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My Destiny

I was admitted to hospital around 9:30am three days ago. I was loaded into the stretcher and carted into the ambulance. As I lie there staring at the red led flashing on the clock above me, the cold air that hit my skin was like a slap of truth. 744 more words



This is a prose piece, I haven’t really had the time to edit but posted it all the same. It is a fictional piece, but it is indeed inspired by the amount of friendships I have had in the past which didn’t end entirely in the best light. 1,143 more words


Hearty traveler

A journey to complete.
No different from us.
The sturdy toad hops quickly
over simmering asphalt.
Cars whizzing by
no deterrent
from his singular mission.

The Wisdom of Building

I’ve had multiple conversations with people as of late regarding the frustrations of being a visionary. The difficulty of being able to see the finished product before you have even begun the task, causes tensions to surface in people. 609 more words

San Diego Life Coach Erik Frederickson


Gifted people face a lot more problems in life. They are among the most misunderstood people. This usually happens because a lot of people just can’t handle the greatness that is manifesting in and through them. 164 more words