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Making of a Seal

One summer afternoon, I decided that I needed to fix this painting I had started several months previously.  I needed some “ME” time because I had lost my job and being home, job searching for several months without results, has been really depressing.   399 more words


10 Tips to Minimize Stress

Stress is always looming over us. It seems like we can’t escape; whether stressing over an exam, an important meeting, a conversation you’re dreading, it’s still stress. 629 more words

How to lower your Stress due to money 

How many of us get our wants and or needs confused ?Let’s make a fun list

A place to live

A car to drive/ or money for transportation… 194 more words


Chore or Relaxing? Talking about Making a Bed...really? Yes! Really!

I personally try to make my bed every morning and I do not feel like it’s a chore! To me, it’s just one little way to make me feel like I am starting the day in control, relieving just a bit of chaos for when I walk back in that night after work to change clothes. 89 more words

Tidy home, tidy mind.

Hi, I know I haven’t written in ages (I have been away -let me know if you want me to write about that!). Something that contributes to my stress levels is mess and what with being so busy at the end of term my room has gotten… 352 more words

Bubble of Light Technique

Anything that stimulates the senses can cause angst. Foods, drinks, smells, visuals, sounds people, places can all affect internal peace. Take inventory of what was happening the moment you felt angst and make efforts to remove them from your environment. 56 more words


Take a hike

The stress of college can often times be overwhelming. In a recent study done by the Associated Press, 8 in 10 college students experience stress daily; this statistic showed an increase in 20% from a previous study. 127 more words