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Monument One


Here’s the final version of a seemingly everlasting project. This drawing has been on my desk for a few years.. but now it’s finished! :)



Published NVIDIA GP104 detailed images

About NVIDIA s next generation of gaming graphics cards today, we already know almost everything, except for pictures Pascal crystals. These pictures are not only a fascinating spectacle, reminiscent of a kind of work of art, but also allow a better understanding of the architecture of microchips, as they usually clearly visible arrangement of functional blocks. 19 more words

Busted phones and being caught by the Galactic Police

Dream 1

I had wrapped a hair tie around the top of my mobile phone. After the hair tie was removed (maybe months later), the screen was frosted where the tie had been. 157 more words


The folks behind Pokémon just detailed Nintendo's next console

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

For more than a year, the internet has been begging for any scraps of information they can get about the Nintendo NX, the next console from the venerable video game company behind Mario and Zelda. 359 more words


2016, August 31 - 1853 - hair

intricate brown braids (5)
twisted tightly into curves (7)
hard as a helmet (5)