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METAL BUILD デスティニーガンダム(ハイネ機)~ !

西川貴教玩票性質的配了一集特別角色: 海涅·威斯坦弗斯(Heine Westenfluss)
Anyway, 總之不是路人真駕駛那部Destiny Gundam就可以了 ~
而且這橙色也不錯看 ~

Gundam | ガンダム

WISP 02: HG Destiny Gundam

The straight build is 100% complete, weapons included. However, after looking at the finished product, I am pondering if I should take the few extra steps to do some paint detailing on it. 154 more words


WISP 01: HG Destiny Gundam

Almost done with the 2005 HG Destiny Gundam. Should be able to get a review done before the end of the week. I was thinking of topcoating this model too but with all that foil sticker, I think I’ll just skip that step. 6 more words