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Psalm 28 - Self destruction

Because they have no idea how God works or what he is up to, God will smash them to smithereens and walk away from the ruins. 514 more words


Naples and Pompeii

I have been fascinated by Pompeii or rather the destruction of it since I can remember. I was already in Rome, and Naples is just an hour train ride away and the perfect jumping point to go see Pompeii. 358 more words


Trying to gain POWER over others started Evil of our Time!?

Do not try to gain power. Give it up, please. It makes people unhappy and triggers chain reactions. At the end of the chain, the poor, children and the animals suffer. 28 more words


What is Tzom Tammuz?

I am watching the sun sink towards the horizon ending the day of Tzom Tammuz, the Fast of Tammuz, so this post will reach most of my readers too late for the actual day this year. 233 more words

Especially For Beginners

The Bolt

It was the end. It was finally, truly, the ultimate end. It wasn’t like one of Nostradamus’ prophecies, or the farcical 2012 prediction, or the old blokes who sat around a bonfire waiting for it to happen. 585 more words



Most people recognize that the world is headed on a path to destruction. Many of them merely exclaim that things are just the way they are. 233 more words

Indomitable Dystopia

Science Editorial

5 July 2015

During the 20th century, I am pretty sure these were the things scientists imagine for the new millennium: flying cars, hologram phones, mind-controlled robots, teleportation device, and a world which resembles that of  557 more words