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I’m gulping mouthful of lies,
Clinging on to a fistful of hopes
Like dew drops on mangled spider webs,
I’m decorating my


Each night, when I pull over… 93 more words


​The water doesn’t brush up

Against the sea wall anymore

And the exposed sand crackles

Under the waves of salty tides.

When the moon begins to wane…

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Take Heed Lone Wolves


We shall not cease from exploration 

And the end of all our exploring

Will be to arrive where we started

And know the place for the first time. 489 more words

The Man Who Would Be Magician

I have caught this nagging infection that makes me travel backwards in time. Unlike Benjamin Button or Barnaby Fulton, it doesn’t make me any younger mind you. 2,424 more words

Memoirs - English - Bengali

Rescued, Didn't Sink


So close to sinking

River’s high-rise, current fast

Pulse tastes coppery


Despair pounds dully

Dog-paddling near rocky bank

So close to sinking

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About my book "SOLITUDINARIAN "

Solitudinarian is a woeful tale of a person, who survived after confronting the indecipherable enigmas in his life.His dear ones left him with a sarcastic smile on their wicked faces.when he had no one in his life, grief held his hand and provoked him to write about despondency. 36 more words


Glimpse of an orphanage 

Opened eyes in an orphanage… Some inquisit about their parents, As if a child is trapped in a cage.

They play with broken toys, Donated by pretentious aristocrats! 99 more words