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Day 407: Walking with SOUL, the word Dispute (7): Explanation


Dispute and Explanation

What I am sharing here are points that have come with the definition and redefinition processes of who I am in relation to the word Dispute. 1,305 more words

Day 406: Walking with SOUL, the word Dispute (6)

Dispute: Communication Opportunity

Through my explorations of this word, as it exists in me, I have come to see how I have been misinterpreting – an opportunity of communication – through both fear of insecurity within my own authority, and fear experiences of self spite projections, generated through reactions in the word Dispute, as I had conditioned it, and lived it out.   794 more words

Day 405: Walking with SOUL, the word Dispute (5)


Dispute and Courage and Readiness

On being Ready, as like the living experience of Courage; in which I walk a readiness to meet what comes, in which the option to live this word real-time comes up, and I take it in my stride, and I feel a sort of readiness where my breathe comes up to meet the world, an equality with the moment. 687 more words

Day 404: Walking with SOUL, the word Dispute (4)

Why did I not stand up for me? A question I can open up some more, for me in support of me, acknowledging first that yes, I did not stand for me – that who I was within not standing was in fear of exposure, fear of loss – what was in such moments mattering, what matter was I standing in protection of, in which the actual matter of me became embedded as a secret to be worked around – and in that workaround to then be layered into history – and programmed into ways of being – and practiced ways of seeing things – through the frame of which I saw myself as being the victim, and within that aligning into righteousness, where in and as these postures it had become impossible for me to see the actual human beings involved, to be able to consider who they were within themselves beyond relationships that I had defined, or to be able, while going along with the experience of these definitions, to consider who I was within myself. 581 more words

Day 403: Walking with SOUL, the word Dispute (3)

Redefining the word Dispute: experiment with writing, words, and a SHIRT.


Writing: Ready or Not, Here I Come(!) AGAIN! For me a lightness in my being comes with the grounding of the word Dispute, like a facetiousness in playing with my automations, for example, playing with the walking on eggshells presence, walking LOUDER, playing with the sound of  CRUNCH, CRUNCH, CRUNCH, The Three Crunches. 579 more words

Day 402: Walking with SOUL: the word Dispute

The Word: Dispute (more information gathering)


Stepping from the drawing, and the drawing board and thence onto the building-site: physical things don’t go just this way and that way; there is always so much more involved, things that weren’t apparent in the plans and intentions. 591 more words

Day 400: Words, The Morning After


Day 400: Words, the Morning After


Words, the morning after. I imagine them as rinsed and clear, and in the words ‘morning after’, I remember that regret and resolution, ‘a lesson learnt’. 689 more words