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A slight giggle proceeds a serious, yet, emotion-filled eyed expression.  The joke lies within my thoughts:  it really may be dangerous to engage with a writer. 160 more words

A letter to a Terrorist

I wonder how low you could stoop,
How foolish you could be…
All those degrees and Alma mater,
Couldn’t make you Disagree?

You simply listened to that madman. 120 more words


Gossamer Nation

We came down the mountain and just like that…there they were- the airborne arthropods with gossamer wings, the Butterflies- the Gossamers. They fluttered and whizzed about like tiny leaves blown about by unseen currents of force, flapping their multi-colored wings against the winds. 894 more words

Creative Writing

Grieving the state of this world

Sometimes I grieve for this planet, for all the pain and destruction we as the human race inflicted upon it. Selfishly taking more than we need, greedy, wasting valuable resources. 559 more words


Life Flows in the Rivers


Flows in the rivers

Grows from the dirt,

And shines in the sky.

Now all that I have birthed,

Shall be poisoned

By the sickness, the plague… 27 more words


Waves - 7/8/16

And though they crashed

they crashed together.

A reminder...

​Are you ever browsing on Facebook or online and suddenly you feel the weight of the world? Actually feel it. You see these images and headlines and suddenly its screaming out of the screen at you. 246 more words