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The issue

The issue is I never believe anyone when they say they care, I never believe anyone when they tell me they won’t leave because that’s what I’ve always been used to people pretending to care people leaving. 186 more words

The HundredYear Lie How to Protect Yourself from the

Any sort of extermination is component of control. In other words, extermination is carried out to handle, reduce, or eliminate damage to structures done by them. 322 more words

PestAway Ultrasonic Outdoor Pest Cat Repeller with Motion Sensor

If you’re longing to watcxh tose beautiful deer come in your own backyard, or you want to alluer deer to a specific hunting stand, deer feeders are an excellent solution. 321 more words

Broken Markets How High Frequency Trading and Predatory Practices

Of course, online forex trading is a lot like the stock market – you can make money and you can lose money. One reason that online forex… 394 more words

US neocons, Zionists destroying Israel’s enemies by creating divisions: Journalist


The US neoconservatives and Zionists are destroying the enemies of Israel by creating sectarian and ethnic divisions, an American political commentator in Los Angeles says. 499 more words

Daily News

Viral Video: Destroying The HitchBot

Here’s security video footage of what actually happened to that hitchhiking robot.

There’s now security footage of the guy in Philadelphia who destroyed that hitchhiking robot, known as HitchBot, over the weekend. 7 more words



You can keep working all the time keeping yourself busy but it doesn’t make anything go away, I know it doesn’t make your thoughts go you’re wearing yourself out for something that isn’t working its not changing the past it may help your future but I know you’ll never truly be happy because your past is still destroying you, still hurting you and I can see that and I haven’t been around for long. 243 more words