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Day 601 - Personality of ...

Personality of …

I realize that I have this polarity dance within myself. It is the oldest game in town. Between positive and negative. You know like we were told that there is a Devil and a God, good and bad, and so on. 272 more words

Low Pay Woes

Found out that my ‘work’ is for a pittance of money. So before, I was under the
illusion fully that I was being paid by the hour to do the work, and so i was motivated. 414 more words

7 Year Journey To Life

Day 347: The Courage to Live

“I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define courage in ways that support the current abusive economic and religious world system.” 944 more words

7 Year Journey To Life

Day 275: Animal Support

I am grateful to Don McCullin for his documentary photographic records of human beings caught up in the torment and brutality of war and other human disasters. 424 more words

Day 274: Discoveries in the back-garden.

Day 274: Discoveries in the back-garden.

Discussing with Jake a question that came up a couple of weeks ago I discovered through sharing this, something about the tunnel-visioned nature of an observation. 837 more words

Day 273: What's the Point?

Day 273: What’s the Point?

Everything being connected to everything, it follows that any point, opening up, will reveal a whole world of connected points. This is a very simple fact, and yet I have become used to me reacting to it emotionally as something overwhelming, disempowering, where there is a fear of losing my way, of falling over in my self research, and so, experience of victimhood and giving up. 858 more words

Day 272: A Veil of Glamour

Day 272: A Veil of Glamour

“The glamour, the glamour…” – a parallel existence imagination key-phrase, from “The Heart of Lightness”, where ‘horror’ is exchanged for ‘glamour’, and dark for light. 717 more words