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Port City Project

I posted my comments on this a few months back.   This cartoon from the newspapers last week captures it well :

Land-filling 450 acres of ocean  will sink Sri Lanka in more ways than one.   22 more words


The World Will Spin Without Me

It will be as if I was never here.   As if I never had been. As if I never mattered. At all.

There will be no one to hold me when I die.  575 more words


Army Chief warns troops they will be fighting "little green men"

I heard Pastor Begley’s voice in my head, “Are you serious?!!”

Army Chief of Staff, General Mark Milley, spoke to the Officer Training Corps in Vermont one week ago, warning them of “hybrid armies” and “little green men.” There are no little green men, grey aliens; just demons who choose to manifest as aliens. 71 more words

All Souls Are Mine


I don’t believe this

There isn’t enough air for

All the breaths I need


Comes Before the Fall

Hey Fam,

It’s Thursday afternoon and I pray that you all are having a great week thus far. I on the other hand found myself extremely annoyed this morning. 435 more words

A Wretched Tone

The morning started out wrong right from the beginning; I had no coffee, and it seemed as though everyone on the road had it out for me, a narcissistic notion I know. 753 more words


Ashes rain down

From the sky above

Tears run wild

On cheeks of young doves

Fire burns high

Glorious in destruction

Dreams drown in screams… 30 more words