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... spring has sprung

… clock’s have changed for longer days and shorter nights, the winds have slowed and the rain is just about gone, the sun is warmer moving towards heat and the beasts are in heaven!

 άνοιξη έχει αναπηδήσει

... Ρολόι έχουν αλλάξει για μεγαλύτερες μέρες και νύχτες μικρότερες , οι άνεμοι 
έχουν επιβραδυνθεί και η βροχή είναι σχεδόν φύγει , ο ήλιος είναι θερμότερο 
κινείται προς την θερμότητα και τα θηρία είναι στον ουρανό !

Martin Ranger Photographer

Ren + Jessica

He loved her for everything she was and would be…

The day had finally arrived, the girl that God intended for him was sharing giggles and remembering cute memories with her bridesmaids in the other room. 517 more words


Chris + Jenn {engagement}

Jenn and I were Young Life leaders together in Oregon. She moved back to her hometown of Modesto to start a Young Life area and we moved to Hawaii. 99 more words


Printemps | A Styled Shoot on Film.

I am so thrilled to be sharing these images! It’s been a few months since I began casually shooting film, and this is the first official medium format work I have been able to share! 231 more words


Blake & Lauren 

I went up to Colorado with the intent to carry out some homework given to me by a mentor. It was simply to get beautiful people in front of my camera, practice and learn. 235 more words


Rodriguez Family {Maternity}

I was sitting in class waiting for the professor to get there. It had been a crazy week and I really just wanted to go home. 442 more words