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Explore: Hike the Bluffs and Beaches of Whidbey Island

Obviously, Joseph Whidbey was onto something.

It was springtime 1792 when Whidbey, a member of the Vancouver Expedition, sailed around the largest island in Puget Sound, rocketing through the currents of… 518 more words


In Pictures: Casual Caving In Guatemala

Caving in Guatemala is an unceremonious affair. You hike for a while, usually through jungle, and then simply slip in. It’s almost as if you have stumbled upon the ancient geological formation by accident. 387 more words


Singapore Is A City To Explore

Sometimes this trip brings a dose of serendipity. We flew from Melbourne to Singapore, where we stayed in a bizarre little hotel, the Dorset, near the edge of Chinatown. 1,152 more words


A beautiful highlight of our summer season is the continual flow of Dutch visitors that come in pursuit of a warm Aussie summer, looking to escape the bleak wintery weather of the Netherlands. 781 more words


Yarn Tales: an Aussie Adventure

As you may know our Aussie Adventures (I should trademark that) went something like this: plane arrival in Sydney, drive to the Blue Mountains, drive to Canberra, drive back to Sydney, from Sydney fly to Cairns, from Cairns fly to Melbourne, and depart from Melbourne to Singapore. 727 more words

My Ultimate Travel Bucketlist

Hi, guy! How are you?

During the past few weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about all the places I want to visit. I have other little list like the places I want to visit in Bulgaria in 2018 and others, but I don’t have an ultimate travel bucketlist. 690 more words

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When Melbourne bestows you perfect blue skies and glorious summer sunshine, there is no better opportunity to dust off the picnic basket, fill it with delicious treats, and pack your Mum in the car 388 more words