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All Who Are 2 Steps Ahead

In today’s world, it is impossible to get where you want without being two steps ahead of everyone else. Every situation you’re in, you have to think smart and Think outside the box. 153 more words


Visit Your Dentist before Little Cracks Completely Destroy Your Teeth

Oftentimes, as long as your smile looks great you’d think brushing is more than enough to keep your teeth in tip-top shape. You probably wouldn’t bother to take a closer look unless the damage to your teeth is obvious or causing you immense pain. 56 more words

Cancer - Cured or Healed

Saturday, I had the pleasure of speaking at an event which celebrated cancer survivors. “A Colorful Tea” was held in Philadelphia and was attended by women and men. 390 more words

She Crushed My World, And Now Is Trying To Destroy What Is Left

Hey all, Firstly, sorry this is a long one. My wife destroyed the world as I know it on the 7th feb, and on the 8th August she absolutely tore apart what was left. 83 more words


The fallen

A fire burns within me
Never ending
Keeps me close enough
The quickness kills the cold in us
We see the shit you do…

22 more words
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Dropped, as if from a height –

falling, sweeping through the air, ungracefully.

Burning the stories you write; hiding away the words in a drawer. 28 more words

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