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her rambunctious ways,

and untamable attitude

is a force of its own;

stronger than a hurricane

and destructive as a tornado.


My Writings

Destructive Self Defense

Could of been something great. John

Everything he did was so right, yet everything he said was wrong. He was the guy that opened the door. 1,041 more words

Life Journey

350 Million People are Affected by this Mental Health Issue!

The world is plagued with several problems. And some of these issues have a lot of misconceptions & ignorance tied to them. One such malady affects around… 1,099 more words


Giving Yourself

Have you ever held something in your life so important that you could never think about losing it? Something that feels so perfect that you could never imagine it breaking? 365 more words


As i walk to the bean, i notice two ducks. within the river, beside the path that id travel, two and back to cafe beans. It was a cold december day, the breeze running through my hair, chilling my body temprature once again… those ducks left my sight, so i continued onwards to the bean. 403 more words


i drink the beer. it remains awful, highly addictive… but the toxicity, and nastiness…. remains a guilty pressure… i grow closer to the deadly substance… as it rips apart the seams of my life… every thread i lose is shortening my time with my loved ones, my girl, the cat… they’re all counting on me to succeed to better their worlds, heighten their horizons, but they don’t know that every sip is the pressure that i can’t say no too… they’re expectations are ripping apart the beautiful fabric of my mind. 25 more words

The girl

I’m tired of our back-and-forth signs, love. our mysterious, yet concrete, deceptive love. id love to understand the mysteries you hold within, yours flaws, your mistakes, your vulnerable times. 101 more words