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There’s no reason good enough to… kill a forest. I know that. – The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf, Ambelin Kwaymullina

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Nahum - A Great Fall

Nahum chronicles God’s justice and wrath being brought down on the Assyrian capitol city, Nineveh. This prophecy reminds us that God is always at work against evil. That’s good news.

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I want

I want to be eternal

I want to be ethereal

I want to be flawless

I want to be alluring

I want to be graceful… 34 more words




with stuff like this,

“Volcanoes and bolides, such as asteroids, are geohazards powerful enough to be destructive on a global scale.” 211 more words


Nostradmus! World War 3 is coming!!!

The  first thing that may have flashed into your mind when you have seen the title of this article “World War 3 is coming” is that of Game Of Thrones niche dialogue “Winter is Coming”where we have waited seven years, for this season winter has arrived.The same is with World war 3.It looks like that winter has just arrived for World War 3 and it is just on the verge of breaking. 884 more words

Mother's fury

You cut down wood and replace them with concrete

And then you cry for rain

you drive the beasts out of their homes

And then you cry with fear of being clawed… 214 more words

Winter Wonderland or Fiery Apocalypse

Cities Skylines continues to wow the city building world with stunning graphics, addicting gameplay and immense freedom to create the city of your dreams. Created by… 2,464 more words

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