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Fingers That Used to be Determined 

Fingers that pinch peeling wood are brown.
Fence is old and each peeling strip curls.
Fingers press – thumb beneath, forefinger on top – tug down. 45 more words


Hope in God!

CAROL – Good morning. How are you doing today. Solid Joy this morning was so good for me.

Preach to Yourself

“Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you in turmoil within me? 309 more words

Nothing Compares

What does the moon know about my sorrow?

Or the sun of my deep melancholy?

Do they feel my deep disappointment?

As I walk staring at my soiled feet? 133 more words


Filling the cracks - #Poem #Amwriting

Break me down
Into little pieces
that fit into the cracks
of your incomplete self;

Let me fill those spaces
with the soothing touch
of empathy… 74 more words


Cycle of Contempt

The glossy pink, drips between the slow decay
Glistening in the light, translucent to the eye
A warmth, humming just beneath the surface
All the while creeping, gradually cracking… 58 more words


Unfinished sentence

There is a cavern – which lies
Cold and dirty in raw eyes
Crammed full of agony
Swarming with a sadness
Wine leaking from irises… 57 more words