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17 April - 9 Jalál


I swear by God! Were he that treadeth the path of guidance and seeketh to scale the heights of righteousness to attain unto this glorious and supreme station, he would inhale at a distance of a thousand leagues the fragrance of God, and would perceive the resplendent morn of a divine Guidance rising above the dayspring of all things. 913 more words

Bahá'í Calligraphy

Camouflage me

Unable to feel anything
The fumes and smoke gave up on their life
In front of
Lava that erupted after a thousand years
They all subsided, all shrunk… 391 more words


Being is the furthest away from
peace of mind as where Non-Being is
the closest one can get 2 peace of mind.
Renunciation from anything allied 2 Being…
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Sutra II.18 - Chapter II, Sutra 18

प्रकाशक्रियास्थितिशीलं भूतेन्द्रियात्मकं भोगापवर्गार्थं दृश्यम्: I

prakākaśa-kriyā-sthiti-śīlaṁ bhūta-indriya-ātmakaṁ bhoga-apavarga-arthaṁ dṛśyam

That which we can see (dṛśyam) has the qualities of light (prakāśa), movement (kriyā) and stability (sthiti), and is composed (ātmakaṃ) of the elements (bhūta) and the senses (indriya). 708 more words


Coming Home (Finally!)

Today we officially begin a new chapter in our lives, having closed on our first home here in Indiana. We put off buying a place until we were… 368 more words

Family Life

The Art of Detachment

I am in the flow and practicing the art of detachment.

This is my second morning of waking up automatically, wide awake, and beginning the day with meditation. 715 more words