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One for the day...

Letting Go

I apologise
I forgive I
thank you
I release
you and I…


When I got high on travel stories!

~ About a rendezvous with a gypsy soul ~

How long have you been travelling for? – I asked him.
It has been 5 years Saumya… 741 more words

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend...

I just needed you to listen, to learn, and absorb the words into your being. You are more than what you could even imagine, you always have been. 489 more words


Dear Wife, please pay this invoice I made up in my head.

Yesterday was one of those days… If it could suck, it would suck in world class style.  Added bonus of being married to my husband.  That’s a fallacy, he looks like my husband, sounds like my husband but that’s not the reality of which I am part of.  695 more words

Hand me the remote while I watch poorly played self destruction

The relief was, of course and as expected-short lived.  The elephant remains the unspoken bane of my existence.  While it sits quietly sucking the life out of everyone, with meaty legs propped on the coffee table…even taking the remote and saying fuck that to watching football, Animal Planet all the way! 1,839 more words

Where Do I Fit In?

“What should such fellows as I do crawling between earth and heaven?”
(Hamlet, Act III)

The Matrix

unconsciously crave
4 return within the One 4
I’s remember being within the One
before samsara, separateness
& suffering started.