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Instant Stress Relief: The 30 Second Meditation

Discover how to calm down and refocus your energy in just 30 seconds.

As a medical professional, I am always in favor of anything that… 348 more words


It has been three years

It has been three years since I wrote my last blog. Now I feel like my mind is full and cannot contain how I feel right after I get to open this blog site again. 86 more words

Way Out ➡️

To be honest, the past few days began to be a little downside. Well, I’m talking about my emotions. I used to blame my hormones when ever I feel sad most of the time. 477 more words

Life Lessons

Minnehaha Falls 

Sometimes it’s the little things that spark a change, a realization, or a light of happiness. On Sunday, the 21st of August, my best friend and I adventured to the falls. 291 more words


Changes Afoot!

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I was planning to continue working both part time jobs while going to grad school full-time. Originally I had planned on quitting one job but this summer I got a little anxious about letting go of one of my safety nets AND my schedule was such that it seemed I could make it happen. 271 more words


Is it Saturday yet?

Another work week is coming to a close and I am in need of a restful weekend. The past few weekends have been filled with travel, planning and prepping, hang outs with friends, The Sims 4, and sickness. 73 more words

Weekend Plans

De-Stressing Over Desserts

Stressed is spelled desserts backwards so I think it was just fitting that when I was on the verge of having a meltdown in the office, I told my friend Ezra that I wanted pie and pudding! 132 more words

Food Trip