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As the world deteriorates

Raising a family,  is not easy.  Raising a family with the state of the world today, definitely not easy.  

Any more it seems as if politically,  environmentally,  socially,  and legally.   490 more words


The Need for Hope...

Read Nahum 3
Focus on verse 1

I recently read that the city of Chicago had recorded 300 murders for the year by Father’s Day weekend. 484 more words

Daily Devotional

Weak Auras 'Final' Edition

From here until Legion launch (except for when Demon Hunter come out August 9th) there won’t be any more little updates until the ‘final’ update before Legion launches…some things that will be changed for Warlocks; 172 more words

World Of Warcraft

Of Destruction

Of Destruction

The only trace of your signature
Will be of craters
And ruined buildings

Sleepless hours
Spent bathing in mania
And an unhinged desire


OH NO! Not Him

I have been watching with much trepidation the US elections. It seems these start two years in advance at the cost of billions of dollars and much agitation. 968 more words

Creation or Destruction?

Some things in life are inter dependent. So is creation and destruction. Every act of creation is first an act of destruction and every destruction is a place for new creation. 299 more words

Leftists at DNC: ‘Long Live Palestine,’ Destroy Israel, Support Black Lives Matter

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania — The swelling numbers of leftist protesters surrounding the Democratic National Convention (DNC) are helping to lower the various groups’ inhibitions about showing their true intentions. 145 more words