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The Bondsmen Present: Destiny Episode 5 Show Notes

The Bondsmen Present: Destiny- Episode 5


  • Introductions
    • What have The Bondsmen been up to this week?
    • Personal bounties
      • James solos the abyss with his warlock…
  • 305 more words

Destiny`s Child

It was one of those scorching summer afternoons that we Indians are pretty much used to since a while now. The weather here can be deterrent enough for tea lovers like us (me and my friends) to stroll down across the street for a quick sip of our beloved masala tea. 708 more words


The Vex: Uncovering the hidden lore in Destiny

A while ago I delved into the Lore behind the Hive, fueled by revelations found in old concept art. I decided to give a similar treatment to the Vex, although I use mostly grimoire cards and item flavor text to figure out what’s really going on with the Vex. 4,721 more words

Electric Cartilage

Imposed Meaning on the Meaningless

A pigeon in a street light
A shooting star tonight
I couldn’t help but to believe
Everything will be alright


It was a beautiful Illusion....

While he answered my every question I kept smiling and relatively calm,
He asked,” what is the matter?”
I said,” I don’t know, it’s like it doesn’t hurt anymore! 11 more words

Revolving Mad Thoughts..

Open Scenes, Open Dreams

Possibles and open scenes are
the only realm in which I dream
I mean I look to the sky
each cloud rides by
I sense a destination so high… 40 more words


Choosing Your Destiny

In life we face many choices, but did you ever realize that you are choosing your destiny when you make these decisions.In the world today we are taught that destiny is something that comes upon you, that fate holds your future in its hands, and this…