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& With Finals, Comes Stress....

It’s that time of year – pharmacy school finals.

As I try and prepare for the torture that is 7 finals in the next week, all I find myself thinking about is – when can I just lay in bed and binge watch Netflix again? 398 more words

Restoring Order

It’s amazing how much you DON’T manage to do when you’re busy all the time. You’re getting up early during the week, creeping out of the house before the rest of the family are even out of bed, doing a day’s work in some office somewhere, getting home tired, hungry and stressed after the kids have long since had their evening meal. 812 more words


Color Therapy [Destressing]

I’ve been gone for a long time in the blogging world. The reasoning behind it is because of a family emergency. I won’t go much into detail about it, all I want to share is that it affected my mom,  2 surgeries and rehab. 327 more words


Hello weekend!

Today has been a good day. Actually the last few days have been very good. I think being able to put my feelings and fears down in writing has made a difference. 735 more words


Depression from the inside out

Journaling is one of the tools that your local psychologist will provide you with to help you cope…well, this is my first post and the struggle to get to this point has almost been too much and has stretched over two days.   778 more words

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