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Continuity Of Agenda: Destroying Syria Since 1983


Renegade Editor’s Note: I strongly disagree with this author’s assertion that the geopolitical moves are being made by the United States (which is also infested with Zionist jews), with no agency on the part of Israel. 1,039 more words

Historical Revisionism

Is the Democratic Primary Destroying the Democrats?

Two months ago the Democrats were looking at numerous positive signals for their chances in the November election. First the polls of a generic Democrat versus a generic Republican showed Democrats leading by a spread of over 10 points. 14 more words

Collective Lies

Collective Lies

Like sun rays through the magnifying glass

Burning holes in the leaves or paper

Collective lies come together for ill

Joining forces inflaming all who hear… 53 more words


Day 1 - Destruction

I have had the keys for 24 hours now and the first full day of work is done! We have had a very productive day of filling, destroying a laminate floor and removing a carpet! 129 more words


How Brother Chris Is Slowly Destroying The World (Of Warcraft)

How Brother Chris Is Slowly Destroying The World (Of Warcraft) On 10th of November 2016 Blizzard enacted a ban wave on thousands of World of Warcraft accounts for botting, a term widely used to describe using third party programs to automate gameplay. 34 more words

Dear Diary, Today I Killed Darth Maul

January 5, 2017

Dear Diary,

Today I did something I couldn’t fathom in a million years: I killed Darth Maul. One of the most regarded Sith in the Galaxy. 437 more words


People in this world, we have no place to go

too close

too sad

I lean my head on his shoulder and try not to cry

(over and over I burrow into him, cowering in the face of such complexity)