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Encryption: What The FBI Wants It Can Only Have By Destroying Computing And Censoring The Internet

Feds attempt to destroy privacy nationwide

Image Credits: ter-burg, Flickr.

by Tim Cushing | Tech Dirt | May 6, 2015


The FBI — and by extension, every law enforcement agency it partners with — …
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cognitive diffidence

Day 2: He and I stay up all night talking in his room. We part at 6am, and I sleep until midday. I run around in the sun, and I am miserable. 80 more words


U.S. Marshal Under Investigation For Allegedly Smashing Woman’s Cell Phone During Recording

A woman’s First Amendment rights may have been violated last week when a U.S. Marshal allegedly destroyed her recording device while she was filming an arrest, the  316 more words


They Notice And Comment On Everything

Psychopaths notice and comment on everything that you do. In the beginning this seems flattering because someone is so intenly focused on you, plus it’s all praise and personality mirroring. 56 more words


Writing’s been great lately. I’m accomplishing goals that I set for myself on New Years Day by writing daily. I’ve sent out a children’s book, hoping a publisher accepts it, and now a magazine article sent to a couple of prestigous magazines and generally keeping the whole writing process close to me. 91 more words

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