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Day 4: Confronting My Fear of Statistics - Part 1

I have started doing a Journey to Life blog before, but I found it difficult to stick to one particular subject before moving onto something else. 954 more words

Day 318: Veto in Futility

Day 318: Veto in Futility

Not quite as planned, but going on from last time: that still within my intention to purify and redefine Futility, there is a starting point of accepting obstruction to action, to real movement. 644 more words

Day 3: Girl I was Interested in Picked Another Guy

In my Introduction to Psychological Research tutorial, there is a girl I was talking to and a few weeks ago we were talking about going to the Floriade Nightfest together. 737 more words

Day 317: Diligence and Futility

Day 317: Diligence and Futility

Seeing in redefining Diligence for me, the question: What is my starting point within this project? What is here in me here, from where I am, that is seeing this project, and allowing an excitement of the energy in seeing a vision of it done, securing in a way a belief that I would know in advance how that would be, what that would mean, who I would be within that meaning. 718 more words

Day 316: Active Patience: Diligence: a Structured Plan

Active Patience: Diligence: a Structured Plan

Diligence: its history: the roots of Diligence come through old French from Latin, carrying senses of Attentive, Assiduous, Careful, to then evolve additionally senses of Love, and Steady Effort, also, senses of Haste, and Speed. 572 more words

Day 315: The word Patience



Day 314: The word Patience

There is a history of how words have come into my life, to an extent, and sometimes not, me being like at a distance from, or acquainted with, or familiar with them, or averse to: but only recently been asking questions such as: Ok, How can I change my relationship to this word that I see could help me, be supportive of me, could be instrumental in my process of change? 1,386 more words

Day 1: A Self-Actualizer's Journey to Life


I live my life according to purposes I set myself according to the areas of life that I see matter most, both to myself and for making this world a better place – or at the very least being and living what I can to be an… 780 more words