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Recharging From the Crazy

This week was, has been, one of those weeks. It’s had ups and downs and I’m ready for it to be over. Have you ever had one of those weeks that no matter how much you try, nothing seems to go right and it is the longest week of your life. 494 more words



Today is the first of March.  At least here in the United States it is getting close enough to the end of the year that spring is in the air (some days) and the kids are starting to get antsy as sunshine streams through the classroom windows, but it is not close enough to summer vacation that the end is in sight.   1,010 more words

Remember to Unwind

So it has been a stressful week back at school. I hate “welcome to class” week, you know that week where you get the syllabus and your teacher/professor is just going over the syllabus or giving that basic information that is helpful, but feels like nothing. 890 more words


Defeating Stress

Not a new topic but instead just a reminder. Sometimes working in the corporate world where everything is fast paced we come home drained and tired to the bones. 140 more words


Destress After The Holidays

For me, the Holidays are my favorite, yet the most stressful and busiest time of the year. There is always a family member to spend time with or a social gathering to be at. 580 more words


Top 5 Tips for De-Stressing

Anyone who knows me, knows that I stress over anything and everything possible. For example, upcoming deadlines, losing an object that I will most likely have on me whilst I search for it, and when people don’t reply to my messages within the minute that I send them (not high maintenance at all). 511 more words

7 sure fire tips for relieving holiday stress

Hello lovelies

Welcome to blogmas day 12. Christmas is just a week away and we all know how stressful it is to prepare for the holiday and deal with in laws, let alone with your blood family. 569 more words