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Destashing . . .

Summer time  . . . and the de-stashing it easy! Most has been claimed, there are only a few stragglers; I shipped out 2 lbs of fiber just yesterday! 107 more words


Time to Build the New

Every day and every family has it’s ups and downs. Right now we’re really working at paying attention to the ebb and flows of our lives so we can make a conscious effort to change how we react to each other and  make a conscious decision to look for and find magic, not just wait for it to happen. 505 more words

Self Care


I’ve been collecting yarn since I was fourteen, a trait that I inherited from my grandmother. I can’t help myself. Since Joann Fabric, Michaels and A.C. 202 more words

The Snarl

While I can’t claim that ALL my attention has been on moving, it has taken up large portions of my time of late and as you can imagine after I’ve worked all day then followed up with several hours of moving heavy things I just don’t have much left in me for crochet. 561 more words


Owls and more Owls!

Well I have definitely got ahead of myself this time on the stitch along. Owl 4 is released next week! The other 8 owls will either be pairs or individual! 119 more words

State of the Stash 2- Eclectic Boogaloo

Hi!  It’s time for another State of the Stash, in which your alternately frugal and spendy heroine takes stock of all the shit in her fabric shelves and makes a plan for it! 933 more words

Time for some numbers 2015

Every year I start by crunching the numbers on my stash. I’ve come a long way since I started counting in 2013. As a resolution I wanted to coldsheep as much as possible. 232 more words

Stash Down