva night! No, I don’t mean it was brilliant or enjoyable, indeed the opposite would seem to apply. For a large section of the night, which should have been spent either at rest or asleep, excruciatingly discomforted aches, pains and jarring niggles, exceeded there usually capacity to catch me by surprise. 290 more words

Health And Wellness



I’m gulping mouthful of lies,
Clinging on to a fistful of hopes
Like dew drops on mangled spider webs,
I’m decorating my


Each night, when I pull over… 93 more words


​The water doesn’t brush up

Against the sea wall anymore

And the exposed sand crackles

Under the waves of salty tides.

When the moon begins to wane…

25 more words