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Day 428: Redefining the word Live (1)

” … even with saying the word Live – even here – as a being speaking through the Portal and aligning it with Humanity and all of this existence – it still sounds empty, hollow, the word has not yet been fulfilled – in an individual capacity and also in a global capacity… What we have accepted as the word Live, how we have lied down in acceptance, how deep does that acceptance go in our consciousness in ourselves – that we now live in almost a depressed state every single day… …The dimensional point that we would like you to take with you – not only redefining Live – Give it substance and meaning and worth and reality and truth. 1,600 more words

Day 427: Word-scape and Place

I went to sleep, and then woke up, and now is now. I checked out front, to look at it again: the gravel terrace now in darkness and steady rain, and across the gravel chips, an urn that I had moved, now standing upright. 718 more words

Day 426: Rhythm and Place

The photograph: context: between an electric pylon and some motorway I was following a track, one of many tracks around a tree nursery. Gian was buying saplings for his forest. 801 more words

Day 425: Reflections

The word Reflection has been present for a while in recent days; something I discovered was how much I enjoy cleaning windows. Glass is such a wonderful substance: so hard like the rock its made of, and so translucent, like a sheet of water, and when the sun shines through, it brings a fresh new clarity to things. 430 more words

Day 424: The Web of Lies

Day 424: quite a physical time and distance between this day of my journey and the last – in which time I have moved to the Desteni Farm in South Africa. 815 more words

Day 363 - Intensity as identity - decomposition part 3

Continuing with Intensity mind decomposition

I introduce a concept of identity. It supports with grounding when tendency to prioritize intensity versus practicality.

Sometimes intensity is required, to accumulate an amount to dominate by energy or force or quantity. 2,630 more words

Journey To Life

What is Mental Health in a Mental Society?

How do you define mental health? What is a healthy mental state?

What Mental Health means to me:
Being able to stand as my own source of worth, value, acceptance, care, guidance, and having the ability to assist and support myself to respond (self responsibility / respond-ability) to the scenarios of daily life with self reflection, self investigation, learning, and seeking support from others – in order to get to a point of understanding about the factors behind the actions, events, behaviors, and situations that I encounter – so that I can prevent myself from taking things personally and forming unhealthy definitions and judgments about myself, others, and the situation, and use what I learn to make decisions that support me to live my utmost potential — to stay on track with developing skills and interests and relationships that I see will benefit me in creating a stable foundation for myself in life, in order that I can lead a fulfilling life to the best of my ability – where, I know that there’s not some emotional or thought pattern keeping me trapped in a cycle of self compromise, self sabotage, self harm, and self limitation. 309 more words