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Fear, I am done with you.

I was once broken. Nothing traumatic happened to me. I get very sad and angry with myself. I won’t blame anyone. I try help, I try to get better. 126 more words


2016-05(May)-10-Tue-0020 (entry 2/7)

I’d certainly like to avoid being destructive. I’d also like a way of saying that without needing to focus on the negative. I feel foolish for not knowing it yet.

Primates On Typewriters

Self Destructive

That’s when he use his head as a hammer
To hit the wall suffocating him
Hoping to paint the wall red
And run out of internal lorries… 67 more words


Being a spirtual pioneer on a spiritually backward planet.

I am a spiritual pioneer who connects with God(the universal spirit that maintains our physical/spiritual reality so that it is able to serve us well provided we put in the effort to understand how it functions) directly. 942 more words


Retired Fire Starter

Messy isn’t quite the right adjective to use… maybe wild. Actually, wild is a lot better. And the wild in her heart was so enchanting. Today, when you look in her eyes you will still see it… I don’t know if domesticated is the word to describe her now and it’s not because she is still a free thinker. 584 more words


victoria's secret fashion show: a tale of cultural appropriation and false body image

The Victoria’s Secret (VS) Fashion Show, which has been going on since the 1990s, is an annual lingerie fashion show held by the brand Victoria’s Secret. 953 more words