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Dedairyfied Creme Brûlée 

A neighbor dropped off a tray of cupcakes on Friday, and they have been haunting me ever since as I really, REALLY want to eat one! 560 more words

Dairy Free

Healthy Dessert Blasts You NEED To Try!

Can’t skip dessert? Then this one is for you! Try one of these incredible recipes you will be happy to put on the menu, guaranteed not only to give you the amazing health benefits of fresh, whole foods, but will also satisfy your sweet tooth and snack-time craving. 263 more words


Flourless Peanut Butter Flaxseed Cookies with Barley Flakes {low carb}

Here’s a quick recipe for sweet, golden cookies with all the crunch and flavour of chunky peanut butter plus all the health benefits of flaxseeds (linseeds). 428 more words


Strawberry-Coconut Cake

Today, after my breakfast, I was thinking about my failed mug cakes. I really don’t know what make the taste so awful. But, like I said on previous post I will continue try new ingredients. 185 more words


Kulfi from Indian store

This was better than Hagen daz vanilla,french vanilla,vanilla bean.Ii must agree that the price was also why this tasted so delicious.For a pint size it cost me $7.99, but I will confirm that it was worth it.It was rich with almonds,pistachios and some other things that I can’t name.