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Sick... No Problem...You Still Can Eat Clean

Clean Alternatives To Recovery Foods

Being sick or having surgery is no fun at all…especially when all the foods that your doctor has recommended for your recovery included: jello, pudding, apple sauce, toast and ginger ale. 278 more words


Coconut peanut butter shake...just for your Tracey :)

Oh how I have missed you coconut butter!

Despite having a a fairly high fat intake (60g+ per day) while I prepared from my competition, I still craved clean fats that weren’t on my ‘approved competition’ diet. 270 more words


Coco-Apple and Blackberry Upside Down Cake

Wow… Haven’t made one of these for awhile.

Dieting for a competition (or anytime) can be difficult when those around you aren’t. Especially when you live under the same roof and someone is chowing down on icecream and cookies :) 179 more words


It's been awhile...Frozen Choco-CheeseCake Pudding

A Great Snack On The Run

The ease of scooping it into a container and packing it to go is a huge relief for me … with all my training, launching Project Water Buffalo and errands – food preparation and cooking is the last thing I want to be wasting time on. 452 more words


Looking for a way to brighten your day....Try a Mega Mango Cake

Happy Friday everyone!

I thought before I hit up the weekend I would post one more tasty recipe and give you a brief update on random things you may or may not be interested in. 495 more words


Warm Strawberry and Dark Chocolate Chunk Cake with Blueberry Protein Ice-cream

This is by far one of my favorite desserts… I think it has something to do with the way the dark chocolate just melts in your mouth and blueberry ice-cream adds a nice moist texture. 224 more words


Peanut Butter Berry-Ramma Fit Cake

I am not sure what is driving my cake craze right now – it may be the fact I feel like celebrating the end of my MBA or the impeding start of my contest preparation …either way I want my cake – and the good thing is I can eat it it to! 198 more words