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Im not down, but I can see obstacles in my way, incredibly fuzzy, that will trip me soon. Like my mind is no longer interested in wearing glasses to avoid the sharp headache of clear vision. 185 more words


the salt #3/a lament

the past days of the salt
a present days in the Sodom.
feeble recollections have
turned into the intoxicating self pity,
an expired glory,
yet disintegrated from the memory. 56 more words



Making us emptier

dropped left hanging

loose wall, battered front

changed the name of the game to

strange melody


People meld around in funny… 51 more words


Silence of Glyjun

The vast room was dark and quiet, save the repeated hum of machines. Screens and wires tangled with no beginning or end. From the doorway I could see far in, to the extreme right where Holo screens with unknown symbols. 776 more words

Writing Challenge

Have you ever heard about "情"??

Well, have you? It is hanja, the old language (Chinese) of Korea, in Korean it’s pronounced as 정 (Jeong). After my post that will make you hungry Teddy found it appropriate to torture me some more (and I will therefore torture you some more). 338 more words

16-foot dead beaked whale washes ashore in Agat (Guam)

July 27th, 2015 (Roselle Romanes). Another beaked whale washed up on the Southern part of the island…this time, a 16-footer.

Guam Department of Agriculture Fisheries Biologist Brent Tibbatts says the whale was found beached at the Agat Marina yesterday morning. 304 more words

Endangered Biodiversity