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Day 440: Righteous Exile

This point of “…me not being able to conceptualize myself as part of this Equality and Oneness, of this life that is here, as the physical body, this physical existence…” Explored by Jack, in… 1,038 more words

Day 439: Righteous Fear

Recently in Journeys into the Afterlife, 93, Veno asks: What conditions have we accepted and allowed inside ourselves, our bodies, our lives, that has essentially become our disempowerment, our victimization, our weakness, that is accepting and allowing us to become abused by where we find ourselves, our experiences, who we are instead of rising through it and above it? 1,874 more words

Day 374 - Dream interpretation - raising my voice

I had a dream in the morning.
This was like a campus versus farm versus castle. Relatable to Desteni farm and my university and even high school. 1,931 more words

Journey To Life

Day 438: Righteous Comfort Zones

In Bursting your Bubble of Comfort, ( Future of Consciousness series, Eqafe), Veno responds to the question: What could be preventing us from the commitment, the consistency, the dedication to change? 991 more words

Day 437: Righteous Spite

Day 437: Righteous Spite

…continuing from previous post, Day 436: Why Am I Doing This To Me?

… here deconstructing more the mind domain of Righteousness: 1,522 more words

Day 436: Why Am I Doing This To Me?


Day 436: Why Am I Doing This To Me?

Belief in weakness as the reality of my inner nature rather than seeing and realizing that its starting point is an emotional perception only, functioning as a component of a design of consciousness for the purpose of containment of the living being. 872 more words

Day 435: Ancient Footprints

Day 435: Ancient Footprints

Looking at relationship to mind – to pre-programming – I realise how I have invested into this word – a fear reaction – with preprogramming as a background of the mind – and with the prospect of a journey into it – I am having some reluctance – that familiar reluctance – as an awareness of some implicit snag. 2,025 more words