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Are creative and destructive forces symmetric?

Initially, I figured that, creative and destructive forces are not symmetric.
The reasoning was that, I saw creative forces as anti-entropic, and destructive forces as entropic. 437 more words


Two-faced phony-baloney

Fakers, liars and the pretenders. The people that move through life insincere and artificial. I’m talking about the ones that smile and say nice things to your face but then plunge the proverbial knife ten inches into your back the moment you present it. 1,048 more words


No, he's not being mischievous.

Milhouse is a high energy cat. He gets into everything. He knocks things over, he tears apart the garbage cans, he tips over his water tower… 173 more words


Destructive Love


The most powerful force

And the most destructive

Yes that’s right

You all know love

Its lived to be the fantasy

Girls and boys… 136 more words



The oceanic waves aren’t as destructive as the negative thoughts that can kill you within.


Photoshop 01: Skycape Task

Here is the photoshop task where  i removed the sky destructively , Non- destructively and add a gradient coloured sky which destructively i would just select the sky and erase it however in  the non destructive approach i added a mask layer which allowed me to regain lost parts of the image which would have been erased by the quick selection.