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We shall never forget

“Is it nothing to you, all you that pass by? Behold and see if there is any sorrow like unto my sorrow, which is done unto me, with which the Lord has afflicted me in the day of His fierce anger.”  ~Lamentations 1:12 ~ 801 more words

Authentic Christian Living


The words of Jesus in this passage are intended to help us stand steadfast in trouble, they are intended to give us hope. Even in the middle of… 2,536 more words


"This Generation"  

Matthew 24 contains some of the most interesting prophecies of the New Testament. As The Lord wandered around the city of Jerusalem and predicted its’ eventual destruction, the disciples came to Him and asked Him three questions: 882 more words

Bible Lessons

Pentecost 12 – 2016

Luke 12:32-40

Marian Free

In the name of God our Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier. Amen.

Four weeks ago when Pokemon Go was released in Australia, it seemed that you couldn’t go anywhere without running into people who were walking along with their eyes glued to their phones. 1,052 more words

Luke's Gospel

Jeremiah Was a Prophet, Part 1

The Old Testament prophets were a strange lot. They had to be. Life was hard enough back then, but add into the mix having to preach messages that put you on the wrong side of most people, and you’ve got men with few friends and fewer supporters. 2,113 more words

History Gets Depressing After A While… or Even Right Away

I write books about history. Whether it’s a Civil War romance or a genealogical how-to, I’m always head over heels in history. Most days I can take it, but I have days when I can’t. 175 more words


Jerusalem and the Lost Temple of the Jews

I had read this a few years ago but recently reread the abridged version available online and it is really mind boggling that the Jews may be worshipping on the very walls of the Roman Antonia fortress that housed soldiers instrumental in destroying the city and the Temple in 70ad. 9 more words