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Ever After

Trying to find inspiration for my blog this week, I came across a piece by a good friend of mine, Allen Goodman (aka Desert Mystic and other things, including “random dessert picture sender”). 644 more words



Death from The Skies by Philip Plait
Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond

I normally don’t review two books at once. There are reasons not to do it now: these two books have more in contrast than they do in common, and my reading of both was quite different: Death From the Skies I read over the course of a couple of months, a little here and a little there; Guns, Germs and Steel I tried to read straight through, and failed to complete — at least partly because that is not, for me, the best way to read popular science. 1,439 more words

Book Review


Wonder why we are here
What is the purpose of life
Where did we come from
Where will we go
Wonder if we are alone in this universe… 110 more words


Update - A Little Background


If you’ve been following along with our little trip down memory lane, perhaps you have noticed that things have taken a bit of a turn for the… weird?  548 more words


Painting With Soil

I had my own go at painting in a similar style to Richard Long using my hands and throwing paint at the paper. What I like about this is the way I created clean cut lines,which is not something you relate to Mud, using tape to mask areas of the paper. 71 more words

First Destruction GIF

First go at making a time capture GIF where I destroy one of my portraits in this case the first self-portrait which didn’t completely form. What I like about this is how I was able to capture the piece falling apart. 16 more words

The Reason Why the Earth Remains Until Now

(From the sermon entitled, “Ang Dahilan ng Pananatili ng Sanlibutan Hanggang Ngayon ayon sa Salita ng Dios” for January 17, 2016)

Every word of God is powerful. 580 more words

Christian Teachings