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America the Beautiful

Her majestic mountains once rose above the clouds;

They once challenged men to climb her rugged stairs.

Her magnificent waterfalls once dropped deep into the valley; 258 more words


What the hell people?!

I recently saw Tomorrowland with some friends and have found it to be quite interesting. The villain seemed to be the only logical character. He showed the world the consequences of our actions and our current path. 640 more words


Bruce D. Perry Quote.

Perry, B. D., & Szalavitz, M. (2006). The boy who was raised as a dog: And other stories from a child psychiatrist’s notebook : what traumatized children can teach us about life, loss and healing. 8 more words


End of the World - Is it the end of the Earth?

Many people around the world with different backgrounds, religious and non-religious, thought about the finale of our planet. Why? They saw many terrifying reasons to believe that our planet is in its most dangerous stage. 487 more words


Will bankruptcy destroy my credit?

Contrary to what many people believe, bankruptcy will not necessarily have an adverse affect on your credit. In fact, many people actually end up having a better credit score after they file for bankruptcy than they did before filing, as unpaid debts may have negatively affected the score. 65 more words

Sometimes being hurt doesn’t make you stronger. It destroys who you were, who you wanted to be and who you are today.


How To Destroy Your Relationships

I could possibly be desensitized.

While empathy remains a forgotten practice, selfishness and arrogance rule our culture. The all-powerful “me/my/mine” drives us to dominate “insert” objective while destroying so many relationships in the process. 127 more words

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