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Most people recognize that the world is headed on a path to destruction. Many of them merely exclaim that things are just the way they are. 233 more words

Indomitable Dystopia

Science Editorial

5 July 2015

During the 20th century, I am pretty sure these were the things scientists imagine for the new millennium: flying cars, hologram phones, mind-controlled robots, teleportation device, and a world which resembles that of  557 more words


weekend nihilism and cheese puffs

It’s about imposing your will on reality. You have to win and be right, right?

I don’t like doing this most of the time.

Everyone is mad. 190 more words


What's in a name...

Old Glory, Stars and Bars, Stars and Stripes… these present days some individuals seem inclined to take their hatred against whites, rich people, laws, parents, truth, grace, hope, faith or whatever they are currently hating out on the flag. 292 more words

Wrong Perception.

Tears on my pillow,

Blood on the floor,

And then he says,

He loves me more.

A weird sense of love,

Does my darling maintain, 138 more words

Late Night Musings

Enneagram 8

Wow! Sorry for the unexpected delay since my last post, friends! Without further ado, let’s get to talking about the basics of Enneagram 8, The Challenger. 432 more words


Children Never Conceived

Blessed are those who did not become.  Blessed are the children who were never born; those who are the result of changed desire of a husband for his wife. 140 more words