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Viral Video: Destroying The HitchBot

Here’s security video footage of what actually happened to that hitchhiking robot.

There’s now security footage of the guy in Philadelphia who destroyed that hitchhiking robot, known as HitchBot, over the weekend. 7 more words



You can keep working all the time keeping yourself busy but it doesn’t make anything go away, I know it doesn’t make your thoughts go you’re wearing yourself out for something that isn’t working its not changing the past it may help your future but I know you’ll never truly be happy because your past is still destroying you, still hurting you and I can see that and I haven’t been around for long. 243 more words

Downing Civilian Airliners and Destroying Ancient Artifacts

Source: Washington’s Blog

Investigative journalist Robert Parry continues to report the use by the US vanguard of the MH-17 tragedy as a propaganda tool against Russia. 267 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

GMO Foods Health Risks

GMO Foods are destroying our health, discover exactly what is going on here.


I don’t know what’s wrong with me lately, I can’t eat I can’t sleep and I constantly find myself wanting to cry literally when I’m on my own I just break down and it scares me because it’s getting harder and harder to be okay and I don’t know what’s causing it I’m usually so strong constantly smiling so no one realises. 16 more words

Senator Lindsey Graham Destroying Cell Phones in Slow Motion

After DONALD TRUMP gave out his cell phone number, Senator Lindsey Graham did an awesome video called “How to Destroy Your Cell Phone.” 107 more words


Sri Lanka probes first Lankan ISIS man

Sri Lanka probes first Lankan ISIS man

PTI | Jul 21, 2015, 06.43PM IST

A 37-year-old Sri Lankan, who graduated in Sharia Law from Pakistan, has reportedly died fighting along the dreaded Islamic State (IS) militants in Syria, prompting authorities to probe whether he was a Lankan national.(Representative image) 270 more words

අන්තවාදී ඉස්‌ලාමීය සංවිධාන