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Getting rid of grubs

How to identify and eliminate the destructive pests. A beautifully maintained lawn is an oasis for a homeowner, but it?s also prime real estate for beetles. 53 more words

Its Time for A Re-Release of "Bowling for Columbine"

If Columbine was to be the Beginning of the New Normal, Then Bowling for Columbine needs to be Compulsory in our College Classrooms

By T.L. Dayen… 3,687 more words

Male Ego

Writing Prompt Wednesday - "Burning"

Burn the Memories by Acrazycookie4

Gabe had taken a liking to fire.

From the first time he’d attended a bonfire as a small boy, forced there against his will by his parents who were too cheap to find a baby sitter, he’d encountered fire, and loved it. 1,224 more words


Moods can hinder or help @ work

I thought my SoulSwagLife.com readers might be interested in this one…every life involves work.

Moods can hinder or help us.

Communicating at work in a bad mood is a waste of time and destructive. 87 more words


Self Destructiveness

I ve had some trouble with self destructive behaviour recently. I m in a relatively calm after the storm sort of space just now and want to steel myself by figuring out what it s all about. 70 more words


Insanity is doing the same things expecting different results. I find myself being the poster child for insanity and that my picture should be listed under it in the dictionary. 212 more words