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"Jealousy: lethal, addictive and destructive" by Ayushi Sharma

Redraw the vignette,

You’ve left out one feature.

Smile, gratitude and worries

I included and for me,

It was a complete creature.

Struggle between pretension… 158 more words


Get Me Away from the Greek

Disclaimer: Before anyone has a meltdown or decides to vehemently disagree with what I’m saying, I want to state that I don’t believe that the things I am going to say about Greek life apply to ALL fraternities and sororities.   723 more words

Oh, Misery

Misery, oh how you’ve found me Once again My long lost friend please tell me How have you been?

Destruction at its finest I know it’s all in my head As I lay here Sequential thoughts keep me thinking I’m dead… 256 more words


Moth or the Flame?

The moth is a fascinating creature. It has wings, allowing it to fly anywhere it wishes. The moth has the power to explore the world, see the trees, and dance among the flowers. 482 more words


DOJ Drops All Charges Against Professor After Realizing No One Checked To See If What He Sent To China Was Actually A Secret   from

From Techdirt, by Mike Masnick, Sept 2015

There’s been a bit of hysteria in the US lately about “the Chinese stealing our secrets.” Now, there’s plenty of evidence of corporate espionage going on from China, but the actual impact of it appears to be quite overblown. 512 more words