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Unprocessed Memories

I have learnt so much in the last few months I don’t know where to begin to explain. One thing that has really stuck with me however is the effect of ‘unprocessed memories’. 328 more words

The Resurrection

From Joel Goldsmith

1961 Los Angeles Closed Class

Excerpt – Tape 398 Side 1

We do not battle error, we do not protect ourselves from error.  406 more words


The Importance of Dreams Part 2: Existential Crisis

I’ve very quickly started to realize something. Maybe realize isn’t the best word, I’ve come to understand something about the world. This blog is going to get real deep real quick, so if you aren’t in the mood for that sort of thing just reread something I previously wrote. 489 more words

Irresponsible Creatives slash Irresponsible Support

I love finding weirdos with weird interests and illogical pursuits. Though I love reason, passionate hope is the stuff of life. (It just so happens that my passionate hope is a hope for more understanding in all dimensions and less divisions.) The trouble I’ve come across is unconditional support for the dangerous. 581 more words

Just Having a Good Time

A recreational evening
things way out
of hand, because
what the fuck else
are we going to do around here?

Why not
push a shopping cart… 97 more words


Today is hard.

The biggest problem I have with staying sober is that I feel like I am two different people trapped in one. Half of me is very reserved, calm, and responsible but the second half of me is obnoxious, loud, wild and self destructive. 127 more words