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2016, March 30 - 1402 - manipulative fear

i should not worry (5)
about people’s reactions, (7)
but control my own (5)


Family Dynamics

As discussed in a previous post, to a varying degree each and every one of my siblings (and myself) harbor negative behavioral issues rooted in lack of self-esteem, and self-confidence.   118 more words

Who Are You?

Family Feud

One can only truly begin to unravel family dynamics, when one has the courage to look within oneself. After all, who we are is a product of who we were. 58 more words

Who Are You?

In The End

Whispering ghosts hover

In the doorways

Discussing our memories

As you step out the door

Twisting the knob carefully

So your tongue doesn’t relapse

Into saying my name… 104 more words



When I have doubts of what I will be,

I think of the single drops that form the sea,

and the destruct- creative drops,

that washes away the mountain top.


I maligned a squirrel

Last fall, I saw a red squirrel dash under my deck and disappear.  My sunroom is built on top of that deck.  I have wiring under the deck, power cables, a telephone cable, and an ethernet cable.  586 more words


Servant or Master?

10  You have tested us, O God;    you have purified us like silver.  — Psalm 66:10 NLT

Psalm 66:8-12 NLT

There are two things in life that we use on just about a daily basis and both of those things can be good or evil depending on our attitude toward them and our use of them.   228 more words