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Jihadis Deface and Destroy Iraqi Cultural Artifacts (Video): Invading armies loot and ransack: The US did it for profit when they could. The Taliban did it. The treasures unashamedly sold to the museums of the world.


Reports this week that Mosul’s central library has been ransacked by Isis and 100,000 books and manuscripts burned has cast an international spotlight on a new wave of destruction that has been raging through the northern Iraqi city since last summer. 871 more words


What are we doing to this planet....

These are powerful images that show just what we are destroying.

Bloody Morning Rises

Another bloody morning rises, grotesque,

Like a smile carved from nature’s blank face

With a rusty, jagged blade.

So let’s pretend for one more day that this is life, 91 more words


Destroying progress With progress

A day like flight
Effortless errands
Each second with purpose
Need to declare

Waking in the
Inner circle

Destroying progress
With progress

Sewing threads… 22 more words

Nature is embedded within us

The imitation of infinite, complex beauty

We, humans, disgrace this in its reflection

Imitating clouds, through our cigarette haze

By creating a bonfire in our chest… 26 more words


Look! Tame the Eye!

Describe your mood with the color of a part of a fruit. Get real.

Me: The pale of the inside of a banana. The dark of a kiwi seed. 7 more words