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Self Forgiveness is an Art

Self forgiveness. I understand this concept in a broader context. I don’t get it when having to relate to myself. A week after my destructive manic episode I’m still trying to pick up the pieces. 341 more words

Bipolar Disorder

7 Steps of Process – Determination

The fourth step of process is DETERMINATION. Here, the impact has been determined and the attraction will be seen at that moment as either positive or negative. 116 more words


Australia braces for 'very destructive' cyclone

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

SYDNEY (AFP) – Australians are bracing themselves for the worst cyclone in the country’s northeast in several years, with residents evacuated and schools closed amid forecasts of destructive winds and rain. 275 more words

Current Affairs

Truth, half-truth and lie

How true it is that half-truth is more dangerous than the lie!


Poem of the Day 3.22.17

I’m so afraid of the unfamiliar

that I grind the familiar to a pulp;

I ring it until there’s nothing left

and we can’t make eye contact.
-Liz Loughran


On a word

Trying to pull some creative thoughts together. Trying to pull something something anything together. Trying to pull things together, in general. Oronyms and wordless hymns. My hair has gone from being too light for me to being too dark for me,  but I’m hoping it will fade and blend with a few days and a few washes. 152 more words

The Paradox We Live

The flowers bloom while the industry booms. We scream for equality while looking down on each other. Beauty surrounds us, yet it seems there is only violence on the news, Glorious mountains rising like the potential of the future. 23 more words