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Hey lovelies! So this is something I’ve been working on for the last week, I’ve been doing an inventory of all my makeup and skincare products and as it turns out, 90% of them are items that I’ve used only once for swatching purposes. 328 more words


Me and Beauty: June De-stash

It’s already the 3rd of July and I just realized that I haven’t posted an empties photo. 😁😁😁June has been a sliw month for me in terms of using up products. 99 more words


Summer De-Stash

Just started is my June 2018 de-stash sale. Absolutely huge range of stock on sale; samples, end of line and surplus stock at breathtaking discounts, up to 95% on some lines. 49 more words

Monthly Deluttering: May 2018

I am so waaaaayyy behind on my posts here. So I need to do some catching up. 😁😁😁

So today is June 4th. I was supposed to do this last June 1 but things happened and I had to put off posting. 363 more words


I don't have a yarn problem, I have a lack of storage problem.

So I mentioned that I had a sort of my stash last weekend. What I should have said is that I started a sort of my stash. 247 more words

Mega Craft Room Destash

Yayyyyyy, its time for me to make some room in my craft corner. My crafting supplies has taken over my son’s room, my daughter’s room, the basement and my room. 207 more words


Whoa! Destash!

I got a whim today, a whim to go through my yarn and get rid of what doesn’t bring me joy. I’ve been pondering it for a while, but kept telling myself it wasn’t hurting anything to keep it all, and I had the space, so why not keep it just in case I ever needed it? 410 more words