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Destroy or Die Mx5

Dan has been preparing his Mazda Mx5 for Rockingham drift day in the upcoming weeks, spending some time fabricating and fitting prototype parts. Of course I can’t go into detail too much for the time being, but the new parts will give even more adjustability for the Miata. 36 more words


Bruised fruit

Throughout my life,bruises have stood as shrines to the things I have loved that have hurt me.

I used to tear the skin off of my little kid shins while running through fence rows filled with blackberry vines, and then go home sticky with blood and joy, purple with juice and bruises. 176 more words


Bad habits including laziness, greed, gambling, smoking, jealousy, ignorance, heedlessness, carelessness and swearing cause no success to one’s life. 25 more words


Redneck Destroys Cooler in Defense of NRA

The NRA is fake mad at Yeti Coolers and many of taken to their backyards to destroy hundreds of dollars worth of products they already paid for.


Destroy all that u know..

The greatest destroyer of creativity is fame, experience and perceived knowledge. The greatest ally of creativity is to be naive innocent and in wonder. To be creative once again I need to destroy all that I know first.

The Pharisees conspire against Jesus (Mt 12:14-12:14)

“But the Pharisees went out.

They conspired against him.

They wondered

How to destroy him.”


ἐξελθόντες δὲ οἱ Φαρισαῖοι συμβούλιον ἔλαβον κατ’ αὐτοῦ ὅπως αὐτὸν ἀπολέσωσιν. 53 more words

Clash in opposition's ideologies will destroy the opposition: Najib Razak

(Source: sg.news.yahoo.com)

POKOK SENA: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has reiterated that the clash of ideologies among the opposition pact will only disrupt the government administration and put pressure on the country’s economy and the people, if they come into power. 306 more words

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