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DIY - Front porch wreath and decor

I love to make stuff and since Pinterest came along I am one happy camper. I pin a lot of stuff that gives me inspiration. 109 more words


Top 3 Destressing Games for the 3DS

College life is tough. After five years and counting I feel like I can attest to that. With midterm exams coming up soon, now more than ever college students need to find (healthy) ways to cope with college stress. 923 more words


Don't take it Personal...

I tend to take things personally sometimes. It’s no secret that I wear my heart on my sleeve and that I am extremely emotional. Because of these qualities, I have learned to take a step back and give it 24 hours or some “breathing room” when I feel offended. 311 more words

Making of a Seal

One summer afternoon, I decided that I needed to fix this painting I had started several months previously.  I needed some “ME” time because I had lost my job and being home, job searching for several months without results, has been really depressing.   399 more words


10 Tips to Minimize Stress

Stress is always looming over us. It seems like we can’t escape; whether stressing over an exam, an important meeting, a conversation you’re dreading, it’s still stress. 629 more words

How to lower your Stress due to money 

How many of us get our wants and or needs confused ?Let’s make a fun list

A place to live

A car to drive/ or money for transportation… 194 more words


Chore or Relaxing? Talking about Making a Bed...really? Yes! Really!

I personally try to make my bed every morning and I do not feel like it’s a chore! To me, it’s just one little way to make me feel like I am starting the day in control, relieving just a bit of chaos for when I walk back in that night after work to change clothes. 89 more words