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Day 311: Dementia - the Rotten Child Syndrome


“I commit myself to present solutions to the education of parents to be the example and teacher of living principles that vale life and not rewards that life equal for all will be the only reward worthy of value.” 243 more words

7 Year Journey To Life

Day 259: A Taste of Supremacy



Day 259: A Taste of Supremacy

In support of myself here I examine the nature of the ‘it’s worthless’ backchat that I have accepted and allowed as a trigger in a shift into the experience of lethargy. 766 more words

Day 556 - Honest

I research myself within my participation with desteni.org, and I realize that there are certain points that are more prominent than others. Within me. Like this point of reading loud to myself from blogs and articles. 679 more words

Day 309: The Trap of Dementia, Part 1


“I commit myself to demonstrate in every way that human nature is programmable and can be changed to produce a reality that is best for all life.” 445 more words

7 Year Journey To Life

Day 307: Atheism Failed as Home for Reason?


“I commit myself to remind Atheists of the prime objective of deductive reasoning, which is the Jesus message to investigate all things and keep what is best.” 1,696 more words

7 Year Journey To Life

Day - 549 - Dragging along old dirt / reason for self sabotage.

Since 2002 I have been diagnosed with Schizophrenia. I have lived as a drug addict, with milder drugs, and also alcohol addiction for many, many years. 435 more words