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Cooking the Books: Big Gay Ice Cream a tasty delight

We’re told not to judge a book by the cover, but in the case of Big Gay Ice Cream, the rainbow hue, glitter and title alone give you a very good sense of what’s going to be inside. 869 more words


Berry Crumble with Orange Blossom Sauce

Living in San Diego, every day feels a bit like an early summer day. Over the weekend, I felt like embracing the sun and made a summery Berry Orange Crumble. 380 more words


Lemon Squares

While I’m someone who could enjoy a chocolate based dessert every day of the week most chocolate baked goods are as colorful as mud. Luckily there are alternatives to chocolate (shocking, I know). 502 more words


Vegan Coconut Chia Pudding

Now I am not a vegan nor a vegetarian but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy some vegan food. Recently I’ve been obsessing over making vegan foods and healthy organic chocolate. 182 more words


Gaytime Slice, Cinnamon Cookies and Butterscotch Sauce Recipes

I haven’t shared some of my most delicious baking that I did over Easter. Shame on me!  583 more words


Raspberry Mousse Cheesecake

This recipe is one of my favourite desserts that I have tried so far on this journey.  The addition of the fresh Raspberry’s made it nice and sweet, whilst the Macadamia Nut filling gave a subtle nutty flavour. 317 more words

Clean Living

Easy Dessert Recipes to Part Your Guests with Sweet Taste

In spite of all the options out there, we find that we fall back on the same old desserts on every weekend. While they taste great, you can swiftly get sick of cake, ice cream, or pies. 266 more words