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Life doesn´t stop for anybody:

Life is an unwritten book. You get to be the star of your own story, crafting it day by day, interacting with loved ones who are the stars of their own stories. 188 more words


Then S*** Happened...and the roof landed in the garden

Wednesday 16th September, a mini tornado made its way to our village. It gathered speed up the road and blasted the barn door, taking the roof out. 165 more words


Lost Their Homes...

After a HUGE disaster, people had, lost their homes, and, you see, the debris of people’s lives, scattered, all over the places.  Lost their homes, what’s going to happen to them all?   175 more words




When complacency captures your very being, the destruction that takes place in your life might even be worst than destructions caused by demons. 109 more words


The heart that breaks open can hold the whole universe

What happens when you can’t see the outcome? When the time horizon is too far to live into? We’re lost in this whirlwind and we see only the shifting dark vortex around us. 138 more words


Here's Baylor's Kicker Getting Absolutely Annihilated By A Michigan State Defender In The Cotton Bowl

Michigan State just completed an incredible comeback to beat Baylor 42-41 in the Cotton Bowl. Integral to the win was a blocked field goal by Michigan State that would have likely iced the game for Baylor. 58 more words


If I go to hell by Lawrence Hollie

If I go to hell? Oh well. I really gave the best I could. Would God chastise a heavy heart where you did your best and tried to hard to be good? 143 more words