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Nada por aquí, nada por allá. Estando quieta o en movimiento. En un día nublado o soleado. Con la gente habitual o en completa soledad. 72 more words



Have all of the opinions you want. Just don’t take them seriously—do not become them. For happiness’ sake, keep at least a hundred meters between you and your mental formations. 164 more words

From The Counsellor

What World Will You Create?

Mind creates everything, if your mind is shit then you see shit. It’s as simple as that. No secrets, no magic, no mystery.

Enjoy this short 4-minute video courtesy of the Empty Gate Center.

Collected Wisdom

The Grim Art of Letting Go: Identity

The death of my step-son is the single most painful event in my entire life. I could never have predicted the multitude of layers by which the sense of loss would hit me. 478 more words


Transformational Change Requires Radical Self-Acceptance

When I first began to study yoga, one of the most startling aspects of the practice was the admonition that I needed to accept all of my physical limitations and embrace my current capabilities while I was practicing. 455 more words


Take a good look
at what you have & wished you had
& then take a good look at what you had & lost
& then at what you absolutely wanted & got.
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Catching Flame

Sometimes we have to let it burn, to watch as the spark catches and our dreams are consumed; paying close attention to the moment that the flames begin to leap and devour.  128 more words