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Emerald Ash Borer Discovered in Dubuque County

DES MOINES, Iowa — An invasive and destructive beetle has been discovered in another Iowa county.

Officials with the Iowa Department of Agriculture have confirmed the emerald ash borer’s presence in Dubuque County in eastern Iowa. 98 more words


strangely satisfying styrofoam smashing

There’s a strange satisfaction to be gained from destroying styrofoam eskies. (I was going to explain why I was destroying styrofoam eskies but I realised that that wasn’t important and would probably be boring to most of you. 443 more words


Do This And Your Church Won't Grow Part 2 - TWC Daily Devotional- Tuesday 25 August 2015

Do this and your church won’t grow – complain about everything in church! Yes, complain about the parking situation, complain about the people from the earlier service not getting out earlier, complain about the service quality of those who serve on Sundays, complain about the sermons, the youth leaders, the children’s leaders, etc. 410 more words


The Way I Recently Play ~ Jayme A Sejean

The room gets steeper

With the thoughts that creep

Waiting in the corner

The reaper, he weeps

My soul he desires

So young. incomplete

Looking up from the deep

Please stop, my dangling feet.

Jayme Sejean

When You're Destructive.

I am a ticking bomb.
A roller coaster of feelings, emotional distress, and constant self-regulation, I walk the streets as something ultimately destructive to myself and to other people. 324 more words


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Girl Meets Forbidden

They say forbidden love motivates passion.

Two souls longed to be together at birth separated by norms and status. This fair maiden long to share her passion with the world. 148 more words

Girl Meets Love