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My Dream Car

I am being specific & detailed. Oh,look at her! Beautiful. She’s not cheap & I’d need to be rich to own 1. My dreams are flying high. 8 more words

Microsoft’s new Xbox Live avatars detailed in leaked video

(Source: www.theverge.com)

Microsoft has been working on its new Xbox Live avatars for at least a year, and a newly leaked video provides a much closer look at the refreshed system. 218 more words


Ask & You Shall Receive

Its as simple & easy as this. Yes,but you need to be specific. Detail that new house or that new car you want. If detailing the money is a strain,then ask for…an abundance of money…money in avalanches of abundance…open the floodgates & shower you with money. 56 more words

A Spring Walk

The smell drifts around you

You inhale deep

The sweet scent of flowers

Drifting in the the breeze

Looking around you

It’s a watercolor painting… 52 more words


Fantasma (Ghost) and The Poltergeist


In the folklore and paranormal studies, it is believed to be the soul of the deceased person who has not started the journey to the next stage but is perceived by living creatures and can be felt. 416 more words

Canon's new 120-megapixel sensor captures incredibly detailed video

(Source: thenextweb.com)

For the past couple of years, Canon has been working on – and showing off – a 120-megapixel camera sensor that it hopes will soon find commercial applications, thanks to its ability to capture extremely detailed images and video. 167 more words