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Flower Essences - Gentian

Today’s flower essence Gentian, is dedicated to any of my blogging friends who are feeling a little discouraged.

” Those who are easily discouraged.  They may be progressing well in illness, or in the affairs of their daily life, but any small delay or hindrance to progress causes doubt and soon disheartens them.” 135 more words

Self Healing


But for a rusted lock.
A broken door.
A shattered pane.
Are you willing to forsake
That which you have been calling
Your home
Down to this day? 121 more words



In that street,
The lamps have dimmed,
The shadows, twist in themselves,
Contort into insomniac magpies
Hurtling towards darts of shiny specks;
Broken beams illuminating… 104 more words


946. Bad Day

I’m a moody person (and I’m not alone, I realise!) I’m prone to sudden onsets of rage, despondency, self-loathing, and dread. And I used to find these incredibly hard to deal with. 92 more words