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Gone Fishin'

Not really…but it’s been super busy around here and won’t slow down until next month. I’ll see y’all on the other side!


Why Stressed Adults Are Like Toddlers

We need cuddles, but then space, and then more cuddles. Sometimes at the same time.

Eating a handful of Goldfish constitutes as a meal.

We talk to ourselves or to stuffed animals. 151 more words


4 Ways to destress during finals week!

It’s that time of the semester again, the oh so dreadful, finals week!  I know the feeling of being stuck 24/7 in the library, getting regular shots of caffeine, and not seeing daylight. 340 more words


EXTRA: Daily Cliche Fix

I went for a walk today. I know, sounds pretty boring, huh? Average white gal goes for a stroll and wants to blog about it? So cliche. 474 more words

5 Things We All Need When We Just. Can't. Even.

When the baby is screaming, and the toddler has knocked over the dog’s water for upteenth time today, and it’s 5:30 and dinner isn’t made, and you haven’t showered, and your husband walks through the door, all you want to do is toss the baby (ever so gently but urgently) in his arms and run. 1,730 more words

Lessons Learned

Out & About: Local Parks

We’re planning a vacation later this spring that will involve quite a bit of hiking. We really love to hike and did a lot early on in our relationship but fell out of the habit for a number of reasons. 268 more words