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Crying, I ran outside the classroom, hugged my father, and begged him to stay. I was in grade school and just like most kids, I’m not too happy being left in one place without a parent. 828 more words

Elliot Rodger (Re-Visited) Misogyny

I seldom revisit these types of posts, but I felt that in Elliot Rodger’s case, a second outing was justified. Elliot Rodger, despite his obvious ‘Americanisation’, was in fact born a ‘Londoner’ in the UK. 566 more words

Human Interest

Why Authoritarians Hate Trees

Before I start, let me just declare that I’m┬ánot a tree-hugging hippie. I am just acutely aware when the things destroyed are more valuable than the ugly monuments they replace them with. 575 more words


Here she is.

And here she is.

Distant and alone and emotionally detached from herself and everyone else.

Try as she might, she is unable to shake this sadness; it is turning numb. 43 more words

Mental Health Journey