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English, S'il Vous Plaît!

This week I got an email from my “friends at IFTTT” informing me that I had to reconnect my Google Drive to API and I’d better do it PDQ or else I would miss out on something “awesome.” I stared at the email. 638 more words

Detachment is £1000 richer

The Detachment Commander of E Pl RHF (Beardmore), 2Lt Andy McHugh, explains how the windfall came about: 96 more words


In the days that followed...

Wow. I’m more than a little surprised at myself. It turns out, I am actually a person sick with codependency. Not just a person who sometimes participates in codependent behaviors, but a person who needs to be in a relationship. 562 more words

Living and Learning in Amritapuri, India: January 10-13, 2017

Nearing the end of my trip

In an attempt to prevent a last minute rush, I started sorting through my belonging early in the week. I put anything I wanted to keep, but didn’t want to take with me, into two small trunks, washed clothes and towels, and began to clean. 947 more words

Personal And Spiritual Growth

Left Breast, and the Woman Who Brought It In


Years ago, after I’d had my mammogram, I complained to my doctor that surely a male had invented that machine. And he–that shambling, wild-haired, guffawing man—he laughed outright. 1,867 more words

Feeling Diminished

Letting go... but how?

In my previous post I said I wanted to know unconditional love… Not from others… from me towards others… As much as it is a noble objective, it occurred to me that I needed a roadmap, something to help me along the way every time I am derailing from that aim. 1,524 more words

Personal Development

Using the Art of Detachment to Avoid all forms of Misery.

One of the most valuable virtues one learns  while Treading the Path is that of

detachment from all that would present   astral and emotional  dependence  from the ‘ lower Worlds’ that we all have become so astrally polarized . 210 more words