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Civilised life, you know, is based on a number of illusions in which we all collaborate willingly.

The trouble is we forget after a while that they are illusions, and we are deeply shocked when the reality is torn down around us. ~ J. G. Ballard


Iran’s supreme leader backs ‘holy intifada’ to destroy ‘cancer’ Israel

Calling Israel a “cancerous tumor,” Iran’s supreme leader on Tuesday expressed support for a “holy intifada” to eradicate the Jewish state, arguing that the international community is headed toward confrontation with the “Zionist regime.” 967 more words

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10/20/2016. Untitled. 3:18 a.m.


Every Interaction 

I can have every interaction create, or every interaction destroy. My choice.


MTT 96

Priceless art whose birth is unknown is safe and indestructible inside the artist unless he chooses to destroy himself and his unborn art.