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Setting Self-Care Goals

There are some people that make one ask, Where did you come from and how did you enter my life at exactly the right time?!  316 more words


Dear Brain: Shut up

These days I’m really into taking Epsom Salt baths since they help to reduce stress and the like, which is great! The thought of being in hot water (when it’s like -20 outside) with magical salts that make you all relax and leave your skin all soft and moisturized? 403 more words


Criticism when needed

It really bugs me when people just make a point when they feel like they need to, but yet at the same time there is no actual need for that point to be made. 123 more words


How I almost passed the frack out at my first yoga class

I took my first yoga class ever this week.

A necessary disclaimer

I am not an exerciser. I can always come up with something better to do, always. 1,405 more words

Jac On Jac

Daily Prompt: I Got Skills

Slow but Steady

Apart from reading like a maniac, another favourite de-stressing ‘technique’ for me is BAKING. Be it cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies, cheesecakes… I absolutely love it. 359 more words


Daily Prompt: Oasis

My Refuge

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that I’m a born worrier. I stress out way too much, I keep things locked up inside but on the outside I smile. 457 more words