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Antiheroes, Self-Destruction, and the Ugly

There’s this point in Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk where the narrator beats the shit out of “Angel Face” and as an explanation for his act of near annihilation says, “I wanted to destroy something beautiful I’d never have.” 736 more words



It’s a struggle in the morning to wake and open my eyes,
to see the world around me, to see all the lies.

Peel beneath the first layer, see what’s inside. 178 more words


Madeira Hiking IV

Dead trees in the sunlight over Serra de Agua, central Madaira, Portugal, Feb 28. Wildfires ravaged parts of the island in 2012.


Art: salvation from reality / reality

 Note: I’m not an artist but I can assure you that art is the easiest way to gain hegemony over someone’s thoughts. 

Good luck living with this acceptance. 249 more words

The Pitten Strikes Again

This morning, Dizzy, the pitten, decided that the best use for the kitty bed would be to pull it off of the chair, shred the bottom of it and pull out the stuffing, then sit on its upside down remains on the floor.  15 more words


Wolf spotting

I was drawn to the story of Little Red Riding Hood when we went to see Into the Woods recently. I took the story very literally when I was younger. 301 more words


Thine enemy

Dear enemy,

You provoke, but shoot your arrow from a distance.

You chastise, yet I’ve never mumbled a word against you.

What is it that I possess that has you up in arms? 75 more words