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Middle Eastern Date Filled Biscuits - Date Ma'mouls

For those who don’t know, UAE has been home to me since the day I was born and to my parents, almost a decade before.So how come I have never tried cooking or baking anything influenced by my life in this region. 802 more words

Baklava Rolls (Lebanese style)

Baklava is probably the most well known Middle-Eastern dessert. Nowadays, Baklava it’s known and eaten all over the world. The Origins of this traditional dessert go as far back as the 2nd Century BCE in the Assyrian civilization. 495 more words


Surfin Grill and Turfin ribs

Oh yes! It’s weekend. And it’s CHEAT DAY (for some…not for me).

I am seafood junkie. And what better way to enjoy fresh seafood in Dubai? 167 more words


Chocolate Bingsu, Korean Dessert

After having dinner with my friend, we headed over to Oceanus Shopping mall for desserts. We’ve eager to try the well-known Nunpat other choices of Korean desserts. 113 more words


Chocolate & Ginger Torte

I made this torte as a treat for my father’s birthday, who, like me, is fan of bitter, dark chocolate. Also, like me, he’s Type 1 diabetic so it works out well for us that we both prefer dark chocolate, since eating a good quality cocoa chocolate is far better for us than eating sugary milk chocolate. 547 more words


Chocolate Mallow Cake

It’s time for something chocolaty and so super super tasty! Are you ready? This cake is Gluten free and contains absolutely NO butter!!! So yes, It may have a little bit of whipped cream in it, but that’s basically air. 449 more words


Moroccan Pineapple and Banana Pudding

Couscous is a staple of the Moroccan table. This dessert version is similar to rice pudding. It’s delicious, light, and a nice complement to spicier main dishes, such as the… 221 more words