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All attention & direction pointed at bodily postures or asãna’s, is in fact an obstacle in the spiritual part & goal of yoga. Simply because it distracts from the main purpose of yoga, from where yoga stands 4, from where it got its name yoga in the first place, which is control & focus of our thinking, as 2 be able 2 stop random-thinking, which then enables one… 19 more words


Is the yoga that you are practicing, leading you 2 connection
with the One, the Light, the Absolute, or God ?
Is the yoga that you are following, leading you 2 the pure & real Self, 144 more words



Let’s talk about detachment – a process of letting go off something or someone you previously imagined simply impossible to let go off for the fear of disappearing into oblivion. 226 more words


April Updates

First time in exactly three years of blogging that I haven’t posted a thing for a month. First time in three years that I am ten moons pregnant again around this time of the year. 629 more words

Our Journey

Renunciation of Limited Goods for Joy in our Whole Being

The renunciation that Jesus asks of us is not a denial of the essential desires of our nature, but rather a temporary abstention from limited goods in order to better assure us the definitive possession of a much greater, supreme good.

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A Temporary Happiness

How do you measure happiness? Which units and what formula do you use, when someone asks if you’re generally happy?

The happiness gauge lies on a spectrum that varies in size and color. 671 more words

Attachment - the New Detachment!

I’ve been easily cross since I had my dental implant 5 days ago – easily cross because i feel that I need so much. I need so much comfort, help, understanding, quiet. 164 more words