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Day 396: Obligation and Freedom

Day 396: Obligation and Freedom

For a while the word Obligation has been kind of clunking about in my unconscious, sometimes rising to the surface from some secret depth. 1,412 more words

Day 419: Loving Conflict

Investigate a personality of me worrying and screening all the moments of yesterday for lessons to be learned.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to stand as a personality that cannot let go of past moments and makes an effort to remember them to try and find lessons to be learned from them. 208 more words

7 Year Journey To Life

Day 418: Redefining Prosperity

Prosperity. If you had asked me what prosperity was a few days ago, my heart’s voice would say having an attractive girlfriend. Being virtuous. Being like a sage. 383 more words

7 Year Journey To Life

Day 415: Let's Stop Talking Breath Walking

How to walk with an eye on self introspection. I went for a morning walk and noticed the obvious: who I am, what I am, is reflected in the way I am walking. 185 more words

7 Year Journey To Life

Day 415: Memorial for Bernard Poolman, and Gifts that he Left Behind

My idol.

Memorial to the one I miss most, and integrating the gifts he has left behind for me in the words I attach to him that I must live for myself. 363 more words

7 Year Journey To Life

Day 395: Releasing Calm

Personal process:

Releasing the word Calm from Positive Experience Systems

In redefining Calm, I see how I have also stepped into a process of learning how to slow it down, how to deepen my stability. 934 more words

Day 414: Confessions of an Alpha Male

Beauty and the climax. I’m noticing that what occupies my mind most of the time is how I look in front of others, and how others look in front of me = beauty. 981 more words

7 Year Journey To Life