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First post! Yaaay! (:

Hmmm.. Have you ever felt as if you were just floating through life? Like you were merely existing, not living? Like you were human-like? 314 more words


Permanently Lost in the City

A painting Inspired by a shot from the Jim Jarmushes film Permanent Vacation


Does Anyone Else Feel Stuck, Detached, Lost?

I am in trauma therapy and go once a week. I felt compelled to talk about my trauma to my therapist and I am suffering from more intrusive thoughts, memories, flashbacks, and panic attacks than I did before I started seeing her. 68 more words

Location Unknown

Since our daughter came into our lives , both my husband and I have known her whereabouts, every day.

Obviously when she was little, but even as a teen, we have a good idea where she is. 347 more words


Dreamy portrait: `scratched`technique

I like scratching into the paintings, sometimes drawing ; it creates an interesting effect, dreamy, abstracted, contours blurred, the face appearing as if coming out of the haze



We have to check the eligibility of the property before setting up any insurance policy. One of the questions we ask is: ‘What type of property is it?’ We expect a very simple answer, such as: house, flat, bungalow, park home, etc. 107 more words

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Hibernate CascadeType.LOCK gotchas


Having introduced Hibernate explicit locking support, as well as Cascade Types, it’s time to analyze the CascadeType.LOCK behavior.

A Hibernate lock request triggers an internal… 813 more words