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Is Singapore Inc destroying value?

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

Some Singapore-listed companies have faced declining returns on assets and invested capital since 2010, with returns reaching their lowest level in over a decade last year, a new report has found. 434 more words

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The art of destroying Marina Bay Sands in Independence Day: Resurgence

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

The FX supervisor behind the Singapore destruction sequence in Independence Day: Resurgence tells Channel NewsAsia’s Genevieve Loh the different steps it took to destroy Marina Bay Sands. 706 more words

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heritable visage

One day Jane’s hair starts to fall out. Not in that “I’m shedding” way, but in a “Wow, the entirety of my scalp is noticeably less covered by hair!” way.  85 more words


crazy meats

 love it when the

cat goes psycho;

playing with the ghosts

and destroying the house.


aren’t cats the weirdest sometimes?! and btw I call my cat meats lol .. 114 more words

My Writings

Maybe school is destroying what is left of humanity in us

Much like dark souls (The worst game for casual players, since you win by dying -most players can’t handle that-), the educational system try to condition us in a form, or shape -in a way-, by forcing us (the society forces us to go to school first, of course) to try to fit into some arbitrary rules, which don’t usually make the cut to outside school or make so little that it’s actually funny to post about it on the Internet, in meme form. 165 more words


constellations/and burns

These drawings came after a period of working with nests. They were created by burns and lines. Retrospectively, they seem to be thoughts on comfort and conflict, intimacy and hostility.