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Day 2 Boredom

Boredom… Thats a emotional feeling that always seems to bring about trouble. As a child and teenager i would always or become unconscious/unstable when i felt bored of how i imagined i wanted things to be.The things i did in life that i regret were done with people in a state of boredom. 429 more words

Day 384: The words Care, Obligation, and Sacred

Day 384: Care, Obligation, and Sacred

Here I continue with further Self Forgiveness statements and release of energies within how I have personally lived the word Care: and how early in my life that I have put structures into it, how I have used it in the backchat/self definition of ‘I don’t care’. 1,234 more words

Day 1-The Beginning

So I will start writing daily. By challenging myself daily to Writing based on the tools of self forgiveness, self-correction, self-direction, self- honesty and the principles of desteni that are best for all of life. 236 more words

Day 381: Collapse of Care, and 'Not Be Fooled Again!'

Day 381: Collapse of  Care, and ‘Not Be Fooled Again!’


Interesting to explore a memory of a time – that comes up in the presence of the word Care – a time in which I had to clear the table and in some ways start again – even though the physical notebooks from 44 years ago have gone – the practice of writing, back then, has preserved some detailed means of access to the memories of those times: a glimpse into specific details of what my thoughts were like, my relationships to things, and to myself. 859 more words

Day 380: Care and Matter 2

Dismayed and dis-made: seeing so many systems I have lived as I look into my memories where in self forgiveness and release of emotional energies, and through that, drawing back the veils, a more realistic history of me emerges that altogether shows to me a me I had not recognized before – dismayed that things were not as I had cracked them up to be – and seeing these things dis-made I am seeing also ‘non of that was real’ not as an emotional point as I had done in the past, but as a point of realization also, that I may not feel too good about it, but at least it is real, truly me. 666 more words

Day 379: Care and Matter

I don’t Care and It doesn’t Matter: Here looking into the conflict that I have accepted and allowed to exist as who I am within the word Care, and in relation to Care. 1,212 more words

Day 377: Egg Shells, and Guilt

Day 377: Egg Shells, and Guilt

Not wanting to be here – in the hot spot – wanting to disappear through the floor, wanting to run away, not wanting to move; all of those conflicting messages that are in the actual muscles ready to be activated and enacted. 728 more words