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Take a Gap Year, Learn a New Language: Lessons from Man Booker & Malia

When Malia Obama announced that she was taking a “gap year” between high school and her first year in college, many adults (me included) wondered whether we were too old to take a gap year of our own. 292 more words


How to Have a Memorable Night in Venice

One night in Venice, fairly far from our hotel, we were eating dinner at a restaurant and heard a flood siren. The sirens in Venice don’t wail. 348 more words


Picture + 100 Words: Overwhelmed by the Louvre

If you’ve been to the Louvre, this photo of me “passed out” on its floor might make sense. The Louvre is daunting from the moment you enter. 76 more words


The Case for Just Sitting There: A Better Way to Travel

When you travel somewhere with a list of a bazillion must-see sights all with different opening and closing days and times, it will be hard to convince yourself to just sit somewhere for an extended period of time. 570 more words