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All my silent cries
Are two edged daggers,
Peeling the walls of
My throat
One swig at a time

While the stars danced
To vile tunes – 90 more words


"...you are the witnesses of these things..."

Today I sat and reviewed the past two weeks of Lent. Hard to believe it has been 15 days already! I re-read my Gratitude Journal. It is amazing how my words have changed, and yet my prayers are still directed towards the same goals! 1,059 more words

Dailies 3/16/17: tourists in Cape Cod, nomenclatures of invisibility, an Ogden Nash love poem & a plea to save the world, "even if it's only a tortilla with Mary's face."

Tim Amsden – Even Rottweilers Sing 

The grass doesn’t love me though I nursed it, fussed over it in
the night like baby asparagus. Even trees show flexibility but I… 146 more words

The Lenten Prayer of St Ephrem - 3

The basic disease is sloth. It is that strange laziness and passivity of our entire being which always pushes us “down” rather than “up” — which constantly convinces us that no change is possible and therefore desirable. 144 more words


Ruminate Rain


Gun-metal gray rain

Ruminate as water boils

For rice soul’s comfort

Weighted despondency thoughts

Tasting of iron on tongue

© R L Cadillac, 2017 ~ All rights reserved. 16 more words


Fighting despondency, one post at a time: why I write.

Humans are interesting creatures. We engage in a variety of activities: some for the purpose of receiving remuneration, others with the goal social acclaim in mind, a number which add to our personal leisure and a few which allow us to better the world around us. 536 more words

Dalai Lama

Dreamy Eyes and Wet Smiles

Like a street-dwelling orphan trying to ignore the groans of a belly gnawed raw with hunger as he gazes upon a restaurant’s feasting patrons, I find myself gazing at the ready optimism of the ever bubbly optimists. 509 more words