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Drone footage: Donetsk residential neighborhoods

Drone footage shows the level of destruction in Donetsk residential neighborhoods following over a year of fighting in the east of Ukraine. Roofs have been destroyed, walls have been toppled and scorched, while whole buildings now lie empty. 6 more words

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Fire Claims Watertown Salebarn

The beautiful thing is, destruction leads to creation.

It’s a shame to see this building lying in shambles on the ground it once stood tall on. 50 more words


i found heaven and hell in people and those places could never be ignored, because there are more secrets hidden deep within us than any science or religion would ever allow to reveal. 25 more words

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Homefront the revolution is it similar to far cry ?

feels a lot like recent Far Cry games, and honestly, that’s awesome. In a brief, 15 minute hands-on demo with the 2016 shooter, I was pleasantly surprised to find a sandbox packed with interesting things to do, multiple ways to explore, and some smart systems that really helped pull me into the world and keep me there. 587 more words

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Linux + C - Malloc and Free

In the last post, we employed dynamic memory allocation. Today, we’re looking at that concept in further detail.

Allocating Memory

The function malloc() – “ 1,741 more words


Dawn without Memory: ISIS in Palmyra

Last May, the Islamic State took the ancient city of Palmyra. Why should we care that it is being destroyed?

ISIS doesn’t have a good track record with UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 437 more words