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The Scar Unhealed

Into the bleak future,

My tiny, frightened eyes peek,

Seeing destruction, devastation and massacre around,

My once innocent heart silently bleats.

I was like you not very long ago, 111 more words

Fiction & Poetry

And the cold blossoms...

Icy and fragile

Little wonders of nature

Spring has passed

Yet, you blossom in hue.

How you blush in pinks and reds

Make the ice melt. 40 more words

We are all Arjun

In the Hindu epic, the Mahabharat, one of the central figures is a soldier who must make the choice of protecting the kingdom against his wicked kin or face dishonor, humiliation and possibly even death. 139 more words


A long goddamned day

Very late on Line 9
Too late for this
Across the tracks, on the opposite platform
A couple
With a baby carriage
You hardly ever come across baby carriages in Paris’ metro… 68 more words


Burying the hatchet

Long and hard I have fought for you,
Through nights’ obscure I have strived,
To land upon these shore where you,
Slept calmly through the night.
166 more words


Happy to be Irrelevant

Having worked for the last 30+ years I’m currently languishing in the lap of redundancy.  “Redundant – surplus to requirements” according to the dictionary, what a heartwarming definition! 309 more words


In A Dry Place, You Are Moving!

Have you ever been in a really stagnant place in life?  Not in a bad place, necessarily, but just…dry.  Not moving, but not going backwards.  Day in and day out, constantly, waiting on God to show up like He said He would.   1,279 more words