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Exposing & Uniting the truth About Islam from Two Sources!

October 5, 2015 | 2:15pm

Exposing & Uniting the truth About Islam from Two Sources!
(1) The Constitution that outlaws Islam.
(2) The facts from expert’s own research into Islamic history & the holy books of Islam that give the facts on Islam and it’s agenda. 183 more words

Political Action


Destroy (me)

The wait

Of a falling leaf

I wait for you

In my neurosis

like shooting stars

in a pool of asymmetries.

To pine for live. 10 more words

Sufferer Won't Seek Help. Destroying Himself And Us

My sufferer has symptoms that I think are PTSD from family events from a few years ago plus difficult work situations. I ve only recently realised this is what is might be, previously thought depression. 66 more words

The Secret to Destroying Laziness

Last time we talked about how to destroy self-doubt, and it got me thinking “what if people believe they can achieve their dreams, but they just can’t stop eating buckets of ice-cream and watching season marathons of how I met your mother?” So I spent some time thinking and coming up with an answer and today I present to you: The Secret to Destroying Laziness. 450 more words


Social Media is destroying human interaction!

Ever since the internet has started to grow , interactions of the offline nature have started to gradually decline.

With the history of social media… 459 more words


Anxiety Destroying Relationship

I have a fiance who has so much anxiety I feel it eating at my tolerance. I know nothing happens overnight but it s getting so much harder to handle his ptsd. 75 more words