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Anxiety sucks

These days I find myself oscillating between anger and wanting to give up.

Last week I wasn’t doing so well due to an attack of severe dizziness and a surreal floating feeling. 890 more words


For Better Or Worse

Almost thirteen years ago we walked up the stairs of City Hall with family in tow. Our youngest nephew at the time barely one. Before getting in our cars and driving to get married, I watched you walk down the stairs of your parents house as I have a hundred times before. 633 more words


Things have gotten really bad lately. All my emotions have amplified, and I’ve struggled to even see past this fog that’s clouding my rationality.

My head feels like it’s on another planet. 425 more words


Open Letter to My Wife #5

Reasons to Move On From You

I spent most of the day yesterday once again wondering.  How someone can do what you did to me?  How you can be so cruel and dish out so much pain for your own happiness.   845 more words

Inner Demons

This song hits me right in the feels……

The fight is real. The struggle is constant. Fighting until the fight is gone.

“Inner Demons” by Julia Brennan… 272 more words


Cold Detachment

I sit here at a local Starbucks writing, I’m here instead of my own house because you’re there, because you’re visiting our daughter. Throughout this whole ordeal I’ve wondered how someone could be so detached, so void of feelings, so cold hearted. 400 more words