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How To Destroy a Culture

You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.

Ray Bradbury


Can we go on without Jon Stewart? Of course we can. He’s shown us how.

Nothing comes to an end in television without a silly but also meaningful grieving process. The longer the run and more devoted the fan base, the louder the wails. 1,822 more words

Jon Stewart

Ive fallen for the same demon over and over and its only killing me. I wish I hadn’t ever dipped in its evilness #soulless



Humans are infected with a horrible disease.

Our world has a horrible illness and it is getting worse each day. Throughout my life I have watched things go from bad to worse. I have seen governments waste money on frivolous things. 816 more words

"CDC held meeting of vaccine scientists to deliberately destroy evidence linking vaccines to autism"

“According to a new statement relayed today by Rep. Bill Posey, the CDC held a meeting of scientists to decide which piece of evidence to destroy that might link vaccines to autism in African-American children. 23 more words


Search and destroy

“Go love your own enemies. Don’t be loving mine.  I’ll get on with the business of destroying, isolating, and combating the enemies of civilization.” -Christopher Hitchens… 374 more words

Lifes Struggles

NSA Will Destroy 14 Years of Archived Metadata When Program Stops

From The Intercept, by Jenna McLaughlin, Jul 2015

Four months from now, at the same time that the National Security Agency finally abandons the massive domestic telephone dragnet exposed by whistleblower Edward Snowden, it will also stop perusing the vast archive of data that’s been collected by the program over the years. 205 more words