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In Memoriam

Curly Clematis (Clematis crispa) ~ Gone, but not forgotten

Hidden away beneath a tangle of dewberry, frog fruit, and milkweed, the tiny wonder lay only inches above the ground. 205 more words


I'm not BRAVE

People often thought of me as being brave and mature for defending him and being there for him.

in fact, I’m terrified.

I’m terrified that all the feelings I buried ten feet under will come back to life and what will happen to  89 more words

So Lethal

Mutilating the mind with thoughts so lethal

Vocalised torment, toying mercilessly with the senses

Misleading them with obscure perfumes of a dark world

Waving a black cloak to uproot the foundation of freedom… 43 more words


A Soldier's Last Breath

A rugged face,
A stone cold surface
Covering a dark, deep, sombre pool.
A large forehead
with brooding lines of worry engraved i it
and a raw wound peering out… 176 more words

Lamentations of The Paramount

I look at myself and wonder,

How beautifully you’ve destroyed me.

My eyes, once filled with pride and defiance, now

Don’t even have the courage to look someone in the eyes. 141 more words


Hatra may have been built by the Assyrians or by the Achaemenid Empire, or possibly in the 3rd or 2nd century BC under the influence of the Seleucid Empire, but there is no reliable information on the city before the Parthian period. 32 more words