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Day 268: “There is something more to this.”


Day 268: “There is something more to this.” 

Putting facts together, laying them out beside each other, in proximity to each other, I realise that within me there is a movement of energy, I recognize and remember this: it is the… 544 more words

Day 267: Self-Authority


Day 267:  Self-Authority

The absence of Self-Authority is a distinguishing feature of the enslavement zeitgeist – I mean by zeitgeist here as the accepted general thought feeling characteristic of this period of time – in which in a sense it is impossible, to see beyond the zeitgeist, according to how much you live within it and as it – and so considering that, the very existence of the zeitgeist word/concept/thought is pretty cool, and welcome/necessary/essential, even if only as a starting step of self support into the thought/question of there being “something more to this” in our natural exploration/expansion of our Self in this world reality. 970 more words

Day 266: 'Mind-Control'



“Hang on, it’s not at all whatever I was thinking in my mind, it’s what is actually really here”. For a moment, the mind had stopped it’s processing routines, there were these physical beings coming and going all around me, and I was looking through the eyes of one of them, that was also me. 924 more words

Day 265: Don’t Forget the Popcorn

Day 265: Don’t Forget the Popcorn, yes Real Physical Actual Popcorn. 


… a world reality that is draped in flags, a quiet street, a suburban homeland, a boy on a bike chucks newspapers, there is a white picket fence, figuratively the pale of decency. 793 more words

Day 264: Defining Entertainment


“Stop the World, I want to get off.” This was a line from the film, “It’s a Mad, Mad Mad Mad World” and hearing it, subsequently more than once, I repeated it. 1,487 more words

Day 334: The Decision


“I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to participate in the Graven
Image Illusion as the mind and the world system, through all ways and means possible – 1,809 more words

7 Year Journey To Life

Day 263: ‘Story’:1984 X

“ ‘Reality control’, they called it: in Newspeak, ‘doublethink’ ”. George Orwell

“1984” written in 1949, is much about political control through the manipulations of the meanings of words – hence the word remains so relevant – investigating what is “1984” I found a passage in the opening pages – the character Winston describes sitting in an alcove where he can’t be seen by the telescreen, making a decision, committing with shaking hand, the act of writing – that has been defined as a crime – his possession of a blank paged writing book is in itself a ‘serious’ crime. 1,068 more words