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Taking Risk

Repeated from the Mouth of My Mentor “You’ve got 10 years to F*** Up and still bounce back”.

The Power of Words suddenly became a Harsh Reality. 88 more words


Capable of Glowing in the dark

Most often when we are faced with challenges or when we encounter detours it’s then that our destiny visions are hit hard and without much care, one might stray from the path of destiny or completely lose it all together. 469 more words


cause i'm a rambling man

“Where y’all from?”

This is the most often heard question in West Texas. There are two types of people in this part of the country: those who were born & raised here & would never dream of living anywhere else, and those who have moved here for opportunity. 387 more words



Orí is a Yoruba word meaning destiny.

Firstly, your destiny isn’t something for me to understand but a concept that has always interested me.I still don’t know why people are born and why they die or understand the outcome of their lifes. 407 more words


The Biggest Gift To Yourself is Self-Improvement.

Why it’s the best?

There is a saying “the best investment you’ll ever make is in yourself”. Couldn’t agree more but to be exact, the best thing you can do to invest in yourself is educating yourself.   188 more words


You Are Priceless

Do you ever feel like people overlook you or they try to tell you what you are/are not capable of doing? Maybe, you don’t have a dazzling, magnetic personality but you’re a gifted writer. 346 more words